【Latest Version】 2018 Ishigaki Island Popularity Activity Ranking

【Latest Version】 2018 Ishigaki Island Popularity Activity Ranking

Like the Okinawa islands such as Miyakojima Ishigaki Island where average annual maximum temperature never falls below 20 ℃ is a popular spot of Japan travel where you can enjoy outdoor Activity all year round ◎ Play in the high sea of ​​transparencySnorkelingYaDiving,Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)YaSea kayaking / canoeing / kayaking♪ abundant leisure experience plan is attractive ♪

Ishigaki Island is also a distinctive area where there are many Activity that can enjoy tropical nature such as the Kawahira bay (Kabirawawa) which is talked about in the media and the primeval forest where mangrove grows as "the beautiful oversight scenery". Such is now Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki Island a popular Activity in conjunction with the ranking and popular plan rankings ACTIVITY JAPAN best to recommend Ishigaki Island Activity will introduce ♪ Ishigaki Island Please refer to the pros and cons this page get lost in the schedule of ♪ Let's plan a leisure with reference to the latest popularity ranking in 2018 ♪ Hi Sai! Ishigaki Island ~~~ (^ ∀ ^)

Activity Ranking


First of all, you can enjoy at Ishigaki Island Activity We will announce popular ranking by category ♪ Northern Country Large classic of marine leisure "Snorkeling"Ranked No. 1, and rowed around the stone scenery point around Ishigaki"Sea kayaking / canoeing / kayaking"Second place, cruising the scenic spots such as Kawahira Bay" SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)Is ranked in 3rd place ↑ Activity that all the Other events can fully enjoy the nature of Ishigaki Island ♪ ♪ (based on the summer season reserved data of 2018 )

Plan ranking

Followed by the 2018 Ishigaki Island of popular Activity will announce the plan ♪ beautiful emerald green of the sea and the transparency of outstanding underwater world, such as mangrove virgin forest Ishigaki Island naturally enjoy plan unique to have a lot ranked high ↑ Kabira has been held on the island of the bay and vision Activity highly popular tour, King of photogenic "mermaid experience"Is also a feature of Ishigaki Island ◎ (2018 based on summer reservation data)

First place

Ishigaki Island tour guide All Blue (All Blue)

【沖縄・石垣島】川平湾+青の洞窟+滝壺 シュノーケルツアー 満足度120%☆(4時間コース)

Plan ID: 9526Ishigaki Island tour guide All Blue (All Blue)
6,000yen~(tax included)

石垣島の人気3大スポットがつまったボリューム満点のコース!! 風景を楽しみながら車で移動し、石垣島はやっぱり川平湾!! 浅いビーチからエントリーするため石垣島が初めての方やスノーケリング未経験の方、泳ぎや船酔いに心配がある方も安心して参加できる内容です。 半日でお手軽に、しかししっかりと石垣島の自然を満喫できるツアー 可愛いクマノミをはじめとした色とりどりの熱帯魚が数多く見れます 4時間のコースです! 午前 / 午後  4時間のコース 8:00 /13:30 宿泊先にお迎えor現地集合 ショップにて器材調整 ↓ 9:00 /14:30 川平湾へ ↓ 9:20 /14:50 ポイント 9:30 /15:00 ビーチ到着・青の洞窟へ ↓ 10:00/15:30シュノーケリング ↓ 11:00/17:00 滝つぼでリフレッシュ ↓ 12:00/17:30 ショップ到着 宿泊先へお送りor解散 よくある質問 Q&A https://ishigaki-allblue.com/

Second place

Ishigaki-jima Leisure Guide Sea Heart


Plan ID: 18927Ishigaki-jima Leisure Guide Sea Heart
5,500yen~(tax included)

Mangrove exploration & sunset & night tour is a great deals! Even the shooting star & night lolita can be seen. . . Flow of tour: · At the beginning, I will lecture about how to use paddle and precautions. When you have finished (5 to 10 minutes) Lecture, Kayak boarded to, evening Sun ornamental. (20 minutes to 30 minutes) - Ishigaki Island in, evening Sun will not be dark soon also sunk. Go to the mangrove forest until the orange sunset turns into the night sky. (30 minutes to 40 minutes) · When stars start to appear, look at the starry sky and enjoy the time when you feel relaxed. (30 minutes to 40 minutes) ※ There is no mangrove exploration at low tide. Please note.

3rd place

Marvelous pleasure stone wall

【Friends · Couples · Family 1st Most Popular】 Ishigaki Island's Hidden Border "Phantom Island" & Experience Diving Tour ☆ "Half Day Course"

Plan ID: 16505Marvelous pleasure stone wall
12,000yen~(tax included)

【『無料』キャンペーン実施中!】 ・ツアー写真即日プレゼント! ・バスタオル無料貸出し! ・ドリンクサービス! ・市街地にご宿泊の方は無料送迎! ・レンタル器材無料!


FLOWFISH (flow Fish)

[Ishigakijima Departure / arrival] Limited to 10 people! Enjoy the large part of the beautiful island · longing coral of Churaumi! Experience diving course ♪ (half-day course)

Plan ID: 8393FLOWFISH (flow Fish)
9,000yen~(tax included)

I want to go to sea, Ishigaki Island also want to tourism! Arrival in the morning, I want to go to sea in the afternoon! Recommended for anyone who wants! In the morning departure and afternoon departure of the half-day course, landed on the island "Hamajima" of's play firmly with well a time of limited travel Wu ^^ popularity of illusion! The Churaumi glitter of coral reefs and colorful fish Let's large enjoy! ※ experience diving will be able to participate from 10 years old in accordance with the provisions. ※ The photograph is a gift for free!

