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〜A trip to Tsuwano that makes you want to come back〜 Experience Tsuwano Yu-naTsuwano is a small town with red tiled roofs in the lush greenery of the Chugoku Mountains. The history of castle towns in mountainous areas that remain intact without being cut open One by one, the culture that was born there and has been carefully handed down to the present day is "Yu-na", a tour where you can experience the charm of Tsuwano with all five senses along with the story. Brand. "Yuna" is a dialect of Tsuwano that means "relaxed". In this place where you forget to look at the clock, we offer a special time that suits your travel plan. Why don't you remember "something" in Tsuwano that you didn't even notice?

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Insurance information TS mark insurance that accompanies the rental cycle ・ 1day leisure insurance (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance) to join separately
License and Qualifications Only guides certified through Yu-na's guide training
Number of staff 4persons
Selling points regarding safety We provide safety training and guide training in cooperation with the police, and wear (rental) helmets.

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66-1 Ushirota, Tsuwano-cho, Kaashi-gun, Shimane Prefecture
Operating hours 9: 00-17: 00
Regular holidays No particulars

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