【Okinawa Parasailing Reservation Reception】 If you enjoy marine sports at Naha · Headquarters, leave it to "Sea World"!

【Okinawa Parasailing Reservation Reception】 If you enjoy marine sports and leisure at Naha · Headquarters leave it to "Sea World"!
Popular activities in Okinawa
Attractive to enjoy all the year round

Except for January to February in average, the average maximum temperature will not fall below 20 ° C. The main island area of ​​Okinawa can enjoy marine sports all year round "Activity heaven" ♪ Particularly after September precipitation due to typhoons and other effects The amount will also go down and the day with a comfortable climate will be more ◎ Moreover, compared with the peak time during July - August, the price of airplane, hotel, travel tour etc becomes reasonable Also this time of Okinawa trip It can be said that it is a season (^. ^)

And what to say If you play on Okinawa main island absolutely you can not do Huzu is a marine activity that can fully enjoy the sea of ​​the emerald green ♪ Large classic "scenic snorkeling" and "evening beginners can dive underwater world" Experience diving " , "Parasailing" which enjoys coral ocean from the sky and Marine Rollercoaster "Jet Boat" etc. Recommended marine leisure activities that can be booked throughout the year are ♪ ♪ ('θ `)

Okinawa parasailing
Parasailing which can be enjoyed from children to adults
Okinawa snorkeling
Snorkeling experience is popular No.1 in Okinawa area immovable

Choose from plentiful leisure plan
One push activity shop

Therefore, this time we recommend that you recommend a lot of popular activity experience plans based in Naha and Northern headquarters area Recommended shop "Sea World (Sea World)"↑ Glittering ↑ It is a popular shop with a reputation for the guide staff who will entertain the tour with abundance of plans where your eyes' activities are surely found and safe and secure ♪ Worried about what to play in Okinawa ...? Let's look for authentic play in Sea World before! First of all, recommend shop's recommendation point to CHECK (= '∀ `)


Okinawa sea world recommendation

Coco is recommended!
Okinawa sea world 's recommendation point is that rich activity plan! Popular "parasailing" and "snorkeling", "beginner dive" "experience diving", water cruising roller coaster "jet boat" and winter limited "whale watching", etc. There are also set plans that match your taste ◎

Okinawa sea world recommendation

Coco is recommended!
"Parasailing", one of the activities that makes it difficult to get the most booking at the peak during the summer vacation etc, can also be selected from two places in the Naha area excellent access from the airport and the headquarters area with the super popular tourist spot Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium! I am waiting for everything in the accepting state ◎

Okinawa sea world recommendation

Coco is recommended!
You can also board the "Jet Boat" of popular explosion in overseas resorts such as Hawaii ♪ In fact there are not many shops that you can experience in the Okinawa area ◎ Let's experience thrilling speed and refreshing feeling (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ

Okinawa sea world recommendation

Coco is recommended!
During the winter only (February - March) we also organize a whale watching tour ♪ Let's meet the mighty whales who seek for the warm sea of ​​Okinawa ◎ You can choose Naha departure and northern departure depending on where you stay It is also a high point (^ ∀ ^)


The satisfaction level of the activity experience depends on the staff who guides the tour! It is not an exaggeration to say ♪ ('__ `) SeaWorld has enrolled a popular staff who increases the satisfaction of traveling Okinawa through activities through ◎

Okinawa sea world Staff

Aka Okada
Born from Tokyo / Diving Instructor
Aka Okada, who originally did not like swimming at all, met with diving Trico at Okinawa 's sea now ♪ It' s a popular diving instructor telling customers the impression that life has changed ◎ But it is actually an indian school Lol

Okinawa sea world Staff

Yoshita Yoshi
From Okinawa Prefecture / Parasailing Captain
While studying at university, Yuta Yoshitoshi was doing ocean research with dissection of fish and researching behavior and evangelist (¯ ^ ¯) ū, a local parading captain from local Okinawa originating from the local Okinawa is! !