5th place

CHORO (Choro)

[Okinawa Ishigaki Island] leisurely, slowly! Mangrove canoe (90 minutes course)

Plan ID: 13096CHORO (Choro)
3,000yen~(tax included)

Do not go out on the water walk while watching the mangrove? Enjoy the feel free to adventure mood!

6th place

Marvelous pleasure stone wall

【Popular with girls travelers, couples, families】 Last minute reservation possible! Ishigaki-jima's secret border "Phantom Island" & Stone Noriaki Lake Snorkel Tour ☆

Plan ID: 18154Marvelous pleasure stone wall
7,000yen~(tax included)

【『無料』キャンペーン実施中!】 ・ツアー写真即日プレゼント! ・バスタオル無料貸出し! ・ドリンクサービス! ・市街地にご宿泊の方は無料送迎! ・レンタル器材無料!

7th place

ISLAND BEACH (Island Beach)

[Okinawa Ishigaki Island] hog wide sea! Kabira Bay SUP Cruising tour (2 to 3 hours)

Plan ID: 10770ISLAND BEACH (Island Beach)
8,000yen7,000yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

It is a plan that you can experience the popular stand-up paddle board (SUP) in the sea of ​​Ishigaki. We will make a tour in two hours before and after the high tide.

8th place

Kariho store

[Okinawa Ishigaki Island] to become a mermaid! Island snorkeling phantom

Plan ID: 11584Kariho store
6,000yen5,000yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

Mermaid princess that once was longing if a girl. Now, you would be able to experience a popular Mermaid suit Ishigaki abroad! Accustomed to longing of Mermaid, it said also to the island of the topic of vision, snorkeling also Let enjoy a beautiful sea of ​​coral!

9th place

AXIZ (Akushizu)

[Okinawa Ishigaki Island] net discount! SUP such as AXIZ Marine Pack 3 hours play unlimited (A course)

プランID:5692AXIZ (Akushizu)
9,800yen~(tax included)

Because beach play what can be achieved! Rich items 18 or more! While watching the Taketomi, Kohama, Iriomote Island in the nearest beach Ishigaki city watercraft, banana boat, Marble, Sumo - tube, tube or the like play unlimited, relax to be good at the beach, also to sunburn good, tropical Please taste the mood.

10th place

Ishigaki Island snorkel tour

【Okinawa · Ishigakijima】 Sunset & Night Kayak Experience! Sunset overlooking the sea and starry sky full of sky ★

Plan ID: 14515Ishigaki Island snorkel tour
7,000yen~(tax included)

Why do not you get drunk with the majestic landscape only at Ishigakijima at Sunset Kayak? If you go out to the sea with kayak, you can see the dusk which spreads in front of you. In the evening, the sky full of sky spreads, and it is time with a shooting star. As time goes by, the scenery changes ★ Slowly flowing island time ... How about trying to heal your heart? Couples and friends as well as one person are welcome! Let 's experience SUP Yoga together with magnificent views! Good transportation ♪ ※ City town free transfer provided (Northern Kawahira area consulted)

Featured / Recommended Activity

Kariho store

【Okinawa · Ishigakijima】 Landing and Snorkeling to the popular phantom island

Plan ID: 12661Kariho store
6,000yen5,500yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

There is a morning service and afternoon flights. Beginners OK! Snorkelling half day course! After landing on the island of the topic of the vision, the guide will be the guide you to a wonderful underwater world ♪


【Okinawa · Ishigakijima】 Starry sky photo tour ★ To numerous diamonds full ocean ocean ... ☆ There is pickup transfer · 3 edits with edited data

プランID:20770BLUE BEAT
15,000yen~(tax included)

Sun Yaeyama Islands can be observed this one constellation ... ☆ while leisurely listening to the sound of ripples under the myriad of diamond countless firmly leaving the color of the starry sky shooting ♪ ☆ ★ skin, so as not overexposed phenomenon and unnaturally pale, I have taken in a special way ★ ☆ ~ This Sun of flow ~ ① hotel pick-up (19: 30 ~ 20: 00 ) ② movement ③ taken to the point (20: 00 ~ 20: 30 ) ④ Hotel pick-up (22: 00 ~ 22: 30)

Marine Leisure Emperor Shimeraki

【Okinawa · Ishigakijima】 Churaumi experience SUP

Plan ID: 17939Marine Leisure Emperor Shimeraki
4,800yen~(tax included)

Experience that you can enjoy at 'Ishigakijima' SUP course Marine sports that originated in Hawaii, too popular in Okinawa! It is! SUP is a marine sport that you can feel free to enjoy with beginners or even small children with your family. Watching the beautiful sea and the scenery of Okinawa, do not you enjoy watching the SUP?

Slow dive Ishigaki

Ishigakijima Yaeyama Hime Firefly Ranged Tour

Plan ID: 14899Slow dive Ishigaki
3,500yen~(tax included)

It is a very fantastic and romantic light show that you can see only in the tens of minutes after sunset from March to June at Ishigakijima.