【Discount Advance Tickets】 2017 "Osaka Castle Water Park by Huis Ten Bosch"! Let's play at the popular night pool at night in Wai Wai night!

【Discount advance tickets】 "Osaka Castle Water Park by Huis Ten Bosch"! Let's play at the popular night pool at night in Wai Wai night!

I came back this year too! Really fun playing water! ! Popular event at Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch "Water Kingdom" opened in Osaka Castle Park as "Osaka Castle Water Park by Huis Ten Bosch" in July 15 - August 31, 2017! Activity Japan is already popular "Odaiba Water Park by Huis Ten BoschStart selling discount pre-sale admission tickets ♪

The day section is open from 9:30 to 17:00 and family and friends can enjoy fun attractions, and in the evening night night pool which is open from 18: 00-22: 00, it is a fantastic adults colored with projection mapping ♪ Directed space ♪ It is a mistake not to miss the best summer memories if you drink at a couple or a group of girls together ☆ The tickets at night are with wandricks ◎

In the Osaka Castle Water Park, there are three huge pools with a diameter of 20 meters on the main spot and an infant pool where children can play with peace of mind. There is also an infant pool available for children with a child ◎ And "boomerang slider" "super high speed LED slider" "Jumping slider", a huge fluffy slide "water slider" and the four popular sliders are super thrilling & exhilarating, adults and children can enjoy the summer water play to the full extent ♪

Osaka Castle Water Park large pool
Huge pool of fun from children to adults
Osaka Castle Water Park Boomerang Slider
Kansai's first boomerang slider

And in the evening part night plaza is directed by light-shining projection mapping and music by DJ play, and it turns into a fantastic atmosphere of different world from daytime ☆ The image reflected on the ball and floating rings floating in the pool is like illumination ◎ The night view of Osaka Castle that was lighted up is also photogenic SNS shining best Sutuation ♪ Of course you can enjoy various sliders in the beautiful light up ◎

Osaka Castle Water Park Night Pool
Osaka Castle Water Park Ball Pool

Speaking of the night pool! The time is already old! What? "Osaka Castle Water Park by Huis Ten Bosch" is a great recommendation spot in the Osaka area this summer ♪ Located beside the Osaka Castle Hall in Osaka Castle Park and a short walk from the JR Osaka Castle Park Station ♪ Let's get a discounted discount advance ticket and let's go play ~ ♪ ('ε `)

What is Osaka Castle Water Park

Osaka Castle Water Park Daytime section

Waiwai in the daytime!
"Osaka Castle Water Park by Huis Ten Bosch" The opening hours of the afternoon department are from 9: 30 to 17: 00! Let 's enjoy Waiwai Water from the kids to the adults in the sun ♪ Of course, you can also enter the area "Snow Park" where you can play with snow that you have gotten with real tickets on advance sale tickets ^

Osaka Castle Water Park Night Club

Doki Doki at night!
"Osaka Castle Water Park by Huis Ten Bosch" Night Parts Night Pool opening hours are from 18: 00-22: 00! Let's go out for a night in a mysterious world like a dream on a summer evening ♪ Let's feel like a club a little like a club with collaboration of light and music ◎ Let's stand out with cute swimsuit ♪

Odaiba Photogenic

Picnic area of ​​lawn
Setting up a picnic area of ​​lawn which can be rested if you are tired from play ◎ If you want to spend more relaxed luxury there is also a special paid area so please use ^ - ^ It is comfortable with the reclining seat ♪

Osaka Castle Water Park Snow Park

Midsummer snow play! Snow park!
In the air dome of the Osaka Castle water park, the snow scene spreading all over! What? Playing real snow in the hot summer ♪ Hinyari ♪ It is an area very popular among children for making snowball and snowball fighting ◎

Osaka Castle Water Park 4 Great Slider

Osaka Castle Water Park Boomerang Slider

Boomerang slider
The Kansai area's first boomerang slider repeats sudden rise and steep descending human roller coaster! ! The use of this place is over high school student ◎

