【Kaihin Makuhari Windsurfing Experience】 Recommended shop "Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports"

Kaihin Makuhari SUP
Wind surfing Mecca
Kamikohama area Kamigawa 浜

Also accessible from the center of Tokyo! "Kamigawa Hama (Kakegawaha Hama)" where the JR Keiyo Line passes through Chiba Prefecture is an area of ​​interest where you can enjoy popular marine sports such as wind surfing and SUP (stand up paddle board) ♪ This area facing Tokyo Bay It is also a recommended spot for the family drive and couples dates that many people enjoy cycling and fishing (fishing) while feeling a pleasant sea breeze

Also,In the vicinity of the Kamigawa river, many of the wind surfers gather in Kanto, one of the "Mecca for wind surfing"It is known as the windsurf school which beginners can experience and the experience plan of SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) etc. are held numerously. Also on the Kamigawa Beach where facilities such as shower and toilet are enriched it is a spot of charm that you can enjoy marine sports comfortably from children to experienced ◎

Kaihin Makuhari Windsurfing
Wind surfing school which children can participate
Kaihin Makuhari SUP Experience
Even for the first time ◎ You can experience popular SUP

Former Japanese champion teaches
Wind surf shop

This time, we held experiential plans such as "wind surfing" and "SUP (stand up paddle board)" at Kamigamihama Beach in the Kaihin Kabukari area, and we have a reputation for safe guidance and athome service "Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports (Triton)Activity Japan Great Recommendation ♪It also shines as a former Japan champion as a windsurfer, with courteous guidance of the owner who has participated in the World Cup, excellent wishes for the participants' satisfaction with the wife's at home and attentive serviceAm

Wind surfing, SUP (stand up paddle board), beach yoga etc ...If you are Triton (Triton), you can meet marine sports as "a lifetime hobby" as well as a casual leisure ◎


You can experience unusual BIG SUP ♪ Participant's smile is ◎


Coco is recommended!
Kenichi Suzuki instructor who is also an owner is a windsurf Freestyle former Japan first-class person who participated in the World Cup! "Face" of Triton (Triton) having passion for windsurfing and a gentle character ◎ A favorite character is a "universe brother", a 35 year old charm with a sincere personality ♪


Coco is recommended!
For the participants the owner's wife on the beach has handmade cookies and drinks ◎ Please find the taste that is highly acclaimed by customers as they come to repeat seeking this cookie ♪ Such casual service is also Recommended point (^ ∀ ^)


Coco is recommended!
Kamigawa-hama is a famous scenic spot locally famous as a sea where a beautiful sunset can be enjoyed ♪ Diamond Fuji can also be worshiped from this point in February and October (* ^^ *) Direct experience of beautiful nature's mystery What you can do is the real pleasure of experiencing activities ◎


Coco is recommended!
"THE SURF OCEAN TERRACE (Sa Surf Ocean Terrace)" opened in Kamigawa Beach in 2016 is a complex with restaurants, bakery and wedding ceremonies. It is a noteworthy spot you would like to stop by after the windsurfing experience ◎ The owner's couple's wedding ceremony was also mentioned here ♪


For those who wish to give free photo gifts ♪ experience

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Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports(トリトン)

【Chiba · Makuhari】 Wind surfing 1 day Experience School (All Rental ★) at Kemigawa Beach

プランID:17576Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports(トリトン)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

都心からのアクセス◎ 千葉・検見川浜でウインドサーフィンの1日体験。自然のエネルギーを使った奥深いスポーツ、ウインドサーフィン。新しい趣味を見つけたいという方にオススメです。風を使って海面を走る心地よさを体感できます。トリトンで初めてスクールを受ける方限定となります。

point:A former Japanese champion owner develops the best practice method for beginners, lectures ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _]
Popularity No. 2
Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports(トリトン)

【Chiba · Makuhari】 Experience SUP school (half-day course) at Kemigawa river ★ Photo free ★

プランID:17579Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports(トリトン)
4,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Chiba · Kamigawa river access from the downtown ◎ It is an experience school for SUP beginners. Cruising can be done with your child and your dog. Please feel free to take a challenge at the casual Marine Sports SUP. Let's enjoy unhealthy sea level.

point:Guide various courses tailored to the condition of the day ◎ A lot of free time according to condition and customer's advanced level ♪ happy point ♪ leisurely with SUP cruising and enjoying SUP yoga ◎
Popularity No.3
Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports(トリトン)

【Chiba · Makuhari】 BigSUP (half-day course) at Kemigawa 浜 ★ Enjoy with family and company companion and large number ★

プランID:17581Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports(トリトン)
4,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Chiba · Kamigawa river access from the city center ◎ Let's advance on the sea with a large SUP with a maximum of 8 passengers. The breather will speed up rapidly. Competition is interesting as it is divided into two teams if there are two boats.

point:It is possible to experience BIG SUP experience which is unusual in the domestic though it is exploding in overseas ◎ Recommended for families because it is 10 adults and 20 children if they are elementary school children ◎ Recommended for families ◎ Tea time on the sea with the cooler box also Enjoy ♪
Popularity No. 4
point:It is a half day lesson plan for windsurfing. Let's start by touching the charm of windsurfing easily ◎


Triton (Triton) is a child of Poseidon, a god of the sea. In Greek mythology it is said that God played the role of helping people and connecting the sea and people. We also put this name on the desire to be such an existence connecting such sea and people. At Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports, we propose windsurfing, SUP, camping, beach yoga and so on to everyone in nature.

[Store name]
 Triton Windsurfing School & Nature Sports
〒 261 - 0012
Chiba Prefecture Chiba-shi, Mihama-ku Isobe 2 - chome 8-1
Meeting place: Inage Ink Yacht Harbor Triton Blue Tent
[Handling Activity]
Wind surfing / SUP (stand up paddle board)
A 15-minute walk from Makuhari (with free transfer)
10 minutes from Makuhari IC
[business hours]
<Weekday> 10:00 to 20:00
<Saturday, Sunday and public holidays> 9:00 to 20:00
Tuesday regular holiday