CM wanting to be active in Shiretoko, Hokkaido "THERMOS (Thermos)" CM

Shiretoko Hokkaido

The brand "THERMOS (Thermos)" which is deeply related to outdoor activities and is referred to as a pioneer of magic bottle. Everyone of the activity freak is a brand with many familiar ears, especially those who have thermos products such as water bottles. In this activity journal, we will introduce CM which is currently being broadcast from THERMOS (Thermos) and featuring the nature of Hokkaido Shiretoko (Otoko).

Nature Guide Hokkaido

"There are mountains, forests, oceans, there are various natural environments in Shiretoko, various creatures living, and it is still connected with customers. The moment that you can say that I am most happy every day. "

A woman who is doing a nature guide at casting Hokkaido Shiretoko, how! Activity Japan has also received a plan postingShiretoko Nature OfficeMr. Sasaki-san is the one! The soft atmosphere that loves nature is a very nice guide.

Shiretoko Nature Office
Hokkaido trekking
Hokkaido Snowshoe

Nature guide Mr. Sasaki's word, Shiretoko nature's landscape projected. It is a wonderful CM that makes me think that "I want to go to Shiretoko" and "I want to experience Shiretoko activity" in only 30 seconds. Those who wish to experience the atmosphere of this CM rawly, we recommend relaxing trekking and snowshoe experience in a world where you can only hear the sound of nature. If luck is good Mr. Sasaki may guide you! What? is not it. Please see together with interview videos!

Hokkaido Shiretoko popular plan

Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)

【Hokkaido / Shiretoko】 Tour of Shiretoko Goko Tour

プランID:15327Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Tourist resort representing Shiretoko, Lake Shiretoko. The five lakes scattered in the primeval forest show various expressions depending on the weather and the season. On a calm day of weather you can see the beautiful landscape of the Shiretoko mountain range reflected on the waves without wave. Let's walk while talking about forest trees and looking for traces of animals. ************* * 5 / 10-7 / 31 is the time when brown bear is active actively, only in the case of accompanying certification guide with measures against brown bear, Lake Shiretoko Lake all (The walk will be canceled due to the brown bear during the period, it may be changed). * The start time may differ about 30 minutes before and after the start time at 8:30 and 13:30.

Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)

【Hokkaido / Shiretoko】 To the largest lake in the Shiretoko Peninsula! Rausu Lake trekking

プランID:8340Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

知床半島最大の湖、羅臼湖へでかけてみませんか?標高 600~700mの羅臼湖周辺は、本州中部の 2000~2500mに相当する環境です。それぞれ表情の異なる大小 4つの沼に立ち寄り、高山植物や湿地の植物との出会いを楽しみながら羅臼湖を目指します。多様な環境が存在する知床の豊かさを感じることができます。

Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)

【Hokkaido · Shiretoko】 Lets go see Ezoshika and Kita fox! Animal watching at night

プランID:8260Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)
3,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Wild animals mainly have many things to do at night. I will observe the scenery of the night different from the daytime and the state of the wild animals.

Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)

【Hokkaido · Shiretoko】 Let's go to see stars in the night sky!

プランID:8265Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)
3,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Why do not you go see the sky in Shiretoko with no artificial light?

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