Experience points 5 times summer campaign │ Enjoy activities at a great value!

[End] Can be used as many times as you like until July 20th (Monday)
Experience points 5 times summer campaign

This campaign has ended.

We will hold a special campaign this year as well, where you can earn points!
If you make a reservation by entering the coupon code on the WEB reservation until July 20 (Monday) and experience it locally or online
Usually 1% 5% of points awarded Will be.

This year's coupon code is

How to use the coupon

Enter coupon code

At the time of booking, the screen for entering your information will display the coupon usage, so enter the coupon code and click the "Apply" button.
* Please be sure to enter and apply the coupon code on this screen. It cannot be entered or applied on later screens or after booking.

Experience points 5 times Summer campaign explanation 01

Confirm coupon

This coupon code "SMER"
When you press the button to enter and apply, the following will be displayed.

Experience points 5 times Summer campaign explanation 02

* Coupons can be entered in lowercase.
When you press the button to enter and apply, the following will be displayed.

Experience points 5 times Summer campaign explanation 03

Confirmation of coupon application

Please check if the coupon has been applied on the reservation confirmation screen.
* Please use the coupon and check the points you will earn this time.

Experience points 5 times Summer campaign explanation 04

● Precautions regarding the use of point gift coupons
  1. * Point gift coupons can only be used for online reservations.
  2. * Point coupons can be used regardless of the reservation price.
  3. * Some plans do not accept coupons.
  4. * Points cannot be awarded (retrofitting) by using coupons after booking.
  5. * If you cancel an already reserved experience and make a reservation again using a coupon, you will be registered as a new one.
  6. * Reservations cannot be guaranteed. Please note that it may be full due to misplacement.
  7. * If the experience using the coupon is not held, the coupon will be invalid.
  8. * Points given with coupons cannot be used for cancellation fees.
  9. * Coupons will not be reissued after the usage period ends.
  10. * Points will be awarded on the 10th of the month following the month of the event.
    (Example: If the event is held on August 11th, it will be granted on September 10th.)
  11. * The points awarded will be 5% of the tax-excluded amount.
  12. * There are no restrictions on the use of coupons per person.
  13. * Points will not be awarded for paid cancellations.

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