【Mermaid Experience Booking】 Let's take a mermaid and photogeneric and cute photos at the same time ♪

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It has become popular as a leisure for overseas beach resort, now it is popular activity such as SNS etc. It picks up the topic booming "Mermaid Experience" in Japan ♪ It is a popular activity in 2017 booked as the popular rapidly rising popularity including the Okinawa area ◎ ___ ___ 0 It is the girl 's privilege ♪ (' θ `) that you can take photogenic pictures by wearing a mermaid suit you can become a mermaid like Ariel of Ariel. Summer memories with children and children and SNS shootings such as instant Please experience "Mermaid Experience" by all means ◎

Currently at Activity Japan, from plans to wear photographs wearing mermaid suits, plans to make Mermaid Swim / Mermaid Snorkel just like a real mermaid, handling abundant courses such as plans to enjoy parasailing with mermaid appearance as they are ♪ In addition to children ◎ As a maternity photo ◎ Please select your favorite experience plan by comparing each shop to the holding area and experience contents, price price and service contents ☆

Where can I experience it?

You can book Kanagawa Shonan's plans, which is rare in Okinawa main island, Miyakojima, Ishigakijima and Kanto area ◎ You can book reservation at Activity Japan Meridian Experience Plan ◎ Because it is a popular area as a spectacular beach full of marine activities, Please enjoy together with sightseeing ♪ In everyday little plus α with unusual fantasy ↑ ☆ ☆ ☆ in heroine mood

How much is the experience fee?

The fee for Mermaid experience varies according to the service contents but the lowest price is handled from the plan of 3,333 yen per person ◎ All shooting photograph data handover free plan and accessory rental are plan of service, snorkelling, diving, parasailing etc. other popularity There is also a great set plan with activities ♪ Please check the details of each plan for details ^ - ^

Recommended Mermaid Experience Plan

There are plans that you can book at a private photo shoot meeting on a private beach or a plan that allows you to swim while wearing a mermaid suit or a photograph data by staff shooting can be booked as much as you can with a free plan ♪ Other popular activities such as popular activities and blue caves The plan combined with leisure is satisfying ◎ It is best to enjoy using the day Nakamaru one day ♪

Okinawa diving shop Sea Free (Sea Free)

【Okinawa · Onna Village】 ♪ in Ariel on a private beach Unlimited number of shots! Premium Mermaid Plan ☆

プランID:18067Okinawa diving shop Sea Free (Sea Free)
16,000yen12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Girls Let's become Ariel of admiration! It is! Sea Free Premium Mermaid is different here! It is! There is an optional option (1 male floating rings of rental shells 3000 yen) (Mermaid wig 1 piece 3000 yen) ♪ ♪ In addition, 2000 yen is also advantageous over placing ordinary plan options. Mermaid suits (always preparing more than 12 kinds of colors), corolla, accessories, shell rings, wigs (red, pink, blonde, blue) The best selection on Okinawa main island, items are plentiful, so you can enjoy it with your hands casually , Beautiful sea, blue sky, transform into a cute mermaid princess and will help you make the best feeling. The number of glorious shooting pictures is unlimited, shooting with your own smartphone is also OK Now popular instagram also popular ♪

Royal Marine Naha office

【E-2 Plan】 Mizushima island snorkel & Mermaid wear photography & parasol with SET plan (boarding fee: lunch) included

プランID:16786Royal Marine Naha office
14,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Make no mistake in Croissant Island! Do not make one day of 1, Mizuhide ish attention NO, 1 in Mermaid shoot? Let's swim with fish and make a plan of full enjoyment after overwhelming repeater and word-of-mouth mermaid ♪

Nature Service Mahae

【Okinawa · Onna Village】 Mermaid shooting course photography & SD card gift included!

プランID:14579Nature Service Mahae
3,500yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

今インスタグラムで話題沸騰のマーメイドフォトが遂にマハエに登場!! ショップ前の綺麗なビーチでマーメイド姿で陸上撮影会!! マーメイドフォトでの感動体験は、沖縄旅行では絶対外せませんよ~!

Okinawa Blue Link (Okinawa Blue Link)

【Okinawa · Onna Village】 Become a longing mermaid ♪ Photo shooting plan & snorkeling

プランID:17666Okinawa Blue Link (Okinawa Blue Link)
12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Let's experience the dream of swimming with tropical fish snorkeling by experiencing a mermaid with blue sea, white sand beach backing! A mermaid experience of a dream that has become a boom by calling a topic overseas and SNS now! A few Mermaid experiences still in Japan and Okinawa main island. Why do not you realize such a valuable experience here in Okinawa? A beautiful blue ocean in Okinawa, with a white sand beach backed by a photograph by a female photographer with a single lens reflex camera that has become a mermaid! Children and couples longing for mothers who are pregnant women and Ariel, and families and girls' groups can feel comfortable with ease.

