【Entry acceptance end】 SUP event "3rd Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden Earth" 2017/11/12 (Sun) Held at Lake Biwa!

The 3rd Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden Relay

"The 3rd Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden Epidem"
Contestant entry reservation reception

Point to be called sacred ground of SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) in the Kansai region The only SUP Ekiden Event in Japan, "The 3rd Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden" will be held on November 12 (Sun) at Shiga Prefecture Biwako Lake! The competition which will be held for the third time in 2017 is SUP fans attention event which attracts excitement every year ◎ At Activity Japan "Hard board class (board length 12'6 "or less)"When"Inflatable class (board length 12'6 "or less)Entry acceptance for all 2 courses starting!


The 3rd Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden Relay
2nd view of Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden

On November 12 (Sun) Lake Biwa Takashima (Makino Sunny Beach Takagihama - Shirahamaso Auto Campsite (Takashima Water Trail)) "The 3rd Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekidenba" will be held! We are waiting for everyone's participation! !

[Race Contents]
It consists of 4 teams (may be 3 people) per team, competing with the goal while competing at the designated relay point. The number of boards used can be any one to four boats as long as they are boards of the same class. Three people can participate in one team, but a row is prohibited. Since there is no transfer to the relay point, please move by yourself.

[Tournament name]
The 3rd Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden Relay

[Date and time]
Start of reception at 7: 00 ~ Sunday, November 12, 2017

 Opening Ceremony · Start:
· Makino Sunny Beach Takagihama
Shiga prefecture Takashima-shi Makino Town Makino Town 763-1 Nishihama
 Goal · Closing ceremony:
· Shirahama-so Auto Campsite
Shiga Prefecture Takashima-shi Azumogawa cho Shimogawagawa Omi Shirahama

[Entry Reception Course]
 Hard board class (board length 12'6 "or less)
 Inflatable class (board length 12'6 "or less)

[Entry Fee]
One team (4 people (even 3 people)26,000Yen (tax included)
 In case of participation by 4 people: per person6,500Yen (tax included)
Included in the entry fee: Participation fee · Easy insurance fee · One parking lot (Each one will bear the burden on the second and subsequent)

1st to 3rd in each class team
1st place in each class of ladies' team

[time schedule]
7: 00 ~ registration
8: 00 ~ Opening Ceremony
8: 20 ~ Skippers meeting
8: 45 ~ Start of inflatable class
9: 05 ~ Hardboard class start
Move from 9: 30 to a relay point

15: 15 Race end
16: 00 Opening ceremony (awards ceremony) at Shirahamaso

On the day before the race, there is a trial · preview tour, exchange party. Those who wish to participate please apply from the option at the time of reservation.

【Trial · Preview tour】
※ We will arrange only those who wish for lunch.
Entry fee
┗ Ekiden entries: 1,000 yen
Ekiden non-entry person: 3,000 yen
Lunch box lunch (with tea): 1,000 yen
【Exchange meeting】
Entry fee
┗one person: 2,000 yen ※ Alcohol is sold separately
* Those who are not athletes can also participate.

Course / entry entry

For this event, beginners and children (over 8 years old) will be waiting for entries by Chikonko family as well!SUP board rental one piece 6,480 yen (including tax) / 1 day possibleis. If you wish, please apply from reservation option.

Competition overview

  • [Event name]
    The 3rd Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden Relay
  • [Date and time]
    Start of reception at 7: 00 ~ Sunday, November 12, 2017
  • [Organizer]
    Takashima Outdoor Promotion Council
  • [Main Department]
    Biwako Water Trail SUP Ekiden Executive Committee
  • [Official site]
  • [Participation fee]
    ◎ 26,000 yen per team for each course (tax included)
    Included in the price: Participation fee · Easy insurance fee · One parking lot (each one will bear the second and subsequent)
  • [Participation age]
    8-year-old -
  • [Entry deadline]
    Before 7 days
  • [Venue]
    Makino Sunny Beach Takagihama - Shirahamaso Auto Camping Area (Takashima Water Trail)
    763-1 Nishihama, Makino Town, Takashima-shi Shiga Prefecture 520-1812
  • [About preparation in advance]
    ● Clothing and belongings:
    Be sure to install the life jacket and the leash cord. Make sure to bring your wet suit. Depending on the condition, the organizer may order to wear a wet suit.

    ● About rental items:
    SUP rental (1 day): ¥ 6,480
    Since it is possible to participate with only 1 team SUP, please apply from those who wish.
  • [Payment]
    Advance credit card payment only.
  • [About cancellation]
    In case of cancellation due to customer convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
    From November 7th to 9th: 50%
    November 10 to 12: 100%
  • [Regarding discontinuation]
    On the day, due to bad condition, you may cancel the game or shorten the course.
  • Venue surrounding map

    Sponsorship, sponsorship and cooperation

    [Sponsor] * In no particular order
    · Big Sports Japan
    · Maneuver Line Corporation
    · Nash Japan Co., Ltd.

    [Sponsored] * In no particular order
    · Biwako Visitors Bureau, Public Interest Corporation
    · Public interest group Biwa Lake Takashima Tourism Association
    · Takashima City Chamber of Commerce
    · Takashima City Fisheries Promotion Liaison Committee
    · Biwako Seikei Sports College

    [Cooperation] * In no particular order
    · Okubiwako Makino Park Hotel & Seminar House
    · Gulliver Youth Travel Village
    · Family travel village Billadest Imazu
    · Green Park Memories of the Forest
    · Lake Biwa Shiga Prefecture Children's nation
    · Zero gravity
    · White beard swimming · Campsite
    · Shirahama-so Auto Campsite
    · Takarazuka Family Camp Site
    · New Shirahama Auto Campsite
    · Biwako Marine Sports Auto Campsite
    Makino Plateau
    · Makino Sunny Beach · Intelaihama Auto Camp Site
    · Makino Sunny Beach · Takigahama Auto Campsite
    · Riverlands Kadokawa
    · NPO corporation Takashima Trail Club