[Ibaraki, dragon large suspension bridge] spectacular bungee jump from Japan height of 100m! Dragon large suspension bridge "dragon bungee"

[Ibaraki, dragon large suspension bridge] spectacular bungee jump from Japan height of 100m! Dragon large suspension bridge "dragon bungee"

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Provided by:​ ​​ ​BUNGY JAPAN(バンジージャパン)竜神バンジー

Price list

16,000Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per adult
Ibaraki / Kitaibaraki/Okukuji/Hitachi
mountain activity / Bungee jumping
  • 1 person participation Allowed
  • Operation available - rain or shine
  • Time required
    1-2 hours
  • Target age
    Age 15~
  • Number of people who can book
    1 person~
Time required: One course will be booked for up to 6 First name . Please make a reservation by the time of every six First name in case of 7 First name .
Everyone's experiences 33 cases

I took a rest from the company in March and jumped on weekdays. I was able to jump soon thanks to the staff 's excitement, although I was surprised at the scenery from the bridge. I want to do it again.

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Description of plan

Dragon bungee jump of 100 meters height in Japan from a large suspension bridge! It will be Japan's largest as season permanent holding site! Enough to comment with "imagination more thrill" even bungee staff that specializes in high places. Not try to experience the best of the thrill! ?

※ Points · coupons can not be used for this plan.
※ Bungee jump repeater discount (certificate) can not be applied.

Please gather at 15 minutes before the start time.

It will jump into a new world!

But everyone knows, bungee jumping can not challenge that there is no courage and action. Why do not you come and experience on this occasion? If Susumere themselves the first step to overcome the fear, it should have spread a new world in front of the eyes!

Certainly safe!

We have departs the bungee jump along the operation manual based on the strict guidelines are designed to eliminate human error. In addition to a series of safety checks, using only the best equipment available, all equipment will have been maintained on a daily basis.

Everyone and share the excitement!

The dragon bungee adopts the winch system. After completing the jump in the original bungee jump you down to the bottom, but by an electric winch here, will be raised on top of the bridge. After the jump back to the top immediately, Ae share the excitement with everyone ♪


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person~
Schedule Regularly
Start time 9:00 to 15:30 (summer 16:30)
※ We have departs at 30-minute intervals in the above-mentioned period of time. Please tell your choice of time at the time of booking.

Please gather at 15 minutes before the start time.
Reservation deadline The day before until 16:59

Access and map



Assemble point

Dragon large suspension bridge
Ibaraki Prefecture Hitachiota Kegano cho 2133-6
(Ibaraki Ken Hitachiota injury)

How to reach by car

Tokiwa via the motorway, Naka 349 National Highway from the IC, straight No. turn left → County Road 36 Satomi Ohashi.

How to reach by train

[JR Wed gun line] Hitachiota Sta → [ Ibaraki riding in the traffic bus] dragon large suspension bridge bound or Shimotakakura-horse following the inlet line,
Get off at the Ryujin Large Suspension Bridge. One minute on foot to Ryujin Bungey.

BUNGY JAPAN(バンジージャパン)竜神バンジーmovie

Everyone's experiences33件の体験談

Adult stairs

There is never a cowardly blow. If you seem to be stuck with something, come here and try a temporary floating experience. I am fortunate that it will be some breakthrough. The highest in Japan Here you have enough aura you need.

  • 5.0
Joined date: January 2018
Bungee jumping
  • alone
I could only say a crap

Before flying, I was excited with tension and anxiety, and I think that it was only a brief complaint when it came flying.
But I felt comfortable and I felt comfortable and I returned home with a smile (laugh) I think that it would be better to do it! The staff members were also nice and friendly and enjoyed all the time! I will come again!

  • 5.0
Join date: December 2017
Bungee jumping
  • with friends
Once a day to die! !

I wanted to do it before I die.
Full of thrill and scenery ????
Although the price is not cheap honestly,
I thought that it was worth the flying value!
I would like many people to experience it! ????

  • 5.0
Participation date: October 2017
Bungee jumping
  • with friends
  • Rainy weather
  • First try
  • Step up

Before flying, I was scared of excitement, but it was a lot of fun if I flew! ! ! ! ! I flew too fast so I could not enjoy the scenery around so I also want to fly while enjoying the scenery when flying again!

  • 3.0
Participation date: October 2017
Bungee jumping
  • with friends
The best! !

I do not know what foreigners of the staff are saying but gentle! Only good people!

  • 5.0
Participation date: September, 2017
Bungee jumping
  • with friends
  • Stress relief
  • First try
  • Step up

Attractions of the plan

time schedule

Now you have a jump ticket to be issued at the time of acceptance completion, it will head to the jump area. So harness installed, and can be used to perform the jump preparation such as the description of the jump. Because after the jump the end will be issued certificate at the reception, please visit us not forget!

About price

Basic charge

Adult per person 16,000yen 15-year-old ~
取消料 100%/人 16,000yen

* Above prices include all taxes.
* This is a basic fee.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price Experience fee, necessary equipment, insurance premiums
Not included in the price Photo Pack: 4,000 yen including tax (This Sun Please apply at the reception)

About payment / cancellation

About payment Please pay at the day of cash. The two people or more of the group customers, we ask you to pay for all together.
As not make a fishing always, thank you for your preparation.
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee In case of cancellation or change, please contact us by soon to call us. In the case of cancellation by the customer convenience, a cancellation fee of the following will occur.
- The day before: 50% of the rental fee
- On the day: 100% of the rental fee
Cancellation by operators. • In the normal rain will be decisive action. However, heavy rain and storm, is there rare that I am allowed to cancel due to the amount of water of the river.
- Abort when we will contact you by phone as soon as possible. In such a case it is not the cancellation fee will occur.

Even if it is canceled after arrival at the site, we can not respond to compensation such as travel expenses. Please note.

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Skirt Please avoid. Please prepare a number one coat because there is that the early spring or early fall feel particularly cold.
· In addition to jump toward the river, because there rarely that would wet a little clothes after jump in Japan, it is recommended to prepare a change of clothes and the like.
• Always low-cut athletic shoes, thank you so give us use the string shoes.
About rental items No special requirements.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Parking Lot Locker


Matters require attention Weight limit: 40 ~ 105kg
Please offer in advance If you have a chronic disease of the following Upon a bungee jump.
People who have heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, mental disorders limbs, etc. who are the eyes of surgery, etc. - the cornea, osteoporosis, dislocation, asthma, surgical experience
※ In addition, please note that you can not join us those who are pregnant.
Please note that those who have been drinking even in a small amount on the day will not be able to join you become covered by insurance ※.
Other notices Those who are under the age of 20 should be accompanied by a legal representative such as your parents or signed a confirmation letter of our company and you need to bring it on the day.
(Since it involves compensation for insurance, we will limit it to the court agent.)
However, please contact us for foreigners who are visiting Japan by traveling overseas.

Q & A on this plan

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  • Time required
    1-2 hours
  • Target age
    Age 15~
  • Number of people who can book
    1 person~
Time required: One course will be booked for up to 6 First name . Please make a reservation by the time of every six First name in case of 7 First name .

If you book this plan 148 pt will be given!

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