Go! Go! BROMPTON のギャラリー
Go! Go! BROMPTON のギャラリー
Go! Go! BROMPTON のギャラリー
Go! Go! BROMPTON のギャラリー
Go! Go! BROMPTON のギャラリー
Go! Go! BROMPTON のギャラリー


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[One of your favorites and an unforgettable trip! ] Go! Go! BROMPTON makes a lot of unique cycling tours with a passion of "I want to convey the charm of Ehime and British folding bike BROMPTON to many people!" [Bicycle love x local love x multilingual support] The guide in charge is miwa, a registered navigator of the Brompton Pottering Association. Born in Matsuyama and raised in Matsuyama. 2016-2019 lived in Kyoto. Taking advantage of our experience in travel-related businesses such as an interpreter guide who provides tourist information in English and a domestic tour operator, we will respond flexibly to the needs and circumstances of our customers. Please try it once as if you were going to meet a friend who lives in a rural area! "Come to play! I'll wait for you ~ ♪"

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One pair a day! Enjoy a luxurious trip with a private custom tour that you can arrange freely

Based on the basic plan, we will arrange it according to the customer's request as much as possible. I want to see something like this, I want to eat something like this! Please make more and more requests on the spot, such as how to use your time at the stop-by spot. We can arrange the start / goal point with prior consultation. It will surely help you to make special memories with your family and friends!

Choose your favorite one! Five unique BROMPTONs are available. Why not ride a British folding bike that is very popular all over the world?

Brompton, a folding bike made in the UK with different colors and shapes. It's small, but it's actually a luxury bike for a folding bike. There are fans all over the world and the special feeling is different! Enjoy choosing accessories such as bags to match the 5 unique Bromptons! You can freely enjoy the coordination that matches today's fashion.

I'm going to meet my friends who live in the area! Why don't you have a special experience by running through the pilgrimage road unique to Shikoku and the back road where you can feel the local life?

You can go to the sightseeing spots yourself. So what do you do on this tour? It is like guiding a friend who came to play from afar, going to a hidden spot that is known only because it is local, and going through the pilgrimage roads and back roads unique to Shikoku to get there, experience that ordinary tourists can not do Offers. There are times when conversations with pilgrims on the walking pilgrimage and uncles and aunts who work in mandarin orange fields are lively!

Go! Go! BROMPTON staff introduction

  • miwa(ミワ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:English Tourist Guide (National Interpreter Guide) 2006-, Japanese Tourist Guide 2020-, Domestic Itinerary Manager (Tour Guide) 2019-Travel Service Arrangement Business Comprehensive Travel Business Handling Manager 2022-

    Bicycle love x local love x language skills I work as a tourist guide to my favorite local area! My love for bicycles has deepened so much that I started cycling tours. Besides English, I also speak a little Korean and Indonesian. Iyo dialect is native, so it supports 5 languages! ?? We will wholeheartedly and politely provide a group of customers a day with an unforgettable and memorable time.

Information on Go! Go! BROMPTON

Insurance information Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. ・ Domestic travel accident insurance ・ 500 yen for death insurance 5 million yen, hospitalization daily amount 7500 yen, outpatient daily amount 5000 yen
License and Qualifications Travel service arrangement business (general travel business handling manager), national interpreter guide (English), domestic itinerary manager, Ehime Prefecture cycling guide skill improvement training completed
Member organizations and associations Brompton Pottering Association (Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture)
Number of staff 1persons
Number of instructors 1persons
Selling points regarding safety You will be required to take out domestic travel accident insurance (500 yen a day, included in the price) on the day. Regularly take "emergency rescue courses" as an education for guides of the Brompton Pottering Association to which he belongs.

Go! Go! BROMPTON access - operating hours

4-6-21 Sanbancho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Operating hours 9:00 to 18:00
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays
Remarks In case of an accident, we will make a copy of your health insurance card, passport, and other proof of identity. The copy of the certificate you received will be destroyed immediately after the activity ends.

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