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Aizaya Japan Co., Ltd. is the sole agency in Japan for Impac Tours, a travel agency that arranges and arranges services for the Republic of Palau in the South Sea, which is located south of Tokyo in Japan. In Tohoku Ichinoseki, where our representative was born and raised, we created this trip by making use of the experience we have cultivated through the arrangement and guide services of customers who come from Japan for sightseeing in Palau. We aim to have many people experience this excitement.

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A one-day trip to Hiraizumi and Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture, full of highlights

Iwate Prefecture has the largest area in Japan. The southern part of the prefecture is adjacent to Miyagi prefecture, and Mr. Ichinoseki is located right in the middle of the prefectural capitals of Morioka and Sendai. In 2011, there are Hiraizumi Chusonji Temple and Motsuji Temple, which were registered as World Cultural Heritage, and there is a boat ride on Geibikei, one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan. A lot of nature and culture can live in the vast prefecture, but the local people's feelings of compassion, rich eating habits, and high hygiene are also related to their attractiveness. Isn't there? Compared to popular tourist destinations that tend to get crowded during the season, we offer carefully selected tours that allow you to leisurely and efficiently tour lesser-known sights in one day.

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Authorization issued by Tokyo
Insurance information All Travel Insurance Joined All Travel Association Travel Accident Compensation System
License and Qualifications Governor of Tokyo Registration Class 3 6799 Registration Date: July 10, 2014
Member organizations and associations ANTA All Nippon Travel Agents Association
Number of staff 7persons
Selling points regarding safety At our company, Aizaya Co., Ltd., we put the safety of our customers first and take thorough safety measures so that our customers can enjoy their trips with peace of mind. In recent years, we have taken measures to prevent the spread of infections in the new coronavirus, and conducted thorough investigations at various places such as transportation, visiting places, and restaurants during travel, so that everyone can travel with peace of mind. We are trying to make you enjoy it.

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2-3-4 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Shinkawa Tadokoro Building 202
Operating hours 10: 00-18: 00
Regular holidays Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

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