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7/19 (Wed) Beginning declaration of the rainy season by the Meteorological Agency was issued from Kanto to Kansai, Shikoku region of China! Now it's time for the full-fledged summer activity season in 2017 ♪

This time, we will pick up "Wake Board" which has been increasingly booked with July in February and featuring in the Kansai area centered in Osaka ◎ In Osaka you can experience with the canal flowing into Osaka bay including Yodo River Access is also good ♪ Introducing recommended plans that can participate with peace of mind even for beginners, experienced people ☆ Let beginners aim for takeoff and challenge! !

Wake board experience shop in Osaka


またウェイクボードに精通したインストラクターが在籍しているので初心者の方でも安全に楽しくウェイクボード体験をすることができます♪ご自宅や滞在先のエリアに近いショップをチェックしてお目当のプランを見つけてください^ - ^他のアクティビティやバーベキューなどとのお得なセットプランも人気◎

・PROSHOP USA☆GI(プロショップウサギ)
ウェイクボード体験料金: 4,000円(税込)〜
〒554-0032 大阪市此花区梅町2-1-2

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Wakeboarding Experience fee: 3,000 yen(tax included) ~
Access: 8 minutes on foot from Nankai Ozaki Station
〒 599-0205 Osaka New Town, Shincho, Fukanan City

Toko Panas (Tokopanas)
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Wakeboarding Experience fee: 5,000 yen(tax included) ~
Access: 4 minutes walk from Hanshin Himejima Station
〒 555-0025 Osaka Fu Osaka City Nishiyodogawa Ward Himesato 1-3-11

Osaka's Wakeboard Recommended Experience Plan

Osaka area of Wakeboarding Experience plan is the lowest price 3,000 yen(tax included) ~ It is possible to reserve ♪ ♪ beginners can feel free to challenge from one set 嬉 し い happy point ま ず first Activity Japan We will introduce a recommended plan ♪ (εε`)

PROSHOP USA ☆ GI (pro shop rabbit)

【Osaka · beginners · popular plan】 It is close to USJ! Let's experience the wake board! (2.5 hours)

PROSHOP USA☆GI(プロショップウサギ)

初心者の方、女性の方やお一人様大歓迎です! まずはボードの上に立てるようにオーナーがしっかりご指導します! 女性の方にも多数ご参加いただいていますし、お一人様でもOKですのでお気軽にお越しください。


【Osaka / Hannan】 You can play for the whole day! Two sets of wake boards (open-air bath & with meals)

Special Deals

Osaka It is a superb view resort where you can enjoy the sea of Wakeboarding School Instructors themselves are open and kind and polite. We show some live performances of somersaults and sideways! Female As there is staff, anyone can feel free to participate. The concept of providing the best holiday! Open-air baths and meals are also available, so please join us.

Toko Panas (Tokopanasu)

[Osaka Yodogawa] beginner experience course [wakeboarding beginner limited]

Toko Panas(トコパナス)
Special Deals

ウェイクボート未経験者の方が初回のみご利用可能なコースです。ビデオ講習→陸上レクチャー→水上レクチャー →ウェイクボード約20分と初心者向けプランです。

PROSHOP USA ☆ GI (pro shop rabbit)

[Osaka for beginners] and powerful new board! Gracefully wakeboard experience! (2 sets)

PROSHOP USA☆GI(プロショップウサギ)

2015 Year Jan. To do a water tour with a powerful and powerful board with a clean board that has been flooded! Beginners, Female And people are welcome! First of all, the owner will teach you to stand on the cool new board! Female Many people are also participating, and it is OK for one person, so please do not hesitate to come.



Special Deals

Osaka It is a superb view resort where you can enjoy the sea of Wakeboarding School Instructors themselves are open and kind and polite. If you are lucky, you will be shown a live performance with a collar and a side turn! Female As there is staff, anyone can feel free to participate. The concept of providing the best holiday! Open-air baths and meals are also available, so please join us.

Toko Panas (Tokopanasu)

[Osaka Yodogawa] wake-board half-day course with private BBQ

Toko Panas(トコパナス)
Special Deals

Wakeboarding When BBQ A great deal for you to enjoy together. Installation of BBQ stove and charcoal, ingredients etc. will all be prepared here! Up to 3 drinks per person are free! Available from 4 people!

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Wake board popularity experience plan in the Kansai area

Next, check out the popular wake board experience plan of Kansai which is also near from the Osaka city center area! ! The most leisure spot in Kansai Prefecture Shiga prefecture There is a plan that you can experience on the Wakayama area of ​​Lake Biwa and the beautiful sea, on the Japan Sea side of Hyogo prefecture

cover (cover)

【 Shiga · Biwako】 Wake Board experience plan!


cover(カバー)へようこそ! 【滋賀・琵琶湖】ウェイクボード体験プラン! 琵琶湖でウェイクボードを体験できるプランです!! 春夏秋冬いつでもレッスンしています♪ お客さまのレベルに合わせて、優しいインストラクターが丁寧にレクチャーいたします! ぜひ琵琶湖cover(カバー)へ遊びにきて下さい♪ *一年中ご利用頂けます。 *1名様からご利用頂けます。 *駐車場完備。 *施設使用料として550円〔7月〜8月末まで1100円〕が別途必要となります。 予めご了承下さいませ。 *cover(カバー)〒5200105 滋賀県大津市下阪本5-2-2

ALEX JAPAN Outdoor sports school

[Hyogo Kannabe plateau] challenge to wake board of the now epidemic!

ALEX JAPAN アウトドアースポーツスクール

Wakeboarding And, I feel like a seaboard snowboard. It is a sport where you get on a small board like a snowboard, pull it on a motor boat like a water ski, and slide it on water. Very fun and refreshing! It is 30 minutes by car to Japan Sea so feel free Wakeboarding You can challenge

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What is Popular Leisure Wakeboard?

Wakeboard trick

"Wakeboarding"I have heard the name, but what kind of sport is it? At first we introduce basic knowledge briefly for those who と い う Wakeboarding Is a motor boat or Wed Fix the foot on a dedicated board while being pulled by the upper bike etc. Wed It is a popular water sport that slides on the surface. Sideboard rides like snowboards Wakeboarding The one that faces the front while gliding is called "Wed It is called "Upski". Hold the handle attached to the rope Wed I think that I have seen the appearance of going on a plane on TV etc. ◎

There are a variety of tricks (techniques) using the power of the waves created by the towing boats, and it is one of the popular competitions where the world competition is also held as an extreme sport. WWA (World as a competition organization of the world Wakeboarding There is an association)Japan But 1995 Year From JWBA (Sun Book Wakeboarding Association has been launched Sun Events such as the Championships and “WAKEBOARD WORLD SERIES J-ROUND“ NISSAN X-TRAIL CUP ”in Odaiba” are held.

Attention has been drawn to its stylish coolness, and it has become popular as a leisure activity for the general public. Japan Beginners and experienced people can enjoy in various places Wakeboarding There are many shops that offer experience plans, and now they represent spring and summer Activity It is counted as one of the In the experience plan, the necessary tools and equipment such as boards and boats are Rental It is a popular secret that anyone can enjoy it casually. Everyone once Wakeboarding Please realize the fun of

Wake board experience nationwide

This time, I featured it to the wakeboard school in the Kansai area and introduced it, but this site deals with wake board experience plans throughout the country. If you experience a popular wake board throughout the year please look for activity in Japan ◎