【Okinawa · Mizushima Island】 Popular remote island! Boat Snorkeling & Barbecue Course

【Okinawa · Mizushima Island】 Popular remote island! Boat Snorkeling & Barbecue Course

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Price list

7,800Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per adult
  • 5.0
Okinawa / 名護・本部・瀬底島
banana boat
  • With BBQ
  • 1 person participation Allowed
  • Operation available - rain or shine
  • Children can join
  • Active refreshing

Description of plan

★★★ 【Activity Japan Benefit】 ★★★
① Banana Boat · Big Marble 1 free service (about 10 minutes for each eye)
② 1 beach umbrella for 1 group free rental (Mizushima residence time zone)
③ Underwater glasses · snorkel · life jacket free rental (Mizushima residence time zone)
④ Wetsuit free rental (Mizushima residence time zone) ※ excluding July to September

~ Flow of course ~
① 30 minutes before departure time Ocean style set · Bookmark distribution / guide of reception (checkout) tour.
② Departure from a high-speed vessel · Arrival at Mizushima · Explain facility, notes, flow of the day at the pier.
③ Free time (snorkeling and marine sports are held using free time) For details, refer to the bookmark on the day.
※ Each person will take lunch (BBQ) at the time stated on the booking you handed over on the day.
④ Return time from previous hour's return flight (showers / changing)
※ Because the shower room gets crowded during the busy season, please be careful not to be late for the departure time.
⑤ Distribute the return ticket at the jetty in exchange for clear case (bookmark).
⑥ Go to Watanabe port with a high speed ship!

Local dissolution, thanks for your hard work (^ - ^)

Full of free benefits! !

Glad benefits. Visit the course participants, parasols one for one group (of course increase the parasol I'm number of people), 3-point of water glasses, snorkel and life jackets are borrowed in Minna stay in free, and banana boat · 2 events of the Big Marble you can enjoy what for free.

One way 15 minutes by high-speed boat! !

As a remote island that can be reached by boat in the prefecture, it is the shortest one way 15 minutes, and the cooler is also equipped with 173 high speed boat, so the summer movement is comfortable too!

Free rental also wet suit! !

April will hold a tour from there even when you feel chilly to the nearest mid-June rainy season is dawn because, in the Ocean style will lend you wet suit also for free! !
Protection of body temperature is also perfect because Moreover Minna during the stay is borrowed much.

Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 to 80 people
Schedule April 1, 2006 to October 31, 2008
Start time Departure time depends on the time, so when you make a reservation please contact the time of the following express boat (round trip)
(There may not attach to hope by availability)

The group will be 30 minutes before departure time.

往路 ①8:30発 ➁10:00発
復路 ①13:30発 ➁17:00発

Outbound ① From 9: 00 departure ② 10: 00 departure ③ From 11: 00
Returning ① 13: 30 departure ② 16: 00 departure ③ From 17: 00 departure

往路①8:30発 ➁9:30発 ③10:15発 ④11:00発 ⑤11:45発
Returning ① 14: 00 departure ② 14: 45 ③ 15: 30 ④ ④ 16: 15 ⑤ 17: 00 departure ⑥ 17: 45 departure

往路①8:30発 ➁9:30発 ③10:15発 ③11:00発
Returning ① 15: 00 departure 2: 15: 45 departure ③ 16: 30 departure ④ 17: 15 departure

Assemble point Headquarters (Motobu) Toguchi of town (Toguchi) Please set up there and the Ocean style shops in the harbor.

※ Please note that the we do not do free pick-up service, etc. to each hotel.
Reservation deadline Until the day before 19:59

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Clothes
T-shirts and half bread and the like from the top of the swimsuit, please participate in the clothes to go to sea.
Since there is also a changing room on the island, it is also possible to change to swimwear from arrival at the island, but the busy season (July 20 - August 31) is crowded, so T Please wear shirt and shorts and gather.

Swimsuits, change of clothes, towels, beach sandals, leisure seats, sunscreen etc. (Please use them freely if you have your own rental supplies such as floating rings)
Also because I think that it is if you want to use the food and beverage and rental equipment, etc., I think I want a person who has some cash.
About rental items Parasol at sea of ​​the house (beach house), water glasses, foot fin, and rental Ukiha, beach mat or the like (various charges apply).
※ prescription water glasses will be rental only implementation time zone (because there is a limited number)

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot convenience store/

Access and map


Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture headquarters-cho Tancha 29-71

How to reach by car


TEL 0980-47-5804


About price

Basic charge

Adult /person 7,800yen Over 12-year-old -
Child / person 6,800yen 6-year-old to 11 years old
5歳/人 5,900yen 5 years old
Adult /person 2,000yen 12 years old ~ (those who go with accompanying not to participate in the course)

Option fee

Child / person 1,200yen 6 to 11 years old (those who go with accompanying not to participate in the course)

※Prices including all taxes.
※ This is the basic charge.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the schedule.

Included in price High-speed boat round-trip boarding fee, barbecue fee, boat snorkeling implementation fee, insurance fee.

If the attendant high-speed boat round-trip boarding fee, insurance fee.
Not included in the price Shower fee, coin locker fee

Ocean Style (OceanStyle) Treatment Plan List


About payment / cancellation

About payment On the day, please pay in cash or card at the Ocean style shop.
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee Especially no cancellation fee will not be raised before payment on the day, but please be sure to contact us until 8 o'clock in the morning on the previous day or the day when canceled.
In addition, the cancellation after the payment Please note that you can not refund.
Cancellation by operators. Poor visibility by sea 況不 good and bad weather, beach lifeguards or hindered the operations of the ship will be held except when the state can not be monitored.
If you stop at the previous day has been determined, we will contact you by FAX directly to the mobile phone of one accommodation to contact the hotel. On the day of the morning, if you want to judge AM7: 30 we will contact you back and forth.


Matters require attention · Degree with water glasses will be rental only boat snorkel implementation time zone.
Alcohol intake, poor physical condition, if you are pregnant or suspect, who of organ disease will refuse to participate.
And sea conditions, there is a case to be canceled or changed by the weather.
Snorkel, when using the water glasses, it obliges the life jacket wear.
Other notices · BBQ will be put out things in advance Minna beach of staff is baked in the skewer. Please note that you can not burn the meat on their own.

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  • 5.0
参加日: 2018 年 07 月
banana boat








オーシャンスタイル スタッフ 玉城.

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Starting time
Participating age5 才~
Time required 6時間以上
Approximate time is about 3 to 7 hours (the staying time differs depending on the recipient flight of the desired high-speed ship)
ScheduleApril 1, 2006 to October 31, 2008
Assemble point Watch on GoogleMap