[Aichi for beginners] Web split! 1-seater experience paragliding and tandem sightseeing flight set course

[Aichi for beginners] Web split! 1-seater experience paragliding and tandem sightseeing flight set course

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Price list

15,000Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per adult
Aichi / Okazaki, Toyota, Asuke
aerial sports / Paragliding
  • Time required
    6 hours more
  • Target age
    Age 6~
  • Number of people who can book
    1 person~
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Description of plan

Is a special rate of only those who had you sign up from the Web!
Sightseeing flight even if you're greedy you want to do both also single-seater is here of course is recommended! It is very profitable because it is both of experience in one day. (High-altitude flight one and done about low altitude five)

※ Conditions of Participation: In elementary school or more, who have more than 30kg

1-seater experience paragliding!

Recommended to those who want to try flying in my power! About five from low altitude, you can enjoy the fluffy floating sensation. Please be assured veteran instructor of our shop so you guidance carefully clarity even beginners! Please taste certainly a sense of accomplishment to fly in one of the power! !

Tandem sightseeing flight!

Veteran instructors provide a safe and secure high-altitude flight because together our shop you can enjoy! Since the maneuver will of course do instructor, or to experience the beautiful scenery from the sky, or take a picture with a camera that was to bring, please enjoy the sky of the world to your heart's content! !


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person~
Schedule Regularly
Start time <Weekday> 9:00
<Saturday, Sunday and public holidays> 8:00
Set to shop

※ If set hope in the local area, please contact us. Lunch around local area set is also available.
Reservation deadline Before 3 days

Access and map



Assemble point

Set in the shop (Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture Hobo cho Santanda 19-1) or can be waiting in the local area.
Those who come directly to the area Keep check in advance.
Each area does not have, such as both close to the convenience store ※. In advance or will be ready, close to the convenience store on the way before you get to the area.

How to reach by car

Down the Tomei Expressway Okazaki inter the Route 1 south (Toyohashi direction).
Please come along the road and turn left at the "firefly Bridge south" intersection.
You do not know who can also meet at Mr. "Okamachi" intersection "Circle K".

How to reach by train

Meitetsu main line, and get off at "Miai Station" (usually, express is stop right).
Because there pick-up, please call in advance. Pick you up to Miai Station.

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About price

Basic charge

Adult per person 15,000yen Age 16 -
Child per person 15,000yen 6-year-old to 15-year-old (elementary school students or more is required weight 30kg or more)

* Above prices include all taxes.
* This is a basic fee.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price Paragliding set, training fee

About payment / cancellation

About payment Please give me the payment at the day of cash.
Payment method The ways assigned by operators.
Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
About cancellation fee Cancellation fee. I do not accept at all, but if you want to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible.
In addition it will be if you do not enter in touch even after the morning 8:00 (weekdays 9:00) as cancellation.
※ If you do not this is the case reply mail we received sign up on the net, please be sure to contact us by phone because it does not arrive at something of trouble.
Cancellation by operators. In order to give priority to safety depending on the situation of the wind, does not fly, it may not fly Please note.
In that case, experience flight fee. We do not accept.

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Copy of health insurance card of all those who experience
Clothes (long sleeve length pants, glove or gloves, athletic shoes)
(Summer) hot even if long-sleeved clothes, please bring.
Please prepare the jacket is difficult through the wind since the (winter) cold.
About rental items Equipment set rental is included in the experience fee.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Parking Lot Locker


Matters require attention Those who book here set the course, so you and the rest of the experience after the lunch break normal end time will be at around 3 pm usually.
※ When I am come about in your car, you can use to enable because it is possible settlement, disbanded in the field when you are finished time.
※ end time may be around a bit because it is scheduled. Please note.
Other notices - Single-seater experience is that you may dress is dirty, worry person please bring a change of clothes.
Camera, those who want to take a photo in the air, such as mobile Make sure you always fall prevention measures.
- The direction of minors must have consent and signature of the guardian.
- Please contact us for children to preschool children and the body weight is less than 30kg.

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  • Time required
    6 hours more
  • Target age
    Age 6~
  • Number of people who can book
    1 person~

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