【Public road cart experience trial】 Tokyo · Osaka · Okinawa etc. 2017 Halloween cosplay and drive the city!

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Halloween (HALLOWEEN) season is waiting soon in 2017 ♪ ('θ `) Zombies and animated characters, popular artists etc etc ... It is not about when we start thinking about what kind of cosplay we are going to make to the city this year Is it? What? Every year the excitement accelerates Halloween is blowing away embarrassment and I enjoyed playing ♪ ('∈ `) ↑ ↑ ↑

So the Activity Japan is the way to enjoy Halloween's transcendence in 2017 is "Cosplay x public road cart experience" ♪ Is not there sometimes I saw a group of carts running around the city dressed as a game character? Let's change into a costume of intimacy with Halloween Let's drive on the public road cart and drive it out to the city ◎

What is public road cart?

In recent years, it is a popular rental cart in sightseeing spots such as Tokyo and Osaka as well as Okinawa. Like a passenger car and the like, there is no obligation to wear a helmet, you can run on a public road and you can drive easily to anyone with a normal driving license. It is a leisure experience that is often enjoyed by dressing as a game character etc. because of the characteristic of riding a small car with one person.

Price of public road cart rental

We can rent mainly mainly in one hour and we have available the lowest price 2,700 yen (tax included) / 1 hour ~ for plans available for reservation at Activity Japan. There are also various services such as the car type of the cart and the extension charge depending on the shop, and other services such as a 3 hour course and a costume rental plan are also available, so please compare and compare.

Public road cart Recommend plan

At Activity Japan, you can make reservations in Osaka city and Awaji Island in the Kansai area such as Asakusa, Shinagawa, Akihabara and Yokohama in the 23 wards of Tokyo in the Kanto region. In addition, since it can also be enjoyed in Okinawa etc., please use it as a leisure experience of your travel destination ◎

Tokyo Area
Street Kart Samurai kart Asakusa

【23 wards · Asakusa】 Drive Through Tokyo! Popular Street Kart Experience 【2 hours】

プランID:19254Street Kart Samurai kart Asakusa
7,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

注目度は圧倒的で街中を走るだけなのに有名人になった気分。ここでしか体験できない最高の思い出作りに、公道カート「ASAKUSA SAMURAI KART」を楽しんじゃってください!!普通運転免許(AT可)をお持ちの方なら、どなたでもお楽しみ頂けます! *MariCARは任天堂・ゲーム「マリオカート」とは無関係です。

Street Kart public road cart Tokyo Bay BBQ

【23 wards · Shinkiba】 The largest store in Kanto region! Street Kart Experience【2 hours】

プランID:19252Street Kart public road cart Tokyo Bay BBQ
7,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

You might be overwhelmed by huge attention while driving through the city and feel yourself like a celebrity. Enjoy a street kart to experience the best memories ever! Anyone who has a regular driving license can enjoy it. (AT is OK)

Akiba cart Tokyo

[Akihabara, Tokyo] sprint in the cart the streets of Tokyo! !

プランID:11052Akiba cart Tokyo
2,700yen~​ ​(tax included)

遊びに宣伝に・・・個人で楽しむも良し!気の合う仲間と東京の街へ行くのもよし!また宣伝広告の企業様のプロモーションに使用するのもOKです。 普通免許資格を持っている方であれば誰でも利用できます。いつもの「秋葉原」を体験してみませんか?! ※海外の方は国際免許とパスポートの写しが必要になります。

Street Kart public road kart Yokohama


プランID:19253Street Kart public road kart Yokohama
7,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

You might be overwhelmed by huge attention while driving through the city and feel yourself like a celebrity. Enjoy a street kart to experience the best memories ever! Anyone who has a regular driving license can enjoy it. (AT is OK)

Yokohama area
Akiba Cart Yokohama

[Yokohama · Kannai] Run through the streets of Yokohama! [Rental Cart Experience]

プランID:14800Akiba Cart Yokohama
3,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is available from 1 3500 yen per person. How about trying to spot tourist spots such as Yokohama, Minato Mirai, Yamashita Park, Chinatown and Motomachi in this cart? If you gather in a crowd and run, you can enjoy it like a festival! "SNS discount" can be used. (500 yen discount per person)

Chiba area
Akiba Cart Narita International Airport

Approximately from Narita Airport ★ Public road cart experience (60 minutes rental course)

プランID:18521Akiba Cart Narita International Airport
3,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

You can enjoy public road cart at Narita city in Chiba prefecture. It is near from Narita Airport, and it runs through the spacious road with a sense of dash. Drive recommended by cosplay

Yamanashi area
富士マウントリアルカート 河口湖店

【山梨・河口湖】『爆走!! 富士山 絶景湖畔コース』大注目のカート体験60分コース(要普免)

プランID:13483富士マウントリアルカート 河口湖店
5,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

東京都内の公道を走るカートを見かけたことはありませんか? 実は一般の方でも体験できるアクティビティなのです! 本プランは、カートを運転し、目立ちながら富士山の絶景スポットを周る特別プラン。 日本国内発行の普通運転免許(AT可)をお持ちの方であれば、どなたでもお楽しみいただけます! ※コスプレ代とガソリン代が別途かかります(1,080円) ※国際免許ではご利用いただけないプランです。

Osaka · Hyogo area
AkibaCart Osaka

【Osaka · Namba】 ☆ Popular public road cart ☆

プランID:14608AkibaCart Osaka
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

アキバカートとは、日本初のヘルメット不要で公道を走れるカートレンタル専門店です。おもろいこと好きな大阪の街をアキバカートで走れば人気者になることまちがいなし! ※要普通自動車免許 ※Overseas tourists must bring International Driving Permit based on the 1949 Geneva Convention and a passport. ※Please note that foreign nationals residing in Japan cannot use International Driving Permit.

Shimane area
Precious cart

[Shimane / Matsue, Shimane Peninsula] OK if there is a car driver's license. Rental cart drive the Matsue (cosplay Free)

プランID:13754Precious cart
6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Now that has become a go-kart that enjoyed in the early amusement park of children to adults, why do not you try to experience a different sense of speed is the car? Since the guide is not attached, Embark ☆ peripheral Matsue 120 minutes after receiving a lecture about 15 minutes, you can be carefree to drive! ※ It is plan of human limitations have an ordinary car driver's license.

Okinawa Area
Blue Sky Resort (Blue Sky Resort)

【Okinawa · Itoumi】 Run on Okinawa with a "public road cart" that can be ridden by 1 hour pack ordinary license!

プランID:13985Blue Sky Resort (Blue Sky Resort)
4, 320yen~​ ​(tax included)

When I was a child, or there is no experience that glee riding a go-kart like an amusement park? Such cart, is actually a first appearance in Okinawa as a public road possible rental cart! As memories of Okinawa, or does not experience all means Riaruma ○ Okato! ? The Blue Sky Resort, we are enjoying the cart to a lot of customers!