【6/2 (Sat) Yokohama Port Opening Festival 2018】 Beam spectacle in harbor elegantly from the top of the ship! Introduction of fireworks display tour cruise plans!

【6/2 (Sat) Yokohama Port Opening Festival 2018】 Beam spectacle in harbor elegantly from the top of the ship! Introduction of fireworks display tour cruise plans!

Yokohama Opening Festival 2018
Fireworks display cruise

Yokohama Minato Mirai Area The season of the early summer festival "Yokohama Port Opening Festival" came in 2018! This event started in 1981 as "the 1st Yokohama International Deepé Yokohama Dockets" started in 1995 as "Yokohama Port Opening Festival" and changed its name This is the 37th time held this year. It is a very popular event where many people gather together regardless of Yokohama inside and outside, entitled "The birthplace of the port that boasts of the world that citizens create"

So this time, it was also very popular at the time of the year 2017 held "Yokohama Opening Festival Fireworks Viewing Cruising PlanWe will introduce Activity Japan to you first! Experience cruising from the sea elegantly by departing from the crowds of the event venue departing in accordance with the show start of the light, sound and fireworks show "Beam spectacle in harbor" show which is also the main event of the Yokohama Port Opening Festival.

A popular plan to become sold out by popularity boiling every year! As there are limited number of seats, it is recommended to book earlier ↑

Yokohama Opening Festival 2018 Fireworks Appreciation Plan

Currently in Activity Japan, you can feel free to board and enjoy the popular "Family Plan (Including Bento & Drink All-you-can-drink)" family and couple "Plan, and Recommended for group groups such as company and school unit" Cruiser charter "plan Reservation is accepted. Yokohama Port Opening Festival fireworks display cruising enterprises will hold party cruising and pleasure plans of every scene and collect the topic "Anniversary Cruise (Anniversary Cruise)"is. Please spend a pleasant boat time.

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Happy times wrapped up in "Sky, Ocean and Smile" with your friends ... Cruising for our customers is fresh and unusual, I want you to be the most familiar resort experience! I want to help you make such a special Hokkaido ... one cruise ... as an unforgettable anniversary! To all the anniversary (anniversary) ... With that feeling "Tokyo anniversary cruise" started. Even with mutually friendly partners, even with just acquaintances wearing wine, BBQ, hors d'oeuvres, chatting happily, spending while being enveloped in a sight different from usual, an incredible relationship on the ship of Tokyo Bay in the ship of Tokyo Bay You will realize that you will deepen.

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 Anniversary Cruise (Anniversary Cruise)
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What is the Yokohama Opening Festival?

What is the Yokohama Opening Festival?

The 37th Yokohama Opening Festival - Thanks to the Port 2018 -
Rinko Park and Minato Mirai 21 District, New Port District, Other Area
June 1, 2018 (Fri), June 2 (Saturday)
Yokohama Open Port Festival Council (Yokohama City Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Public) Yokohama Tourism Convention · Bureau (one company) Yokohama Youth Council)

What is the Yokohama Opening Festival?
The opening of the Yokohama Opening Festival was held in 1981 as "International Deep Records Yokohama Donoku", and in 1982 it began officially as "'82 International Day 1st Yokohama Donoku." It became "Yokohama Daitaku" from the 3rd in 1984, became "Yokohama Dolmart opening festival" from the 12th in 1993, "Yokohama opening port festival" in 1995, and came to the 37th year of 2018. The Yokohama Port Opening Festival was held to thank the port every year, celebrating the opening celebration day of Yokohama, June 2, with the citizens, holding a variety of lively events, to promote town development and tourism It is a "citizen festival".

Purpose of holding
A small village which opened as a pioneer of opening up Japan and was a population of 482 at that time developed as an exchange base of culture and economy from its history, became a large city with a population of about 3.73 million people after 159 years, In order to take over the spirit at the time of port opening, we continue to develop to become an exchange base city where the people of the world gather. In 1981, Yokohama International Day "Yokohama Donoku" was born as the first Yokohama International Day, under the theme of "celebrate port opening and thanking the port" under the theme of "citizen festival" Opening Festival "will celebrate this 37th time this year. We must inherit the history of the "Yokohama Port Opening Festival" established as a way of telling the arrival of the summer, incorporate ingenuity in the times, and continue to connect with the vitalization of the town.

The 37th Yokohama Port Opening Festival will be held for two days on June 1 and 2, "Thanks to the Port" "Celebrate Port Opening, thank Harbor" ~ Citizen Creates · World's Proud Port of Birth Festival ~ We will continue to connect the "Yokohama Port Opening Festival" to the future for a long time by inheriting the past history and further developing and implementing it as a concept. We appreciate the port which is our origin, thank you for the history of opening port, celebrate the birthday of the port with Yokohama citizen, and will make it a driving force leading to further development of Yokohama. The opening day anniversary of June 2 is a special day to be said to be the birthday of the harbor and at the same time a citizen's birthday. All the citizens, together with the adults who currently support Yokohama and the children who will be responsible for the next generation, will join together and celebrate their birthday festival together. As the festival of Yokohama which has been accumulating history through the opening of the port is a festival of the harbor that is proud of the world and feeling proud as a citizen of Yokohama every year, it will be a day to realize her own identity as a citizen of Yokohama , Yokohama Port Opening Festival that will lead to the next generation building up the future Yokohama will be created.

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Main events
Yokohama Disco Night / Yokohama Bank Dream of Harmony / Government Agency Music Corps LIVE Stage / CHEER TEAM LIVE / ROAD to Yokohama Opening Festival POWER of SONG Battle HERO Winner LIVE / ROAD to Yokohama Opening Festival POWER of Dance YOKOHAMA Dance STARS / everyone coming with a good world / STEP IN THE LIFE / ROAD to Yokohama Opening Festival POWER of SONG YOKOHAMA BAND SHIP Winner LIVE / Yokohama Opening Celebration Day Celebrate With everyone / ROAD to Yokohama Opening Festival POWER of song Yokohama singing horse Championship / ROAD to Yokohama Opening Festival POWER of song Yokohama Legend Artist LIVE / Yokohama Opening Festival Public Information Award Ceremony / Gateway Yokohama Stage / Yokohama Open Port Festival Committee Opening Declaration / Super Kids Experience Maneuvering Association / Waku Waku! Exhibition / Special Vehicle Moving in the Sea / Aqua Board · Flying Show / "Takashima II" Boarding Board / Government Boat Parade / SUP Experience / Amphibious Bus Boarding Board / Sea Kayak Experience / Moving Touch Pool Aquamarine Fukushima / Rosa Alba Yokohama Port Cruise / Beam Spectacle in Harbor / 5th Chibi Mini Ekiden 2018 / etc.