In summer Okinawa, we do not need a girl ~ Recommended girls travel Recommended 5 plan -

"Woman only" is more fun in summer Okinawa.
Play with plenty, eat, drink,
It is a way to just draw a little slug.

"Women's journey" in Okinawa, a mountainous summer till October
More enjoyable activities experience
We will introduce five recommended plans.

Banana boat × BBQ

 Point!  I play snuggly and eat well!
Bamboo ride and BBQ's combo plan with "Hamahigajima" which can be accessed by car from main island with banana boat! I play snuggly and eat well! ! It is a Wai Wai experience plan that fulfills the real pleasure of such Okinawa women's journey! !

Mermaid snorkeling

 Point!  UP for the instant! Photogenic No. 1
The admiration mermaid suit is privilege only for girls! Let 's hurry without gimmering if girls are together! Girls are happy for the service that takes pictures without limit! You can also enjoy snorkeling together ~

沖縄ダイビングショップ シーフリー(Sea Free)


沖縄ダイビングショップ シーフリー(Sea Free)
Special Deals

参加条件:2歳~上限なし ☆マーメイドスイムについて☆ ■2歳~OK!憧れの人魚になってみよう☆ ・小さいお子様と一緒に、憧れの人魚になって思い出を残そう! ・家族・友達・カップル・夫婦!男性も勿論、人魚になれるよ! ■撮影枚数は無制限!やりたいポーズがあれば教えてね☆ ・撮影枚数は無制限なので、色んなポーズをとってみよう! ・撮影データは、お客様の携帯にその場で移行いたします! ■沖縄・恩納村にある人気の美しい海をバックに写真が撮れちゃう☆ ・美しいブルーの海に白い砂浜を背景に☆浅瀬での写真撮影もOK! ・プライベートビーチなので、人がほとんどいなく安心して撮影に挑めちゃう! ■元気・丁寧・ひとりひとりに寄り添う接客☆ ・子供好きなスタッフばかりなので、一緒になって楽しみます! ・お客様のこの一時を大切に、最高の思い出つくりに協力させてください! 【 ツアーの詳細 】 ①真栄田岬に集合 ②受付用紙の記入、ご精算 ③人魚の衣装、花冠選び☆ ④お手洗い・お着替えTime ⑤海まで歩こう ⑥撮影開始~撮影終了 ⑦写真データをお客様の携帯へ移行、アンケート ⑧終了 ■所要時間 約2時間 ■集合時間 8時~、10時~、12時~、14時~、※16時~ から選べます。 ※16時便は4~10月まで。 ■持ち物 水着(着用してきてください)・お着替え・タオル・SDカード(マイクロチップ不可) ※メイクは、ご自身でお願いいたします。 ■予約に空きがあれば、当日予約もOK! ※前日16時以降の予約は、お電話にてお願いいたします。 ※お電話以外の場合、準備が間に合わない可能性がございますのでご了承ください。 安全第一にお客様との心の距離を縮めて、最高の思い出つくりに協力させていただきます。 スタッフ一同、心よりお待ちしております!

Sunset sea kayak

 Point!  The sunset in Okinawa is different!
Relaxing while watching the beautiful sunset at the main island popular area "Yomitan village" "Sunset sea kayak." It is a pleasing point for girls traveling with original drinks & handmade sweets ◎

アースシップ沖縄(earth ship okinawa)

【Onna Village holding】 No desert island sunset tour going by Sea kayaking ☆ Okinawa arrival Sun is also OK ☆ Impressed mistake ☆

アースシップ沖縄(earth ship okinawa)
Special Deals

Give to all of the people ☆ Okinawa No. 1 impressed experience !! used in the Kayak until ♪ easy uninhabited operation Female go breeze even two people ☆ pure white in the uninhabited island of sandy beach popular !! sunset drinks and homemade Suites Dusk of cafe time ♪ In addition, because it departs in a bright time, it is a plain plan that can enjoy both blue sea and orange sunset ♪

Iriomote Island Mangrove SUP

 Point!  If you enjoy the wilderness of Iriomotejima
Absolutely "Mangrove SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)" absolutely absolutely popular if it is a girls journey on "Iriomote Island"! It is a luxurious plan that you can enjoy snorkeling on "Panari Island" called God's Island!



Special Deals

Mangrove SUP (sap) or canoe and tropical paradise-Panari Island Yachting Snorkeling! It is a luxury course where you can enjoy both. *Snorkeling And SUP Canoe On the day Depending on the weather and sea conditions, the morning and afternoon may be switched.

Miyakojima SUP Yoga

 Point!  Let's start popular SUP yoga in Miyakojima
Experience "SUP Yoga" at the sea of ​​Miyakojima and you will be beautiful both your body and mind! SUP Yoga to experience in the scenery is blowing off the fatigue and stress of everyday! Light meals and coffee included ◎

(Bonus) Ike is male staff

I would like to have a nice staff member tell me if it matters. (A secret to a boyfriend or a husband (* ̄ b b b)Activity Japan Specialty corner "AJ Information Center-Connecting People and People, Activity To From Okinawa Male Introduce the staff at once! !

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