Tokyo Activities Special Summer Vacation in 2016

"The streets are noisy as" summer vacation, summer vacation ". Tonokoro self-employed, it is not even a holiday New Year 's holiday. Naturally, there is no bonus or paid holidays, the summer will pass in quickly. But the rainy season has also settled and the weather is okay I wish I could play as much as a weekly break. After all it is good in Tokyo. "I do not think everyone can take it." Summer vacation by By men (Tokyo self-employed)

By saying! Fun activities in Tokyo are carefully selected introductions! Canoeing on SUP, wakeboards and bouldering, if it is in Tokyo it's hard to throw away the manufacturing experience! Activities to enjoy in big cities are also great!

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Are you talking about Maryka?
You can even wake board in Tokyo!
A canoeing experience looking up at the Sky Tree
Outdoor Sports Club ZAC (Zach)

[Tokyo, 23 wards] Tokyo Sky Tree canoe tour [Canoe]

プランID:864Outdoor Sports Club ZAC (Zach)
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

New urban outdoors to enjoy in Tokyo's 23 wards! Full-fledged canoe in the city center is the canoe tour that you can easily experience. Start maneuvering practice in the spacious river! Once you are comfortable starting to spot that finally see the Tokyo Sky Tree! Is a superb view that can not be seen easily from the top of the Sky Tree is also the river visible from anywhere. Spring is cherry-blossom viewing canoe and fall of while watching the cherry blossoms will be able to enjoy time to time fall foliage canoe and four seasons.

Kayak and SUP's combo plan!
Tokyo Urban kayak

[Tokyo Edogawa] old Nakagawa River Kayak & SUP experience tour [1 hour]

プランID:13095Tokyo Urban kayak
3,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Is inexperienced person, beginners experience classroom. River kayak, and water stroll leisurely old Nakagawa while learning the basic operation of the SUP. It has held at the following time. July to September: 16: 18:00: 00 October to June: 10: 12:00: 14:00: 00

Ideal for dating! Sky tree SUP at night!
Little by little adventure foot (little by little adventure then that)

[Tokyo's 23 wards] Sky Tree Night sup

プランID:12703Little by little adventure foot (little by little adventure then that)
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

The canal that flows through the bottom of the Tokyo Sky Tree Let's sightseeing in sup! And a beautiful sunset, while watching the illumination of the sky tree, rowing leisurely at one's own pace. In different scenery and during the day, and I'm sure surprised impressed. Since the start of the evening, How in the end work? With a little good exercise, full of the town of Kameido! It is Ali also for me.

Latest activity in 2016!
Bouldering very popular among young and old!
Homemade memories on anniversary!
Ceramics class Futaba


プランID:12209Ceramics class Futaba
2,500yen2,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

★★プランの詳細★★ 【焼成費別払いプラン】でお好きなものを作れる! 【体験料】+【別途:焼成費1個1,000円】のプランになります。 ※体験料1名2,000円に、+焼成費1個1,000円で、【1名合計3,000円】の現地払いプランです! 《上記金額が、現地でかかりますのでご確認ください》 【期間限定!桜の箸置き付き】 今だけ!かわいい桜の形の箸置きが1人1個付いてくる! ■結婚式ギフト陶芸制作 結婚式の両親へのプレゼントに定番のお茶碗・湯呑み・小鉢・マグカップ・ペアカップ等自由に選んで作れます。両親へのギフトに感謝の言葉、メッセージなどを入れられます。 ★結婚式の両親へのプレゼントやサプライズの演出におすすめ! 結婚式が決まったおふたりにオススメです。ご両親へのプレゼント、または引き出物、お世話になった方へ感謝の気持ちを込めて手作りの陶器をプレゼントする人が増加中。心を込めて作ったふたりからの贈り物は喜ばれているようです。結婚式、ブライダル、ウェディングで両親への手作りギフトで結婚式を盛り上げよう!

Now popular! Blown glass experience!
Blue Glass Arts (Blue Grass Arts)

[Tokyo's 23 wards] Beginners welcome! Also recommended on a date! Glassblowing experience ♪

プランID:11649Blue Glass Arts (Blue Grass Arts)
3,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

数々のメディア取材やCM、映画などの撮影も行われている地元では知らない人がいない人気店『ブルーグラスアーツ』工房で、吹きガラス体験プランです! まったくの初心者でも、スタッフがマンツーマンでレクチャーします。 ガラスや工房にまつわる楽しいトークも楽しみのひとつ♪ タンブラーやお皿、花瓶などの制作はもちろん、模様を付けたり色を入れることもできます。 自分だけの世界にひとつだけの「オリジナル作品」作りませんか!?

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