New genre of Satsuma Kiriko "ecoKIRI". Waste to shine accessories.

Satsuma Kiriko

Glass work / cut glass "Satsuma Kiriko (Satsuma kiriko)" produced by Satsuma Clan from the end of the Tokugawa period to the beginning of the Meiji Period. "EcoKIRI" attracts attention by connecting the traditional technique to the present age. "EcoKIRI" reusing scrap wood as a beautiful accessory. Please challenge making accessories of "one in the world" with its glow.

About this


We choose preference materials from glasses of various colors and shapes, cut using special tool, we will design unforgettable. Another difference from the famous "Edo Kiriko" is that I use this colorful colored glass.

Making accessories

It is also pleased with your own accessories as well as presents for celebratory gifts and loved ones. It is exceptional to create yourself while wearing accessories and the smile of the person you give.

Satsuma Furniture Accessories

Ultimately, it is finished by skilled craftsmen and "professional radiance" is born. Born to be your favorite accessory and deliver it to your home. Please enjoy it along with your pounding ride.


  • [Business Name] Glass workshop Disciple Mar
  • [Time required] Within one hour
  • [Date and time] Sunday only
  • [Participation age] Age 6 and over
  • [The meeting place] Kagoshima Prefecture Kirishima Kokubu Shimizu 1-chome, 19-27
  • [Experience fee] 6,480 yen per adult (tax included)