Now popular! Pick up "glass craft experience" such as blowing glass and painting! !

Alongside ceramics experience, there is glassworking in the popular 'making things'. Let 'make one in the world' with glass, such as blown glass, painting, dragonfly ball, Ryukyus glass etc etc! Of course it is ideal for gifts such as souvenirs and anniversaries of travelers, as well as for children's summer break free study ◎!

Recommended plan
Kumagai glass workshop

[Saitama Kawaguchi] only one of my glass! Glass and glass production experience blow

Plan ID: 11574Kumagai glass workshop
3,000yen~(tax included)

Wound melted glass to the rod, it blows the breath. You can full-fledged experience the cup production.

Glass Studio KARUIZAWA (Karuizawa glass workshop)

[Nagano glass blowing experience Cop] experience a full-fledged blown glass of the process! Let's make the only cup his

Plan ID: 11944Glass Studio KARUIZAWA (Karuizawa glass workshop)
3,300yen~(tax included)

Is blown glass make a cup making experience. Select the desired color glass, while enjoying the stroke of full-scale glass work making, let's create your own cup. Of course the staff you can join us in peace because it supports one-on-one. Why not try to make a nice cup to the memories of the trip.

Okinawa Art experience Birafu

【 Okinawa · Glass Painting Experience】 ◎ Beauty Wind ◎ Beauty like a stained glass! Glass Art Experience

Plan ID: 12006Okinawa Art experience Birafu
1,400yen~(tax included)

More than 50 kinds of Ryukyu glass Yachura glass, glass container, select the container from such as picture frames, is the experience plan of glass art to draw your favorite characters and pictures in 13 different color. Work of stained glass wind taking advantage of the transparency of the glass is easy to make on your own. Because I design also available, such as also Schiesser and hibiscus wondering what to try to draw, please enjoy with confidence.

Otaru glass of light-Ayaya (color Ya)

[Hokkaido dragonfly ball experience] Otaru souvenirs ♪ dragonfly ball making experience of tourism

Plan ID: 12034Otaru glass of light-Ayaya (color Ya)
540yen~(tax included)

Dissolve your favorite color glass rod is heated by a burner, is the experience to make a dragonfly ball wound to the iron rod. You can choose from the normal course and the animal course. Normal course [Marble] [grain] [polka] [Heart] [flower] all five, Animal course [octopus] [pig] [turtle] [bear] [dog] [cat] [Penguin] [chick] [Marimo] all nine.

Cop shop

Glass only one can be molded into a world in [Kagoshima glass blowing experience] blown glass

Plan ID: 12083Cop shop
4,500yen~(tax included)

Also become the basis for glass-making, it is a plan to make the blown glass. While blowing the breath little by little heating to glass heated to a high temperature and a, we will make up in the form of their liking. Use the high temperature of the glass, but because staff us to support, and customers to say that concern for the first time, also can be at ease experience or more children elementary school.

LAMP WORK TASUKU (lamp work tasks)

[Hyogo Prefecture dragonfly ball] cute work also rich glass workshop! Dragonfly ball making experience

Plan ID: 12143LAMP WORK TASUKU (lamp work tasks)
3,780yen~(tax included)

You can challenge the dragonfly ball making. But please enjoy with confidence lecturer is a dragonfly ball writer because the support. Once the ball is in the form, let's finish the work of your choice. It recommends to the accessories and the strap. At a later date also offer mailing. It is sure to be fascinated by the colorful glass!

Glass Art Experience Studio Hakone Yumoto Station experience workshop

[Kanagawa Prefecture Hakone sandblasting] mood designer! Sandblasting experience (glass)

Plan ID: 12353Glass Art Experience Studio Hakone Yumoto Station experience workshop
2,160yen~(tax included)

On the glass surface, such as glass blowing (Kongo) sand, with the pressure of the air, in the technique of carving a pattern or design, depth and fine curve of sculpture by adjusting the pressure, you can also put the changes such as blurring . In this classroom, let's challenge to cut, such as a simple pattern. From small children to those of our elderly, is a plan that is participating young and old alike.

Pension Quatre Saisons

Use the [Gunma Prefecture glasswork experience] dragonfly ball trying to make the accessories

Plan ID: 12422Pension Quatre Saisons
1,000yen~(tax included)

Once you make a dragonfly ball, let's create the accessories with it. Such as pierced earrings, bracelet, necklace, mobile phone straps, you can make only those who can use it everyday with my hands. It is also appreciated as a souvenir.

Handmade Ryukyu glass workshop Okinawa craft villages

[Okinawa Yomitan] experience time of 15 minutes! Let's make Okinawa Ryukyu glass! Glassblowing experience

Plan ID: 12566Handmade Ryukyu glass workshop Okinawa craft villages
2,700yen~(tax included)

Also recommended after the marine activity! A full-fledged studio, you can blow glass experience! It is also ideal for souvenir!

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