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Activity Navigator Introducing survival game (Sabagée), Okubi Kiyoharu is a sport originating in Japan
Kobu Oobuchi
The person responsible for the activity reservation information site "Activity Japan". In order to convey the charm of my favorite outside play, I'm flying around the country as my own "editor-in-chiech" and active!

Participate to join the company! Unbearable feeling of unique pounding

In recent years, the popularity soaring! Introducing a survival game (Sabagée) which is a sport originating in Japan. Sabagée is divided into enemies and friends by using air guns and BB bullets and shoots, and it is basic rule to leave on self declaration when shot. What I experienced this time is to attack the enemy places, take the flag, select the winning "Flag Battle" and one president role from the team and lose the presidential role when the president's role is shot is the representative "president warfare" Two. There are many other battle rules, and enjoying each is one real pleasure. There are also outdoor types where fields can be enjoyed on a large site and indoor type where population obstacles are installed and thrill can be enjoyed.

Although it is worrisome about clothes and equipment when it first experiences, most gifts can be rented up to gun equipment, camouflage clothing, goggles, hats, so it is safe to go hand in hand. Moreover, the ASOBIBA Akihabara store which cooperated this time is in a favorable location such as 4 minutes on foot from the station, you can drop in at the company return and you can enjoy it easily. The main way to participate is a pattern to rent out fields in a group and two patterns of free participation that can participate even from one person. Even beginners have staff support, so you can participate with peace of mind.

Fill out the application form first and rent a set of equipment. After changing clothes, carefully receive explanations such as rules on how to use guns and enjoy themselves from staff from staff. Keep the area visible from your opponent as small as possible, so as not to hit the tricks of Sabagée. Using obstacles and walls, it is important to get around well.

Sabagade can rent a rental set with ease and feel free to enjoy it
① Finish reception and it takes about 30 minutes to start. ② It is safe to rent a rental set even with handsets such as gun set, camouflage clothing, goggles, hats, scarfs. ③ Rule explanation from the staff. It is easy to understand because it explains with the panel. ④ Learn how to load BB bullets and how to shoot guns. ⑤ Battle starts now! Beginners will also teach skilled fighters if you listen to anything. For safety, always wear goggles in the field.

The ASOBIBA Akihabara store which cooperated this time is a good location with a 4-minute walk from the station
⑥ The field is fairly wide, and there are various obstacles, so there is considerable atmosphere. It is surprising that there are such facilities in the middle of the city. ⑦ Looking at battle. It is always exciting because I do not know when and where enemies will come out. ⑧ The gun has not only a hand gun but also a considerable variety of assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, any of which can be used with a saverage. ⑨ Several women participants even on weekdays night.

When it starts, it is a thrill above the imagination. The feeling of throbbing when you do not know when you are shot and the fear that the sounds and launch sound unique to indoor warfare are coming up (lol). Experienced warriors participating together say "Be behind the wall!" And say hidden, while hiding but also shooting hard, a splendid hit! Achievement of achievement when the first enemy is defeated is more than imagined.

In Sabagage, it is a rule to say "hit!" With a loud voice in a loud voice, to leave while raising a hand. And as I got used to somewhat, I became president and the presidential battle started. If you are the president, when you are shot you lose at the time of being defeated, there is a different tension from the Flag game, you can not move easily. Unfortunately I was attacked by the position and it was shot deadly ... .... In free participation type, you can join and return at any time, so you can easily adjust the time.

Why do not you stop by on the way back from the company and try to make it a new hobby?

The field concept of ASOBIBA Akihabara store is "ruins in the forest"

Group photo before the president's war. The president role wears a helmet as a marker. Age and group are all separated, and those who participate alone. Sabaggae can be enjoyed by anyone and prices are reasonable, so it's an activity that keeps ongoing.

Cooperation GUIDE

ASOBIBA Akihabara Field
The field concept is "ruins in the forest". Produce plenty of extraordinary atmosphere in the atmosphere. There is also a full rental set that even a beginner can be safe even for beginner classes, even with handbags. Let's go to play freely without hesitation.

ASOBIBA Akihabara

[Akihabara, Tokyo] survival game in the electric town Akiba! Beginners welcome! Free participation game plan four hours

プランID:10415ASOBIBA Akihabara
4,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Sabage beginner's welcome! ASOBIBA Akihabara of field concept, "ruins in the woods." Feel free from one person in the office building in the Akihabara electronics shopping area right in the middle Why do not you participate in the Sabage. The use and specification of weapons and tools has established closely the rules, you can enjoy even safety for beginners. Not be obtained by the daily life, why not experience the sense of realism and thrill! ?

AJ carefully selected recommendation plan
CQB Limited (Sea QB Limited)

[Osaka Suita] Sabage beginner pack! Combat incandescent in Sabage studio of station direct connection!

プランID:9911CQB Limited (Sea QB Limited)
5,378yen~​ ​(tax included)

Use and full rental of the admission fee, 3 hours (air gun, goggles, gloves, BB bullet) Would you like to experience the Sabage in included in the plan? To enjoy as well as easy for beginners, good view, which was placed in the center of the lower obstacle studio are also available. In the studio of access good station direct connection, it is possible for you to feel free to experience the Sabage.

TRIGGER TALK (Trigger Talk)

[Saitama, Iruma] exciting and extraordinary space! Indoor Sabage charter plan!

プランID:10683TRIGGER TALK (Trigger Talk)
12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

A full-fledged field that combines the passage and barricades, can be enjoyed in the strategic variety of rules to fit the experience value of the number of participants and participants. If you for the first time experience, do not worry because the staff us to explain to the method of preparation from the use of the gun.

WAR ZONE (Wazon)

[Chiba Inzai] survival game [1 day plan]

プランID:9373WAR ZONE (Wazon)
12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

It will be the plan to enjoy the one day survival game. From the basic rental products available plan, towel shower, instructor, equipment insurance, we have a wide range of available until the plan of BB bullet bullet unlimited.

TACTICAL CHALLENGE (Tactical Challenge)

You can participate until [Kagoshima Nishibeppu] family to 5 people! Attempting to match the force toward the goal! Sabage Family Plan

プランID:10566TACTICAL CHALLENGE (Tactical Challenge)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Field of Sabage only made to open up the forest. Whether sniper so as not to be found in the enemy hiding! The game has a variety of types, you can choose by number of people and purpose. Family Plan is the whole play plan one day to the family of five. If you do not have, such as equipment and equipment available rental, participation in empty-handed it is also possible.

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