Okinawa sea world Staff

Kawaguchi Chiaki
Aichi prefecture native / snorkeling staff
Mr. Chiaki Kawaguchi who became a SeaWorld staff half a year ago, "I would like to work in the ocean's ocean!" My hobby is driving, my favorite food is white rice and mother's cooking! ! A smile that loves the sea of ​​Okinawa is a wonderful and popular staff ◎

Okinawa sea world Staff

Miyuki Kawada
From Hokkaido / Parasailing Assistant
Mr. Miyuki Kawada ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0


Popularity No. 1
Sea World (Sea World)

【北部発・水族館近く】ロープ長200m 絶景美ら海パラセーリング!ツアー中の撮影写真ダウンロ―ドOK

プランID:2125Sea World (Sea World)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

美ら海水族館から近くの、瀬底島・水納島・伊江島付近でパラセーリングをお楽しみいただけます。 ※本部港からの出発便です。 ☆撮影写真ダウンロード付き☆ スタッフが撮ったお写真をシーワールドFacebookページからダウンロード可能! ☆防水カメラ(SD付)レンタル無料サービス☆ ※通常価格¥2,000⇒¥0 ※4名様以上のご予約限定

point:___ ___ 0
Sea World (Sea World)

【那覇発】ロープの長さ200m 絶景パラセーリング!!ツアー中の撮影写真ダウンロードOK!!

プランID:2084Sea World (Sea World)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

那覇市内でのパラセーリングになります。観光のついでに、お気軽にお楽しみいただけます。 ※那覇三重城港からの出発便です。 ☆撮影写真ダウンロード付き☆ スタッフが撮ったお写真をシーワールドFacebookページからダウンロード可能! ☆防水カメラ(SD付)レンタル無料サービス☆ ※通常価格¥2,000⇒¥0 ※4名様以上のご予約限定

point:1st place at the same rate is parasailing experience from outstanding access from Naha ♪ I can see an airplane passing directly above if the timing matches ◎ It is also a popular plan on the last day of my stay as it is near from the airport

Popularity No. 2
Sea World (Sea World)

[Okinawa Naha departure] half-day snorkel tour with two flights Chibishi Islands 1 day

プランID:2179Sea World (Sea World)
4,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Uninhabited island floating in Nishioki of Naha Port, the snorkel in Chibishi Islands, spread in front of the tropical fish and coral reefs is immediately eye, is sure to be impressed with the excitement. ※ It is starting flights from Naha Miejo harbor.

point:To the snorkeling experience to the nearest Keihan from the main island ♪ You can see the colorful fish you can not see easily in the inner ◎ You can also encounter sea turtles if the luck is good ^ ^

Popularity No.3
Sea World (Sea World)

[Okinawa] Whale watching tours (north departure)

プランID:2210Sea World (Sea World)
4,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

It came whale in warm Okinawa sea of ​​climate !! Do not you go to see the great power of the whale? Attraction of whale after all, is the movement of that great power. Because you can enjoy whale watching of realism plenty of pounding your friends and family, please come by all means in a couple. ※ It is starting flights from headquarters Port.

point:A popular premium experience that can only be experienced from early January to late March "Whale watching"! It's an exciting experience that allows you to see a powerful whale at close range ◎ Recommended for family participation!


Based in Naha, we marine sports, parasailing, Chibishi snorkel tour, a service such as whale watching. "Parasailing" is, you can choose from two places of Sesoko Island of Naha and the Churaumi Aquarium near because ♪♪ time can also be selected, you can enjoy feel free to contact the spare time. For those who want to play a whole bunch in the sea, it is recommended "Chibishi snorkel tour"! ! The Chibishi Islands floating in about 15km to the west from Naha, nature has remained intact, the water of the tropical fish, of course, be able to also meet with terns and coenobita! Since it has aligned also various marine sports, please enjoy with your favorite options ♪

[Store name]
 Sea World
Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Wakasa 3-3-1
[Handling Activity]
Parasailing / Snorkeling / Diving / Jet Boat / Whale Watching / BBQ / Banana Boat · Towing Tube
[business hours]
8:00 to 20:00