[Northern departure/remote island] Charm of Minnajima blue ♪ Exciting boat snorkeling & marine 3 types pack (with round-trip boarding ticket)の紹介画像
[Northern departure/remote island] Charm of Minnajima blue ♪ Exciting boat snorkeling & marine 3 types pack (with round-trip boarding ticket)の紹介画像
[Northern departure/remote island] Charm of Minnajima blue ♪ Exciting boat snorkeling & marine 3 types pack (with round-trip boarding ticket)の紹介画像
[Northern departure/remote island] Charm of Minnajima blue ♪ Exciting boat snorkeling & marine 3 types pack (with round-trip boarding ticket)の紹介画像
[Northern departure/remote island] Charm of Minnajima blue ♪ Exciting boat snorkeling & marine 3 types pack (with round-trip boarding ticket)の紹介画像
[Northern departure/remote island] Charm of Minnajima blue ♪ Exciting boat snorkeling & marine 3 types pack (with round-trip boarding ticket)の紹介画像
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[Northern departure/remote island] Charm of Minnajima blue ♪ Exciting boat snorkeling & marine 3 types pack (with round-trip boarding ticket)

Etc. included in the price
  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Solo participant
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    5Age ~ 65 Age
  • Duration
    5~6 hours
Plan description

★★★ Full of benefits ★★★ [During Minna Island stay] [1] Free rental of 1 beach umbrella per group (Basically 1 umbrella for 4 people) [2] Free photo download service [3] Beach rental equipment 20% off [4] Local additional marine activities up to 25% off [5] Wet suit normal per person @ 1,000 yen → @ Rental for 500 yen! ! Limited period from April to June and October (excluding July to September) A popular "remote island" visited by 60,000 people every year Only 15 minutes by high-speed boat from the main island LL comparable to the Kerama Islands Transparency and coral reefs No. 1 popular "boat snorkeling" L Top-class transparency in the prefecture L If you're lucky, you can also meet sea turtles L A safe and secure guide by qualified snorkeling guides ◆ 3 types of marine activities L Ocean play The standard "Banana Boat" is refreshing, and the L sofa-shaped "Big Marble" on the water is full of thrills. It is a high-speed ferry (regular ship) with a private name, and is fully equipped with toilets (barrier-free) L tickets are also distributed at the reception, so you don't have to worry about purchasing. /100 yen, 90 seconds / fresh water only) L Toilets (separate for men and women), coin lockers, shops, and vending machines are available. We agree with the efforts of the much-talked-about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). ! LFeeding is prohibited Considering environmental considerations, water pollution, and adverse effects on the ecosystem, please enjoy the sea as it is. ◆◇◆We recommend the following for tour participants! ! LUsing eco-friendly sunscreens (without UV absorbers) In January 2021, Hawaii will sell sunscreens containing chemical substances such as oxybenzone and octinoxate to protect the marine environment. There is a law in force that prohibits We ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to protect the beautiful seas of Okinawa Prefecture. Wearing a long-sleeved rash guard, etc. that suppresses exposure of the skin (sunburn prevention)

Enjoy popular boat snorkeling and marine sports♪

The No. 1 most popular menu on the Minnajima day trip is "Boat Snorkeling", and this course is a super-enjoyable plan where you can enjoy 3 more marine sports as a set ♪ At the offshore snorkeling point, colorful coral reefs spread out and there are many You can enjoy the world of a real aquarium because fish live in it (^-^) You can enjoy 3 types of marine sports in such a transparent sea, so it is a recommended plan for those who want to play thoroughly! !

Tour participants are full of great benefits ♪

For customers who participate in the ocean style tour, we have many special benefits listed in the plan explanation! ! Please take this opportunity to use Ocean Style and enjoy a day tour of Minna Island.

With a high-speed boat round-trip ticket! !!

The round-trip boat fee is also a good deal in the tour price ♪ The 173-seater high-speed boat (barrier-free compatible) is equipped with a cooler and toilet, so please enjoy a comfortable 15-minute cruise ♪

About fees

Basic fee

Optional fee

※The list price includes tax.
※The above price is a basic fee.
※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

Payment methods
  • Online payment
  • on-site payment
Display of the Specified Commercial Transactions Act Display of the Specified Commercial Transactions Act
Reservation cancellation fee generation date Cancellation fee will be charged from 1 days before the event date.
About cancellation In case of cancellation, please contact us by 20:00 the day before. If there is no contact or if we cannot contact you, we will return the high-speed boat ticket that you have arranged, so we will treat it as a cancellation. In that case, we will charge a 100% cancellation fee. Please note that cancellation after payment cannot be refunded.
About event termination It will be held except when the visibility is poor due to bad sea conditions or bad weather, which hinders the operation of the ship or the beach observer cannot monitor it. If you decide to cancel the day before, we will contact you directly by mobile phone or fax to your hotel. If the shipping company decides on the morning of the day, we will contact you by mobile phone or accommodation in order from 7:00 to 7:30 AM from 7:00 to 7:30 AM, starting from the earliest shipping service. .. If a typhoon, sea conditions, or bad weather is expected on the day of your reservation, please make sure that your mobile phone is connected before contacting us.

