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Let's experience a hot air balloon in Saga

Number of people who can experience hot air balloon in Saga! - To experience hot air ballooning in Saga, you may have an image that you can't ride in a large group unless you make a reservation, but even one person can participate. There are many people who will participate alone, so feel free to make a reservation or apply. guide...


Kyushu Area Where you can experience Segway in Fukuoka

Segway experience in Fukuoka prefecture in the Kyushu region - Speaking of Segway, many people are familiar with it as a unique vehicle with a high degree of freedom and operability despite its simple design. In addition, you can see the Segway being exhibited, and the staff ride at the theme park etc...


What is the difference between hang gliding and paragliding?

What is hang gliding? - The great appeal of outdoor sports is that you can enjoy nature to your heart's content and enjoy an extraordinary experience that is different from your daily life. Don't you think it would be so much fun if you could fly like a bird in nature? ...


About major manufacturers and prices of snowmobiles

Who are the main domestic and foreign manufacturers of snowmobiles? - Snowmobiles are used not only in Japan, but also in snowy areas and snowy mountains all over the world. Therefore, major manufacturers exist not only in Japan but also overseas. First of all, in Japan, in the past, Suzuki...


About snowmobiles and information when driving on public roads

What kind of snowmobile license do I need? - A snowmobile is a small snow vehicle that can travel on snow. It is used as a means of transportation in areas with heavy snowfall, and it is also a vehicle that plays an important role in rescuing victims in snowy mountains. Anyone can easily operate this...


The Birthplace and Origin of Bungee Jumping

What is bungee jumping? - Bungee jumping is an attraction where you wear a safety rope and jump from high places such as skyscrapers, bridges, and cliffs. Bungy means "rubber cord" and was named by AJ Hackett, the creator of this attraction.


Bungee jumping from the highest point in the world

Bungee jumping in Dubai - Arabian Resort Dubai shrouded in mystery. There are many "world's best", but among them, a successful BASE jumper appeared in the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa. The total length is 828m! From this height, indeed...


Popular bungee jumping in South Korea

Bungee jumping in Korea - Bungee jumping is a pastime that allows you to enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of jumping from a high place. There are various spots in Japan where you can enjoy bungee jumping. In order to relieve the frustration of daily work and relationships, many people...


bungee jumping around the world

Bungee jumping at Taipei 101 - Did you know bungee jumping? Although it is now one of the activities that has come to be enjoyed all over the world, it was originally a coming-of-age ceremony in some regions, and was done to show courage and be recognized as an adult by everyone. ancestor...


Bungee jumping in Hawaii

Bungee jumping in Hawaii - Speaking of Hawaii, it is the most admired tourist destination in the United States for Japanese people, and at the same time, it is a very familiar overseas attraction. In Hawaii, relaxing on the beach is wonderful, but recently, thrilling sports such as bungee jumping have become popular...


Tips for enjoying bungee jumping

Clothes suitable for bungee jumping-Basically, you can wear clothes for bungee jumping. But for women, skirts should be avoided. Except for those who want to come on purpose. It is recommended that you wear your pants safely and keep the belt tightly closed ...


Challenge bungee jumping in Yamagata

Bungee jumping in Yamagata-Occasionally, why not take a break from your daily routine and have an exciting experience? There are exciting and exciting activities in Yamagata. Its name is "Bungee Jump"! Now you can bungee in Japan. ...


Japanese fishing professional / boat fishing expert

What is the first of Japan's three major fishing masters? ――The first person is Mr. Tetsuya Takahashi, a professional angler who is familiar on TV. Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture on January 30, 1965, he grew up enjoying fishing from elementary school students and moved as a family when his father opened a guest house on Miyakejima when he entered high school ...


Ama's latest record in diving

Dive into the sea with skin diving without equipment! ――In normal diving, you use tools to help breathing, but in skin diving, you dive without using any tools. Even if you are an amateur, if you are a healthy person, you will soon be able to dive about 5m. Also, with a professional who has practiced ...


Let's enjoy the ocean in Setouchi by snorkeling!

Can you do snorkeling in the Seto Inland Sea? ――In the warm Seto Inland Sea, there are many leisure spots that you can experience with your whole body. The Kuroshio Current, the world's largest warm current, flows along the coast of Tosa Bay in Kochi Prefecture, so there is plenty of food and many whales are migrating. Looking at it "Whey ...


How to enjoy snorkeling, even if you have bad eyesight

I usually make contacts, can I snorkel? ――In conclusion, snorkeling can be done in contact! Hard lenses that are expensive and easy to come off, soft lenses that have the property of sucking in bacteria and getting dirty, etc.


When can I surf

When can I enjoy surfing-surfing is a sport of riding the waves in the ocean. It is a sport that deals with nature and is popular because of its exhilaration. In fact, Japan is surrounded by the Yokata Sea, has various terrains, and has four seasons, so there is a variety of things ...


What is the difference between rafting and line down?

Rafting and line descent, explanation of each --- I will explain the difference between the two river descents. First of all, rafting. This is a rubber boat with a few people riding on it and rowing on their own. And enjoy it by plunging into the white waves! Difficulty by ourselves ...

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