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[Shizuoka / Shimizu] A relaxing and luxurious flight overlooking the world cultural heritage, Miho's Matsubara / Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay / Nihondaira

  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Solo participant
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    8Age ~ 60 Age
  • Duration
    1~2 hours

★ Thanks to our shop's soaring popularity Motor paraglider, tandem (two-seater) flight experience There is an experience where the beauty of nature and Matsubara and Mt. We will help you to be happy to stay and build your wings. Enjoy the spectacular view from the sky above Suruga Bay with a motor paraglider operated by a veteran instructor who is free to create new values in your life. ] ・ Overlooking the spectacular view of Shimizu such as Matsubara & Mt. Fuji of Miho, a world cultural heritage ・ A local instructor will explain the highlights before the flight ・ Comfortable even in the sky with a spacious chair type Omata will not hurt You can enjoy shooting with your own smartphone or taking a self-portrait with an action camera. ・ It is popular with people of all ages. We will give a lecture before takeoff [1 frame for 3 people, flow of experience] ① We will explain the precautions for meetings and ground meetings ↓ ② Standby is exciting! Flight standby where expectations and anxieties are mixed ↓ ③ Flight (10 to 15 minutes) You can fully enjoy the charm of Shimizu Port, Suruga Bay, Miho's Matsubara, Nihondaira, Mt. Fuji and Shizuoka Shimizu Ward Smartphone shooting OK Shooting time There are plenty of them, so don't panic and listen to the tips for shooting ↓ ④ Landing Loose landing (1 frame total about 1 hour, depending on the condition) [Extended flight] ・ 10 minutes / 3,000 yen Advance reservation is also possible It can be extended further depending on the reservation status and conditions. With an extension of only 10 minutes, it will be farther and higher than the basic flight. Please feel free to contact us [Participation conditions] ・ From one person You can apply ・ Underage people must be accompanied by a guardian ・ People who can sprint with a weight of about 40 to 75 kg ・ If it is too light and heavy, it will affect the strength of the wind, so please contact us in advance・ Diseases such as high blood pressure / Pregnant women are not allowed to board [Clothes for participation] ・ Easy-to-move clothes (long sleeves and long pants to prevent injury) and athletic shoes ・ No skirt [Notes] ・ Weather If there is a change in time or cancellation due to the event, the staff will notify you by phone or email by the day before. May not be visible

A relaxing and luxurious flight course overlooking the world cultural heritage. We will help you build your wings.

Clouds that can be picked up into the sky as if walking over Suruga Bay Degree of freedom unique to paragliders Takeoff and landing are in the same place, so there is no hassle of moving. Forced release Become a part of the beauty of nature and let you experience new values in your life ※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Bring-in OK (We can not guarantee troubles during the experience) There is plenty of time and room to shoot Please try shooting that looks good on the SNS Smartphone has a fall prevention rubber cord Others Falling paracords etc. Please take preventive measures. The key to shooting a video is that there is a turning point of about 1 minute and 30 seconds per turn, so if you have a turning signal, fix your smartphone to the front by hand and enjoy the scenery yourself.

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    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~3
    About duration
    1~2 hours
    Approximately 1 hour (10 minutes experience)
    Operating period All year round
    Assembly time Please come 15 minutes before the reserved time. Since it is difficult to make a phone call at the site, please head to the beach from the parking lot. There are red-blue and white windsocks. We are preparing for this area, so please let us know.
    Booking deadline until 22:59 2 days before

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items Easy-to-move clothes, athletic shoes, (convenient if you have them: sunglasses, gloves, helmet, waterproof smartphone case with strap, anti-sickness medicine), drinks for heat stroke in summer, clothes for cold weather from October to June
    About rental items Helmet life jacket

    Matters require attention It is a sport that is easily affected by the weather. We always get meticulous weather information, but depending on the conditions of the day, we may ask you to adjust the time for safety reasons. We would appreciate it if you could consider a plan with plenty of time on the day. Participation by drinking alcohol is prohibited. It is canceled in the rain.
    Other notifications Please note that there is no guarantee in case of damage to the accessories, sunglasses, glasses, camera, etc. that you bring.

    Plan attractions

    プランの魅力 Basic experience time 10 to 15 minutes plus 10 minutes can be extended Please contact us の画像

    Basic experience time 10 to 15 minutes plus 10 minutes can be extended Please contact us Clouds are likely to appear in the summer, and depending on the conditions, you can play in the clouds.

    プランの魅力 Experience time 10 to 15 minutes plus 10 minutes can be extended Please contact us の画像

    Experience time 10 to 15 minutes plus 10 minutes can be extended Please contact us You may also see the happy Brocken specter of optical phenomena and the white rainbow.

    プランの魅力 Experience time 10 to 15 minutes plus 10 minutes can be extended Please contact us の画像

    Experience time 10 to 15 minutes plus 10 minutes can be extended Please contact us The advantage of a motorized paraglider is that you can fly from 0m and return to the original place. You can fly on the open beach, so the feeling of openness is wonderful and you can meet various clouds.

    プランの魅力  の画像

    There is plenty of room for taking pictures while sitting comfortably on the harness that firmly supports it! Live shooting when radio waves arrive!

    プランの魅力  の画像

    It snows from mid-January to late April

    プランの魅力  の画像

    プランの魅力  の画像

    プランの魅力  の画像

    Time schedule

    9:00 to 16:00 (according to the calendar, from autumn to 15:00 in winter)

    9:00 to 16:00 (according to the calendar, from autumn to 15:00 in winter) ①Meeting, application form preparation, harness wearing, takeoff and landing explanation, course explanation (10 minutes) ②Experience flight (10 minutes or more) * Additional 10 minutes for extension ③Soak in the lingering sound (35 minutes) ④Dissolution

    Access - Map

    Miho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
    Assembly point

    Shimizu Miho Kaihin Park Parking Lot

    If you arrive by car

    Approximately 40 minutes from Tomei "Shimizu IC" Car navigation will be at Shimizu Miho Kaihin Park parking lot 20 minutes from Surugawan Ferry Please be careful about the congestion on weekdays and holidays.

    If you arrive by train

    From Shimizu Station | 6 minutes on foot | To Shimizu Station Bus Terminal Miho Yamate Line [Shimizu Station-Aquarium] Tokai University Miho Aquarium | Get off at Miho Honcho | 13 minutes walk east | To Shimizu Lighthouse [Shizuoka City] 2109-2 Miho, Shimizu-ku]

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    Selling points regarding safety

    At our company, experienced instructors with experience and zero accident history will guide you. The take-off and landing field is a soft sandy beach, and it becomes a cushion for tripping and landing at take-off.

    Insurance information Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Japan Travel Disability Insurance Death / Succession Disorder 9950 thousand yen
    License and Qualifications Paraglider Advanced Tandem No.213926
    Member organizations and associations JHF
    Number of staff 3
    Number of instructors 1

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