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[Kagoshima / Yakushima] Regional common coupon dealers welcome for one person / beginner ♪ Easy Sea kayak experience before returning ♪ (half-day morning course)

  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Solo participant
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
  • Photo gifts
  • 地域共通クーポン(紙)利用可
  • 地域共通クーポン(電子)利用可
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    10Age ~ 65 Age
  • Duration
    3~4 hours

・Easy Sea kayak tour that you can experience in the morning before returning ♪ ・Looking up at the magnificent mountain range and taking a stroll on the clear water♪ You can participate ♪ ・ 2000 yen Sale children (up to elementary school students)! You can experience it with the whole family ♪ ・ Free pick-up, photo gift, tea time available ♪

Yakushima enjoy the beautiful nature of! Easy Wed on a walk ♪

Japan Canoe Federation A official canoe school instructor will support you, so even beginners can rest assured ♪ We will use a stable two-seater boat, so beginners and children can rest assured ♪

Look up clear Wed and majestic mountains ♪ Encounter with sea turtles?

Anyway clean Wed mountains that look up from the top of the Nashi inspiring mistake ♪ sea is just Yakushima of nature ♪ encounter rainy season 6 of the sea turtles Mon of before and after spawning peak season is high probability!

Free pick-up and photo gifts ♪ Tea time is also ♪

Free transfers will pick you up at your inn for morning tours and send you to your inn for afternoon tours. Let's swim, play and have fun! At a later date, we will give you a photo taken by the guide ♪ Enjoy a warm drink at the cafe ♪

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※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

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    Sea kayak start!

    Sea kayak start! You can rest assured that the instructor of the Japan Canoe Federation A official canoe school will support you ♪ Wear life jackets and shoes, and explain how to row, get on and off, and precautions. Exciting and exciting ... Encounter with monkeys and kingfishers ♪ Let's start!

    Breathe together and go for a walk on the sea ♪

    Breathe together and go for a walk on the sea ♪ It's safe because you choose a safe and calm sea area ♪ It's even safer with a highly stable two-seater boat ♪ I wonder if you can meet sea turtles ♪

    Let's play with beautiful Wed ♪

    Let's play with beautiful Wed ♪ Healed in the beautiful sea ♪ Relax and refresh your body and soul ♪

    Relaxing Kayak ♪

    Relaxing Kayak ♪ On the way back, I got used to rowing, and my shoulders were relaxed.

    Goal to the starting point!

    Goal to the starting point! Thank you for all your words that it was fun, I want to do it again, and I don't want to go home. Disbanded after changing clothes in the changing room. Thank you for meeting everyone ♪

    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~6
    Operating period All year round
    Assembly time Before Sun in the evening The meeting place so it will a final confirmation of your phone such as, time towards the mobile phone, thank you.
    Booking deadline until 6:59 on the day

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items Do nephew in good clothes, even when wet.
    If possible, on top of the swimsuit wear, long-sleeved shirts (quick-drying Rush guard, etc.) and long pants I think all right. (The cold season, please have the rain.)
    We recommend that you attach a strap to a hat / glasses. For footwear, Wed has been getting ready here the shoes suitable for play.
    When the snorkeling, there is the case of a wet suit worn depending on the climate.
    About rental items Insurance fee and equipment Rental The fee is not included as it is included in the course fee.

    Matters require attention ★ About transfer ★
    half-day Please be sure to confirm the application for the tour transfer as it is often not possible during busy season.

    ※ Even if transfer is possible half-day The tour is less It looks like.
    ・ In the morning tour, we will pick you up, but you will need to consult about the place of dissolution.
    ・ Afternoon tour, meeting, meeting place need consultation, sending correspond.
    Other notifications Please inform us of those who have current medical history, past medical history, medications, allergies, physical disabilities and medical history that should be noted at the time of application.

