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[Kyoto Kyoto] can Japanese style kaleidoscope making the experience "ancient city" course

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Kyoto handmade Experience Hall Kyomizuan

Kyoto / Kyoto Station
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    Ancient capital Kyoto Why is Japanese style kaleidoscope making experience as a souvenir to their. Since the Japanese style kaleidoscope, to choose what to put in the middle like a Japanese paper and, let's take home to create a kaleidoscope there is only only one in this world. In addition, because the ice cream shop, you can enjoy a luxury green tea ice of natural materials.

    Enjoy today Matcha

    Since the head office is a ice cream shop that taste of Kyoto can enjoy, such as the natural materials of the plain ice cream, Kyoto Uji luxury tea-Kyoto confection of eight bridges, fresh cream, specialty glutinous rice, green tea white ball Hokkaido Tokachi of red beans of the you can enjoy luxury green tea ice used.

    Attractions of the plan

    Taste Kyomachiya of tradition

    Kyoto green tea ice can eat

    Just outside of Kiyomizu Temple


    Minimum number of people 1 人
    Number of people who can book 2人〜50人
    Schedule Regularly
    Assemble time 9:00~17:00
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    Assemble point Kyoto handmade Experience Hall Kyomizuan
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    Regarding advance preparation

    About clothings and must-bring items There is nothing especially'll have.
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    Facility information

    Changing room toilet shower
    Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
    Parking Lot コンビニ

    Access and map


    Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Shiraito-cho, 569-10


    Get off at Kyoto city bus Gojozaka bus stop, 3 minutes to climb Gojozaka
    3 minutes from Kiyomizudera sightseeing bus parking lot
    Please visit us with reference to the Kiyomizuderi direction from various guides.

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    Participants / per person 1,400yen

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    By timing and availability, there are times when it does not attach to hope.
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