Detailed information of this plan

Required minimum number of participants 2 Person(s)
Possible number of bookings 1~40
About duration
5~6 hours
Approximately 3 to 7 hours (stay time varies depending on the desired high-speed boat round-trip flight) Boat snorkeling (about 50 minutes), marine sports 1st event (about 10 minutes) x 3 times Therefore, we recommend that you stay for at least 5 hours! !!
Operating period 2023/4/01〜2023/10/31
April 1-Oct. The 31st
Assembly time *Meeting 30 minutes before the departure time of the high-speed boat (punctual) *Please select a round-trip time from the following when making a reservation and contact us! ! [April 1st - June 30th / September 21st - October 31st] ・9:00-13:30/9:00-16:30 ・10:00-13:30 Departure/10:00-16:30/13:00-16:30 [July 1-19/September 1-20]/9:00-13:00 30/9:00-15:30/9:00-16:30/10:00-15:30/10:00-16:30/11:00-15:30 Departs/11:00-16:30/13:00-16:30 [July 20th to August 31st]/8:30-13:30/8:30-14: 30/8:30-15:30/8:30-16:30・9:30-13:30/9:30-14:30/9:30-15: 30/9:30-16:30/10:30-15:30/10:30-16:30/11:30-16:30/13:30-16: 30 rounds
Booking deadline until 19:59 the day before

Changing room Toilet
Shower Parking

Dress code - Must bring items Please come in light clothes such as T-shirts and half-breads that will make you go to the sea! !! There is a changing room on the island, so you can change your swimsuit there, but it will be smooth if you wear a swimsuit from under your clothes and gather in advance. What to bring Swimsuit, change of clothes, bath towel, flip-flops, sunscreen Etc. (It is convenient to have a rug under the umbrella) I think it is better to bring some cash such as food and drink and shower fee.
About rental items Umbrellas, underwater glasses, flippers, ukiwa, beach mats, etc. (various types) are rented at the beach house for a fee.

Matters require attention ・ People with alcohol intake, poor physical condition, pregnancy or suspected organ disease are not allowed to participate.・ While participating in boat snorkeling, feeding is prohibited in consideration of the natural environment and ecosystem. You can see fish normally, so please enjoy the sea as it is.・ During your stay in Minna Island, be sure to wear a life jacket when using snorkels and underwater glasses to prevent water accidents! !!・ If you are under the age of 18, please submit a parental consent form.・ The age for participation is 5 years or older, but those under 12 years old are requested to participate with a guardian.・ Please have lunch at the seaside house (parlor) in your spare time.・ If you wish to have an afternoon flight, please join us after having lunch in advance.
Other notifications ■ Please be sure to enter the round-trip time of the high-speed ship when making a reservation (required) If you do not fill in, we will allocate the flight here, so please be sure to fill in if you have the desired flight. During the busy season, your desired flight may be full. In that case, please note that we will guide you to the flights before and after the vacancy.

Plan attractions

プランの魅力 Minna Island Blue の画像

Minna Island Blue The deep blue sea, which is comparable to the Kerama Islands, has outstanding transparency ♪

プランの魅力 Exciting ♪ pounding ♪ の画像

Exciting ♪ pounding ♪ Boat snorkeling that can be enjoyed from the age of 5 secures buoyancy by wearing a life jacket even for beginners and those who can not swim! The staff will support you kindly and politely.

プランの魅力 Banana boat の画像

Banana boat A classic banana boat for playing in the sea! !! It's a large boat type that can accommodate up to 10 people, so you don't have to worry about it tipping over! From adults to children aged 5 years, enjoy the beautiful sea of Minna Island as if you were driving on the water! !!

プランの魅力 Big Marble の画像

Big Marble It is a sofa-type vehicle that can accommodate up to 4 people, but it has a sense of stability! !! Like a banana boat, it is pulled by a jet ski, but it is quite thrilling depending on the speed because it slides sideways and turns round and round using centrifugal force (laugh)

プランの魅力 U-boat (half pipe) の画像

U-boat (half pipe) It is a vehicle that can seat up to 3 people and can be used even when lying face down or sitting down! !! Like the Big Marble, it swings and slides sideways using centrifugal force, so there is no doubt that it will be a thrilling score (laugh) The speed will be adjusted according to the guest who can ride it, so you can enjoy it even from 5 years old ♪

プランの魅力 Fish heaven の画像

Fish heaven Minna Island, with its outstanding transparency, is a paradise for fish with abundant coral reefs ♪ If you are lucky, you can meet sea turtles at the snorkel point, so please pay close attention to the water! !!

Access - Map

29-71 Tancha, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Assembly point

Please gather at the ocean-style shop located in the Toguchi port of Motobu town.

If you are coming at Rental car, please enter the ocean style Phone Numter or navigation map code into the car navigation.

Ocean style TEL 0980-47-5804

Map code 206 857 511 * 75

If the navigation shows a different location, please contact Ocean Style.

If you arrive by car

If you are renting a car, please enter the following phone number into the car navigation system.

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