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    Access - Map

    2405-378 Anbo, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
    Assembly point

    Yakushima field guide spin Nika
    Kagoshima Prefecture Kumage-gun Yakushima-cho Awa 2405-378

    If you arrive by car

    Along the Prefectural Route 77, before the Haruta bus stop, about 5 minutes by car from Anbo Port, a blue sign is marked.

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    Selling points regarding safety

    ★ Countermeasures against new coronavirus infections ★ ● Countermeasures against infection sources ① Health management of staff □ Daily measurement of body temperature and physical condition □ Consultation and inspection if there is fever or symptom □ Thorough hand disinfection □ Three-way measures from daily life ② Participant measures □ Health check for poor physical condition such as fever, cough, headache □ Confirmation of travel history within 2 weeks □ Confirmation of contact history with infected persons and suspected infections within 2 weeks ● Infection route countermeasures ① Hand hygiene □ Alcohol disinfection or hand washing using soap and running water is recommended □ Thorough hand disinfection before tour □ Carry alcohol disinfectant □ Alcohol allergy confirmation ② Disinfection □ Pick-up car / changing room・ Disinfect and clean the toilet □ Clean and disinfect the equipment (paddles, life jackets, etc.) used in the tour □ Be careful of rough hands and allergies caused by disinfection and hand washing □ Disinfect and clean the parts that come into contact as appropriate ③ Sanden measures ◇ Ventilation (sealing measures) □ Open the windows in two directions as much as possible to ventilate the inside of the car □ Open the doors before and after use to ventilate the changing room and toilet ◇ Physical distance (dense) Measures) □ Secure physical distance to avoid close contact □ Both wear masks when approaching ◇ Masks (close measures) □ Staff wear masks in principle □ Both staff and participants in the shuttle car Wear a mask □ Do not make a loud voice □ Change the mask once a day □ Prepare a spare mask ● Those who cannot participate in the tour □ Those who have any symptoms of poor physical condition such as fever, cough, headache, etc. Refuse □ Those who have a fever of 37.5 ℃ or higher □ Those who have traveled abroad within 2 weeks □ Those who have contact with infected persons or suspected infection within 2 weeks ● Other precautions ・ Outdoor It is said that infection is relatively unlikely to occur outdoors due to the effects of air flow and ultraviolet rays, but infection may occur, so take proper measures against infection. It is said that infection in water is unlikely to occur, but do not wear a mask in water because it keeps a physical distance on or under water and there is a risk of suffocation.・ Regarding children Children under the age of two are at risk of choking and should not wear masks. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 are not forced to wear masks. When moving around, the staff should consult with parents and deal with it, and avoid direct contact as much as possible.・ Regarding changing clothes When changing clothes, the staff will restrict admission to the changing space. When changing clothes, participants should keep a physical distance and change clothes. The staff will ventilate the changing room as appropriate, and disinfect and clean the areas that come into contact.・ Regarding the provision of meals When serving meals, it is often the case that there are three dens, so take thorough measures against the three dens. Manage food safety and hygiene in compliance with the Food Sanitation Law. When eating, keep a physical distance as much as possible and devise so that you can sit side by side. Avoid sharing dishes and serve them individually.・ Regarding emergency response ・ If you feel sick during the experience, the staff will respond by contacting you with a mask and gloves on. If you continue to feel unwell during the experience, or if you suspect that you have a fever or a new coronavirus infection, the staff will stop the experience and call an ambulance. In the event of a new coronavirus infection in staff or participants, the facility manager will promptly contact the staff under the guidance of the health center and consider closing the facility and using social security until safety is ensured. To do.

    Authorization issued by Tanegashima Tax Office
    Insurance information AIG Property Casualty Inc. Ecosen Outdoor Activity Comprehensive Insurance, Liability Insurance, Accident Insurance
    License and Qualifications A Certified Canoe School Sea Senior Examiner, Certified Mountaineering Guide Stage 1, WMA Japan WFR, NEAL Leader
    Member organizations and associations Japan Canoe Federation, Japan Mountain Guide Association, NPO Japan Eco Tourism Center
    Number of staff 1
    Number of instructors 1

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