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【 Tottori/Uradome Kaigan 】 Clear Canoe Experience Standard Course

  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Empty-hands OK
  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Solo participant
  • Children welcome
  • 地域共通クーポン(紙)利用可
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    7Age ~ 100 Age
  • Duration
    1~2 hours

You can enjoy clear canoeing on the rocks and white sandy beaches that are eroded by waves, and Urato Beach, which boasts the highest degree of transparency in Honshu. Enter the sea caves, go through the rocks and between the rocks. When there is a wave, you can play with adventure. Enter the sea caves, go through the rocks and between the rocks, Year Sun We will experience the most beautiful Uratomi Undersea Park on the San-in Coast certified as this Geopark.
※ This plan is for up to 5 participants. A guide will accompany you.

To places that can only be reached by kayaking

Let's explore the Uradome coast with a canoe! There are small islands and strange rocks certified as Sanin Kaigan Geopark, and it is also called "San'in Matsushima". It is an expedition to the gaps in the rock wall that can be advanced because it is a kayak with a small turn.

Let's look into the sea from a clear canoe

Clear canoeing is the best way to enjoy this highly transparent sea! The canoe itself is transparent, so it feels like you're in the process of being born. Refresh yourself not only with the scenery but also with the sea peeking from the bottom of the ship!

Up to 5 people! Safe for beginners!

Since the guide will be on board, even beginners can experience with confidence! Small children can also ride with their parents.

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※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

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    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 2 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 2~5
    Operating period 2021/4/01〜2021/10/31
    Assembly time <AM> 9: 00/11: 00
    <Afternoon> 13: 00/15: 00
    <Evening> 17: 00

    ※ 1 day 4 flight, set, please come in 30 minutes before each time.
    Booking deadline until 23:59 2 das ago

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items ▼ clothes
    Shirts, pants (Wed Wear), marine boots, hats, gloves
    ▼ belongings
    Drink, change of clothes, towel (Required: Hat, beverage Wed)
    About rental items Canoe equipment

    Matters require attention ・ adult If you apply for children and children, elementary school 3 due to weight etc. Year It will be up to raw position, Other Please consult once if you have a request.
    ・ The maximum number of participants per one is five

    Access - Map

    Nagisa Exchange Center (Click here for MAP) << 690-20 Makidani, Iwami-cho >> Ajiro Port (local) << 2182-470, Otani, Iwami-cho >>
    Assembly point

    Nagisa Exchange Center

    If you arrive by train

    From Iwami Station, get off at the town bus "Tago / Landbound" → "San-in Kaigan Gakukan-mae"

    If you arrive by other means of transportation

    Please contact us if you would like to pick up and drop off.

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    PICK UP!!
    Guest user

    As first timer here in Tottori its hard for us to get there, but it was good because they fetched us from Tottori station to Activity Location. Second, the tour guide was friendly and Accommodating ( they offer to take us pictures) . We are glad that the weather was good and we really have fun.

    • 5.0
    Participating date: September 2020

    Guest user透明獨木舟

    你好,我之前問過關於獨木舟的問題,但不是太明白, 我想知道你們公司有沒有提供獨木舟團可以划透明的獨木舟, 謝謝你

    • 5.0
    Participating date: September 2019

    Guest userKayak Type

    個PLAN係咪有透明底既獨木船? Any plan include kayak with transparent bottom? thx!

    • 5.0
    Participating date: August 2019

    Guest userクリアカヌー、気持ちよかったです!


    • 5.0
    Participating date: August 2019
    Guest user


    • 5.0
    Participating date: September 2018

    Q&A about this plan

    Q. Is the Kayaking reservation still available in November?

    A. November is not held because the sea is rough.
    Reservations are not possible.

    Q. Hello again. I wish to book on the 27th of September for one person with pick up from the station. Your message said to book through this website but it won't allow for bookings of one person. Can you guide me on what to do please?

    A. Is it okay to start at 13:00?
    I will pick you up at Iwami Station at 12:43
    From Tottori Station 12:19 → Iwami Arrives 12:43

    I'll take a video on the day, is there any problem with it?

    Please fill in your name, nationality and date of birth.

    Q. Hello. Is it possible to book for one person in the afternoon of either the 26th or 27th of September 2019?

    A. 26th is canceled because the sea is rough.
    27 days can be booked

    Q. May I ask if you accept reservation for one person only? Thank you

    A. Anyone can participate, but what time and when?

    Q. Hello. I'd like to know if there is a weight limit for kayak riders.

    A. Those who exceed 100 kg can not board

    Q. Hello, I would like to book tour for five people on July 10, 2019. The reservations on this page are not open yet. When will it be available to book?

    Please request a reservation.
    July 10 reservation is possible. What time do you want?
    There are 9 o'clock, 11 o'clock, 13 o'clock and 15 o'clock.

    Please make a reservation from this site after entering the names, nationalities, birth dates, e-mail addresses that you can contact on the day,

    Q. Hello, Is there tour on July 18, 2019 for 2 people?

    A. It is acceptable
    Please make a reservation from this site

    Q. Hi, do u have available slots for 5 persons on 8 June 2019?

    A. 7/8 5 people can be reserved

    Please apply from this site

    Q. Hi, would this activity be available on 23 or 24 March?

    A. This activity is scheduled to start from the middle of April
    Hanami kayak is doing.

    Q. We would like to book May 26 for two people at 11o'clock. How do we book?

    A. At 11 o'clock, reservations for 2 people are possible.
    You can also make reservations from this site.

    Participant's name, address, mail address where you can contact, birth date, please let us know your reservation is completed. In this case, payment will be made in cash on that day

    KOJI H

    Q. I would like to book the Tottori clear canoe experience for May 26, 2019 for two people. Can you assist me in booking?

    On May 26, 2 people can make reservations

    9 o'clock, 11 o'clock, 13 o'clock, 15 o'clock, 17 o'clock is the start time, what time would you like?

    Q. Hi, we are interested in kayaking on 16 Oct. May I know is this date available for booking? thanks

    A. Booking on October 16th is possible
    Please tell me the desired time, number of participants

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