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Held on 2/13 (Sat.) A must-see for armor fans! ONLINE tour with commentary on "Akazonae of Ii" by curator of Hikone Castle Museum (limited to the first 20 people) [ONLINE tour]

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◆ A must-see for armor fans! ONLINE tour with commentary on "Ii's Akazonae" by a curator of the Hikone Castle Museum (first 20 people) (* This tour is not Sale campaign including the campaign) ・ Organizer: Hikone City Education Committee Hikone Castle Museum ・ Guide: Hikone Castle Museum staff (main host), Hikone Castle Museum curator (explanatory of exhibition room and armor) ・ Bonus: Hikone Castle Museum's pictorial record "Ii Family's Famous Treasure 2 Weapons and Armor", 2 famous confectionery "Buried Trees" in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture * Benefits can only be Hotel Address Japan ・ Time required: Approximately 70 minutes ・ Number of participants participants: Limited to the first 20 people ・ Participation format: ONLINE experience using Zoom (* Zoom URL will be sent by email after application) * This tour is from the Agency for Cultural Affairs It is a tour in [Cultural Arts Profitability Enhancement Project]. ◆ Hikone Castle Hikone Castle Museum for the museum, 1987 Year (1987) February, municipality 50 laps of Hikone Year to commemorate the, is a museum that was built also serves as the restoration to Hikone Castle table palace site. Since ancient times, Hikone has been a key point on the road connecting east and west, and was also a base for Lake Biwa water transportation. During the Edo period, it prospered as a castle town centered on Hikone Castle and has nurtured a number of history and culture. The Ii family, who served as the lord of the Hikone domain for generations and boasted the leading family of Fudai Daimyo, has been handed down a wealth of arts and crafts and ancient documents that tell this story. The number is about 45,000, and it is currently the core of the materials held by the Hikone Castle Museum. Other, we also collect materials related to Hikone and the Hikone Domain, and the collection of materials exceeds 91,000. At the Hikone Castle Museum, "real" arts and crafts and ancient documents, mainly those from the Ii family, are on display. You can also see the Noh stage of the only remains of the Omotesando, the lord's living room, tea room, and garden that were reproduced just like in the Edo period. It is a museum where you can experience the Daimyo culture of the Edo period along with a number of gorgeous Daimyo tools. Get to know the Hikone Castle Museum on ONLINE

Commentary in front of Naosuke Ii's "real" armor!

On the On the day of the tour, we will explain in front of the "real" armor of Naosuke Ii, the 13th head of the Ii family! We will also introduce the back, details, and various accessories.

The guide is a curator in charge of weapons and armor
At the Hikone Castle Museum, the curator in charge of weapons and armor, including armor, will answer your questions!
In addition to commentary while watching the movie of assembling the armor, in front of the "real" armor of Naosuke, the 13th head of the Ii family, you can see the texture of the material that can not be felt in the photograph, and you can usually see it. We will introduce in detail the detailed structure that cannot be done.

The benefits are the catalog "Ii Family's Famous Treasure 2 Weapons and Arms" published by the Hikone Castle Museum, and 2 famous confectionery "Bogwood" in Hikone City Shiga

"Ii Family's Famous Treasure 2 Weapons and Armor" is a catalog that introduces the masterpieces of weapons and armor of the Hikone Castle Museum, and also includes the armor of Naosuke that you can see on the day of the tour. This time we will deliver what is sold only at the museum! "Bogwood" is a sweet named after "Umoreginoya", a mansion where Naosuke Ii spent his youth.

A special guest has arrived! ??

A special guest with a connection to the Ii family may appear!
In addition, we are planning to introduce special works only to those who participated in this tour.
Please look forward to it until the On the day
(* Please note that we may not be able to introduce you due to circumstances.)

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    Operating period 2021/2/13
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    Plan attractions

    プランの魅力 Ii Naosuke's 13th generation head, Naosuke's armor の画像

    Ii Naosuke's 13th generation head, Naosuke's armor tour On the day explains in front of Ii Naosuke's "real" armor! The back, details, and various accessories will also be available.

    プランの魅力 Toseigusoku entry の画像

    Toseigusoku entry A list of armor stored in the chest of Naosuke's armor. Various accessories are also listed. This will also be introduced on the On the day

    プランの魅力 ◆ Lecturer profile の画像

    ◆ Lecturer profile Hikone Castle Museum Curator Nobuko Furuhata In charge of materials for weapons and weapons such as armor and swords. So far, the special exhibition "Nagaso Nara Toru-The Best Takumi of the New Sword-" (2018), the special exhibition "Buchi-Ii Family Tradition of Swords" (2nd year of Heisei), the special exhibition "Hikone Domain" "Armor of the sword" (2014), special exhibition "Hikone clan Ii family's successive armor" (2015), etc. We are conducting research and research focusing on the Ii family's weapons and weapons.

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