Osaka Castle Water Park LED Slider

Ultra high speed LED slider
Long slider of Kansai's longest length 120 m! This year, the tunnel shining with LED is installed and upgraded ♪
※ Floating wheel is paid rental [1 time] 200 yen [all day] 500 yen

Osaka Castle Water Park Jumping Slider

Jumping slider
Japan's first! ! The big jump of sliding down from a height of 10 m is a thrilling point ♪ The feeling of being thrown out into the air becomes addictive! ! The use of this place is over high school student ◎

Osaka Castle Water Park Water Slider

The water slider of popular attraction in Honten Huis Ten Bosch! One who is not good at waterslider everyday is worth a challenge ◎

event information

Osaka Castle Water Park Event

From 8/6 (Sunday) at 18:30 it is decided to hold 'ZIMA MUSIC FIGHTERS' by Osakajo Water Park and ZIMA! Detail isThis directionFrom

Admission Fee · Details

  • [event name]
    Osaka Castle Water Park by Huis Ten Bosch
  • [Adult admission fee (over high school student)]
    Daytime:2,000 yen (tax included)1,900Yen (tax included) ~
    Night pool:2,500 yen (tax included)2,400Yen (tax included) ~
  • [Child admission fee (3 years old to middle school student)]
    Daytime:1,500 yen (tax included)1,400Yen (tax included) ~
    Night pool:2,000 yen (tax included)1,900Yen (tax included) ~
  • [Included in price]
    Facility usage fee, attraction usage fee (if you have a floating wheel for long slider)
  • [Venue]
    Osaka Castle Park inside sun open space

Osaka Castle Water Park Official Movie

Area map

Osaka Castle Water Park Area Map


Osaka Castle Osaka shi Chuo ku Osaka Castle 3

Attention for participation

·The photograph is an image.
· This plan is plan for the night part designation. Please note that the day section has a separate setting.
· Please bring the voucher to be sent by e-mail from Activity Japan on the day 【Please print]. If you do not have a printed voucher, we will refuse admission, so please understand in advance.
· We are refusing admission of people with tattoo, tattoo exposure, people with infectious disease disease.
- Water entering except water swimsuit and drunk state is prohibited.
· Bringing bottles, cans, food and drinks, and dangerous goods is prohibited. (Baggage inspection will be carried out on entry)
· Inside the venue, swimming suit shooting by other people will be prohibited.
· If you do not observe dangerous acts or rules, you may be sent off.
· Admission to junior high school students is required for parents (over 20 years old) accompanying you.
· Clothes changing outside the changing room is prohibited.
· Water entering with accessories etc. is prohibited.
· The use of disposable diapers other than children's diapers is prohibited. ※ Please wear a bathing suit even with a diaper for a swimming pool.
· Descriptions are subject to change without notice.

Other notes

· Day section / night section is a replacement system. There is no passing ticket.
· Children 0 years old to 2 years old can enter for free.
· Keep an eye out of small children, please do not swim alone.
· Jumping into the pool, submarine activities are prohibited.
· Eating and drinking, drinking and smoking outside the designated area are prohibited.
· Use of soap and shampoo outside specified areas will be prohibited.
· There are no particular restrictions on the size of floating rings. (You can also use it for killer whales and crocodiles)
· When going out of the hall, please wear a jacket etc. instead of leaving swimwear.
· Even within the operating hours, we may be closed due to bad weather (typhoon, thunder etc.) and machine maintenance.
· Personal belongings such as valuables will be managed by the customer. I can not assume the responsibility such as theft at all.

● About Water Long Slider
· Free to bring floating rings
· If you do not bring floating rings, you will be charged and you can rent for one person. One time 200 yen / full day 500 yen

● Jumping / About Boomerang Slider
· The use is more than high school student.

Advance sale reservation reception plan

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