Tools and equipment required for canoes and kayaks

Tools and equipment required for canoes and kayaks

Do you know about tools used in canoes and kayaks

Canoeing and kayaking seems to be similar and different. Speaking of what is different is a paddle which is a tool for rowing water. Canadian canoes use paddles called "blades", which are called blades, that catch water only on one side, and kayaks on one side use "double blades" paddles. Kayaks are strong in flow and wind, moving fast, agile and speedy. From the river touring up to the mouth of the estuary I will go down. Sea Touring can go around the island and land on an uninhabited island and explore and enjoy your own snorkeling in the ocean where there is no one.

On equipment for playing with canoes and kayaks

If you are going to play water in the sea or the river in canoes or kayaks, it is important to keep everything in perfect condition. I do not know what will happen in nature. Let's have the minimum equipment for a rain. Since it is necessary to put a person riding on the float above anything, be sure to have a life jacket. Helmets are for adults and children, to protect the whole head. Slow line is a high-strength, buoyant firefighting rescue and water resistant rope. Birge pump also drops on the water, pumps to pull out the water that entered the ship when returning to canoes and kayaks after going for a swim, it is also an excellent thing to play as a water gun.

How much is the price when you start a canoe / kayak

Even though I want to start canoeing and kayaks, I'm worried about how much it costs if I equip equipment and tools. If you buy a canoe / kayak for leisure, it will cost around 130,000 yen if you are riding from roughly 50,000 yen to 2 people. You can purchase helmets from 7000 yen to 30,000 yen, for children for around 4000 yen. The life jacket is 40,000 yen if it is for rescue from 10,000. The paddle for rowing water ranges from 14000 yen to 70,000 yen, the price will also change depending on the material etc. Please choose according to your skill and location. A convenient line to keep the ship connected can be purchased from about 200 yen to 5000 yen.