CAMPiece君津 廃校キャンプ場 のギャラリー
CAMPiece君津 廃校キャンプ場 のギャラリー
CAMPiece君津 廃校キャンプ場 のギャラリー

CAMPiece君津 廃校キャンプ場

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School experience in the Japanese countryside! This is Kimino High School, a small school deep in the mountains of Chiba.The good old culture of Japan is here. You all become students at Kono Kimi no High School, and you attend morning homeroom with a unique teacher...duty shifts and cleaning lunches...various cultural experience classes...and even the graduation ceremony...other unexpected events occur! ? Enjoy an exciting experience of Japanese culture, civility, and youth!

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The stage is closed

This is an abandoned school campground that opened in May 2022, using the site of two schools: the former Kameyama Junior High School (closed in March 2020) and the adjacent former Sakahata Elementary School (closed in March 2021) in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture. With only minimal renovation work required, both the school building and school grounds retain their original appearance. The school building was rebuilt in 1997, and although it is modern, you can still feel the warmth of wood, and the classrooms have desks and chairs from that time. Even non-graduates feel nostalgic, adults get excited talking about their school days, and many children play school using the blackboard.The repeat rate is about 30%. It is also used for filming TV dramas, music videos, YouTube videos, etc.

You can experience the good old Japanese student life

This is a service that allows foreign tourists to experience the good old days of "Showa schools", one of the hidden charms of Japanese culture, at our abandoned school campground, CAMPiece Kimitsu (Kimitsu City, Chiba). A certain rural town in Japan, the era is Showa... Enroll for one day at a school nestled in a rural landscape surrounded by nature. A “homeroom teacher” will actually teach the class in the classroom. Participants wear school uniforms and sailor uniforms. It starts with the entrance ceremony, morning homeroom, day shift, calligraphy and history classes, school lunch, sports day, and finally the graduation ceremony where the students receive their diplomas. You will experience a simulated "school life" that Japanese students have experienced. *The “homeroom teacher” will basically conduct the proceedings in English.

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Number of staff 5persons
Number of instructors 1persons

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Former Kameyama Junior High School, 223-1 Sakahata, Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture
Operating hours 10: 00-20: 00
Regular holidays Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (open on holidays)

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