Now popular! Pick up "glass craft experience" such as blowing glass and painting! !

Along with pottery experience adult There is glass work in mind "manufacturing". Let's make "one in the world" using glass such as blow glass, painting, dragonfly ball, Ryukyu glass, etc! Of course it is the best for gifts such as souvenirs and anniversaries of travel, also for children's summer vacation freedom research!

Recommended plan
Kumagai glass workshop

【埼玉・川口】ただひとつのマイグラス! 吹きガラス・グラス制作体験~6才から体験できます!


熔けたガラスを竿に巻き取り、息を吹き込みます。 コップ制作を本格的に体験できます。 ガラス制作で使用する道具は直前で消毒をしております。 軍手やゴーグル、エプロン、腕カバー等を着用することで、怪我などの防止にも配慮しております。 完全予約制ですので、製作中は工房内は貸切状態となります。

Glass Studio KARUIZAWA (Karuizawa glass workshop)


Glass Studio KARUIZAWA(軽井沢ガラス工房)

Is blown glass make a cup making experience. Select the desired color glass, while enjoying the stroke of full-scale glass work making, let's create your own cup. Of course the staff you can join us in peace because it supports one-on-one. Why not try to make a nice cup to the memories of the trip.

Okinawa Art experience Birafu


沖縄アート体験 美ら風

More than 50 kinds of Ryukyu glass Yachura glass, glass container, select the container from such as picture frames, is the experience plan of glass art to draw your favorite characters and pictures in 13 different color. Work of stained glass wind taking advantage of the transparency of the glass is easy to make on your own. Because I design also available, such as also Schiesser and hibiscus wondering what to try to draw, please enjoy with confidence.

Lampwork task (LAMP WORK TASUKU)



You can challenge to make the tomb balls. As a lecturer who is a tonbo ball writer supports you, please enjoy with confidence. When the ball is in shape, finish it with your favorite work. Accessories and straps are recommended. We also accept mail later. You will definitely be fascinated by the colorful glass!

Pension Quatre Saisons


ペンション キャトルセゾン

Once you have made the tombos, use them to make accessories. You can make your own hands with just what you normally use, such as earrings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and mobile straps. It is also appreciated as a souvenir.

手作り琉球ガラス工房 沖縄工芸村


手作り琉球ガラス工房 沖縄工芸村


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