Parent-Child Activity

If you go out with your family or parents and children, including mothers and children, with daddy, the activity experience will be making the best memories! Let's experience with children with active in outdoor, artistically in indoor. Because 'Because adults have fun if children laugh,' = * ^ - ^ * =

Kanto area
Target age 4 years old ~

[Kanagawa / Shonan] Let's enjoy in parent and child couple! ★ 2-seater cart plan ★

1,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

In the cart with a front passenger seat, please ride for two people, including a couple and family, you can enjoy. Also by the driver of the staff, also we have received passenger traveling. The staff passenger traveling, other heartwarming cart ride experience of the child, you can also enjoy high-speed screaming traveling by the driver skilled in for adults.

Target age 2 years old ~

[Painting of Tokyo, pottery] enjoyed in parent and child! Pota Lee painting experience

1,300yen~​ ​(tax included)

Would you like to experience the Pota Lee painting of the painting to pottery. We will draw a pattern or painted the color using a special paint in white unglazed pottery. Since the workshop, which is the hotel's cafe, is fun to enjoy the experience after the lunch. You can experience the feeling that you slowly with a cup of tea. We can participate from children 2 years of age. By all means, please come in between parent and child and friends.

Target age 4 years old ~
Universal Sports Association


プランID:5220Universal Sports Association
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

ツアー中の写真は無料でお届け!専用HPからダウンロードして頂けます。 ☆夏はカヌーの上でカキ氷!全国でもかぬ~っこだけ!! 安定性の良い二人乗りのカヤックを使用し、初めての方でも楽しく湖上のお散歩ができます。 3歳のお子様からお爺ちゃんお婆ちゃんも、3世代で参加可能です。

Target age 6 years old ~※ Dwarf 3,672 yen
Yokohamasuegei 倶樂 part

【Yokohama · Tsurumi】 Beginners are welcome for both adults and children! Ceramic art experience

プランID:11705Yokohamasuegei 倶樂 part
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Who want to try for the first time doing pottery, you are welcome! People of all ages are at home classrooms that are participating. First, do not try to make what you want to make of you? Advice of one-on-one with (even one person) limit 1 course one set. Get the work of advisors Yamamoto teacher.

Target age 3 years old ~
Kansai area
Target age 0 years old ~
Handmade buckwheat Hitoshi (Hand-made Soba JIN)

Enjoy [Sakai] parents and couples! [Up to two people] soba experience

プランID:11811Handmade buckwheat Hitoshi (Hand-made Soba JIN)
3,240yen~​ ​(tax included)

In our classroom, you can experience the soba noodles in a private space. Up to 2 people in a single lesson, instructor with the qualification will be taught in one-on-one! Model can be made with buckwheat of about 5 servings in a single (500g). After extending the buckwheat, by using the near kitchen knife and the noodles. Can be up buckwheat was is, you can see the reception of up to two people in relation to the can you'll ♪ ※ equipment takeaway on the day.

Target age 5 years old ~
Toshin (Toshin) pottery class

[Osaka pottery] in parent and child and couples! Pair pottery experience to deepen ties

プランID:12013Toshin (Toshin) pottery class
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

This pottery plan to experience in pairs. Couples and parents, two people a pair, such as a friend, we will be made your favorite vessel using a 1 kilometer clay. For two people to the respective good in the separate finish, it could even be in matching outfits of work. The work can also be put initials or message. It will be the work that remains in the memories!

Target age 8 years old ~

【Hyogo · Glassworker】 Experience the sculpture of MY COPP "Sandblast"!

2,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Also I enjoy people that glasswork for the first time, sandblasting. Is fun taste to draw a favorite pattern on the cup. Couples and friends, or make a cup of pair married couples and parents, date and name, and or to commemorate put a message, even fun at ingenuity doubled. A nice original cup, please in addition to the memories of Arima Onsen.

Target age 3 years old ~
Climbing space BOLD

[Osaka, Kita-ku] Children are bouldering debut! Parent-child starter pack (parent and child beginner experience)

プランID:11464Climbing space BOLD
4, 320yen~​ ​(tax included)

Why do not you bouldering debut along with the child? Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:00 to 13: from 00,3 years old for children and their parents like to junior high school students, we conducted a parent-child experience classroom! Location of a 7-minute walk from JR Osaka Station, since the climbing shoes and chalk of rental are also included in the plan, it will be free to start.

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