Ryukyu entertainment

【Okinawa · Chubu】 Become a yearning maid! Price & Unlimited High Quality & Lowest Price ♪

プランID:13234Ryukyu entertainment
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

"Ryukyu entertainment" which offers various marine activities at Yomitan village in Okinawa Prefecture. In this plan, you can wear a mermaid costume, photography by a professional photographer, play in shallow beach. The time required will be around 1 to 1.5 hours (preparation, explanation, shooting) ※ You can not swim in the deep ocean while still being a mermaid Okinawa is more interesting. More entertainment! ! <Official website of Ryukyu entertainment is here> http://ryukyu-entertainment.com <The official Instagram of Ryukyu entertainment is here> https://www.instagram.com/ryukyu_mermaid/

Blue season

Mermaid experience on Toyo's beach & banana & marble & jet with photo data! 5 people ~ discount available! Cash payment

プランID:17564Blue season
15,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

A girls' longing admirer Mermaid experience & a popular banana · marble in the southern country a set with photos included ♪ affordable course ♪

Kariho store

[Okinawa Ishigaki Island] to become a mermaid! Island snorkeling phantom

プランID:11584Kariho store
6,000yen5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Mermaid princess that once was longing if a girl. Now, you would be able to experience a popular Mermaid suit Ishigaki abroad! Accustomed to longing of Mermaid, it said also to the island of the topic of vision, snorkeling also Let enjoy a beautiful sea of ​​coral!

Seven Seas Ishigaki

[Okinawa Ishigaki Island] enjoy the mood mermaid princess! Mermaid Photo & snorkeling experience (half-day course)

プランID:12640Seven Seas Ishigaki
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Snorkeling and, is the most popular Mermaid Photos & snorkeling experience plan a beach of Ishigaki Island in women that can background photography become a mermaid princess (half a day). Since about three hours of experience plan, you can enjoy together with the tourism of Ishigaki Island. Mermaid suit is included in the plan fee. Blue sea and sky, try to take a lot of commemorative photo banged will back the clear white sandy beach in the mermaid princess!

Marine Leisure Emperor Shimeraki

【Okinawa · Ishigakijima】 Phantom Island landing & Ballas island snorkeling course (1 day) 【Mermaid experience free】

プランID:17927Marine Leisure Emperor Shimeraki
9,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Marine Leisure Snorkeling tour of Shimagari is possible to depart from Ishigakijima, Kohamajima, Taketomijima. It is a 1-day plan that you can enjoy the landing & snorkelling of Baras Island surrounded by the phantom island popular in Yaeyama and the outstanding transparency.

Novice professional diving services sunfish Ishigaki (Sun Fish Ishigakijima)

[Okinawa Ishigaki] Mermaid Photos & vision of the island landing & snorkeling! Half-day plan [photo gift]

プランID:5168Novice professional diving services sunfish Ishigaki (Sun Fish Ishigakijima)
8,980yen~​ ​(tax included)

Mermaid experience and snorkeling experience on Phantom Island! It is a wonderful half day plan. SNS also popular Mermaid photo set! Snorkeling course is available for children from small children to elderly people. You can safely swim! The instructor will leave it from how to use the tools. To the sea in the morning! I would like to go sight seeing from the afternoon! It is a half-day morning course that is perfect for those of you.


【神奈川・湘南】マーメイド(人魚)撮影 超割3500円 【1時間】

プランID:16144Shonan DIVE.com (SHONAN SCUBA DIVING)
5,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

■ Photographers will shoot the scenery unique to Shonan. ■ Underwater shooting can also be handled as an option. ■ The shortest (about 1 hour) diving point from Tokyo ■ For beginners ■ 5400 yen (tax included) / 1 hour

Hayama diving service

【Kanagawa · Shonan · Hayama】 Mermaid (mermaid) shooting in Shonan 5,400 yen

プランID:16147Hayama diving service
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

■ Photographers will shoot the scenery unique to Shonan. ■ Underwater shooting can also be handled as an option. ■ The shortest (about 1 hour) diving point from Tokyo ■ For beginners ■ 5400 yen (tax included) / 1 hour

Mermaid experience shop list

After all, if you are a girl you would like to wear a mermaid suit once ♪ I'm popular as mother and daughter parent / child photo and pregnant maternity photo ☆ Please make use of it in various scenes ☆ Then, I will introduce the experience plan introduced to the end so far We introduce shops to be held on the list ◎ Kawaii is indispensable for sea play between girls ♪ Absolutely go when you go to Okinawa! Is not it

Main island of Okinawa
-Okinawa diving shop Sea Free (Sea Free)
-Nature Service Mahae
-Okinawa Blue Link (Okinawa Blue Link)
-Royal Marine Naha office
-Diving · Marine Sports beginner specialty shop
-CORALSUP (Coral Supp)
-Ryukyu entertainment

-Blue season

Ishigaki Island
-Kariho store
-Seven Seas Ishigaki
-Marine Leisure Emperor Shimeraki
-Novice professional diving services sunfish Ishigaki (Sun Fish Ishigakijima)

-Hayama diving service