【Fuji recommended】 Downhill cycling at MTB (mountain bike)! Fuji Cycle Activity Shop BonVelo

【Fuji recommended】 Downhill cycling at MTB (mountain bike)! Fuji Cycle Activity Shop "BonVelo"

From July Mon each route continues to mountain Mt. Fuji
Climbing is not the only way to enjoy! What?

Sun is a symbol of this World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO certification "Mt. Fuji". 2018 also 7 Mon from the beginning of Yamanashi Yoshida root of the side, Shizuoka welcomed each climbing route one after another officially open Subashiri root Gotemba root Fujinomiya root of the side, is the season to show a crowded with many climbers aimed at the top of the sunrise It will arrive. I guess many people would like to challenge this Fuji climb once in my life.

Also, how to enjoy Mt. Fuji is not only climbing, but in the surrounding area various Activity and leisure experiences tours that utilize the rich nature are held ACTIVITY JAPAN 's recommended area ◎ So this time, I can enjoy the nature of Mt. Fuji We will introduce the shop of great attention in closeup of the spring and summer season 2018 Spring / Summer Activity to be held ◎

Recommendation of the summer of 2018
Fuji Mountain Bike Tour

2018 6 Mon Yamanashi was the grand opening to the Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko "Fuji Cycle Activity Shop "BonVelo""Enjoy the 5th grade of Fuji Subaru Line in the field that can hope for a superb view"Downhill"When"Hill ClimbIn addition to cycling Kawaguchiko "Kawaguchiko Pottering CourseThis summer's recommended Activity shop where you can experience ◎

We listened to the voice saying "There are not many places around Mt. Fuji to play" and started listening to the project with the theme of creating new Activity that make use of the wonderful tourism resources of Mt. Fuji. This site of this summer's shop ◎ ACTIVITY JAPAN 3 Start accepting reservations for the plan ♪ Enjoy the MTB experience to fully enjoy the majestic nature of the World Natural Heritage "Mt. Fuji" ☆


Fuji Cycle Activity Shop "BonVelo" Recommended

Coco is recommended!
Fuji cycle Activity shop "BonVelo (Bonbero)" is 2018 6 Mon taking advantage of the nature of the New shop ◎ World Natural Heritage Site, which was the grand opening in the "Mt. Fuji", it has held the MTB tour to enjoy even beginners a full-fledged bikes and knowledge To

Fuji Cycle Activity Shop "BonVelo" Recommended

Coco is recommended!
___ ___ 0 The exhilaration feeling is exceptional ◎

Fuji Cycle Activity Shop "BonVelo" Recommended

Coco is recommended!
As Shimano Racing player, turning Japan title to total slugger turning to professional in 1994. 1996 to Sun the person of the last active retired "Daisuke Imanaka" the only "Japan Cup" of participating in a "Tour de France" in 1997 as a professional load Mann is appointed as project advisor!

Fuji Cycle Activity Shop "BonVelo" Recommended

Coco is recommended!
Changing room complete, free Locker, complete with free Wi-Fi, 50 regular cars parking possible (three large buses can be parked) Parking Lotetc. .. Enrichment ♪ happy point for shop facilities ◎ Activity Enjoy a comfortable time around experience ♪


OPEN commemoration 20% discount campaign underway ♪ Please make a reservation at this opportunity ◎ Even those who are not confident in physical strength can rent a bicycle with electric assist "e-bike" at ease ☆

Fuji Cycle Activity Shop BonVelo

【Initial Japan 】 Run down Mt. Fuji! New refreshing Activity ♪ "Mt. Fuji Downhill"

Plan ID: 22239Fuji Cycle Activity Shop BonVelo
12,960yen10,368yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

Using our high-grade mountain bike boasting of our shop, we rush about 27 km including Fuji Subaru line from Mt. Mt. Fuji runs downhill, "Mt. Fuji Downhill" Exhilaration and thrill are full of thorns! ! Of course, even customers who do not have confidence in their physical fitness can feel free to join because they do not use physical strength on the downhill all the way downhill. Recommended for Activity during travel ♪ ~ Flow of plan ~ ① Reception at shop ② Place mountain bike on store specialized vehicle "MINI Crossover", together with Mt. Fuji 5th eyes! ③ Let's go through the downhill slope of about 27 km to the shop straddling the bicycle while dashing down the wind!

Fuji Cycle Activity Shop BonVelo

【Easy Ching ♪】 If you have a power assisted climb Mt. Fuji can be enjoyed safely even for beginners! "Mt. Fuji Hill Climb"

Plan ID: 22240Fuji Cycle Activity Shop BonVelo
10,800yen7,560yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

Using high-grade mountain biking, return to Fuji Subaru Line to the fifth consecutive stop of Mt. Fuji. It will be a thrillful Mt. Fuji Hill Climb. As we climb Mt. Fuji to the fifth grade, we can see the wonders of the sea of ​​clouds and Mt. Fuji! Because the return is about 27 km downhill, thrills are full of nature's wind! It is a refreshing course. Of course, even if you are not confident in your physical strength you can join us with confidence as our e-bike with sports bike with electric high-powered assistance boasts of ours. It is recommended for Activity during travel ♪ ~ Flow of plan ~ ① Reception at shop ② Start by bicycle from our shop and arrive at Fuji Subaru line entrance for about 20 minutes ③ Fuji Five Federation Aim for your eyes, enjoy comfortable uphill of about 24 km! ④ All return passes will be downhill, so let's run through as descending down the descending slope of about 27 kilometers across the bicycle to the store!

Fuji Cycle Activity Shop BonVelo

【Elegant time ♪】 Kawaguchiko Enjoy nature with cycle cruising ! "Kawaguchiko Pottering Course"

Plan ID: 22236Fuji Cycle Activity Shop BonVelo
3,240yen~(tax included)

Using the high-grade mountain bike cycle the Kawaguchiko cruising will Kawaguchiko pottering courses. Elegantly going through Kawaguchiko from our shop - It is about 20 km course which looks at the natural wind and the magnificent view of Mt. You can enjoy various facilities including Lake Kawaguchiko's nature and Mt. Fuji, CAFE in the surrounding area and popular bakeries! Even customers who are not confident in physical fitness can enjoy it with confidence because there is a sports bicycle e-bike with high function electric assist function. It is recommended for Activity during travel ♪ Flow of plan ① Reception at store ② Arrival at Kawaguchiko in about 10 minutes by prepared bike ③ Enjoy the course of about 20 km elegantly from there receive. If you are in time, you can also stop by a gourmet facility such as sightseeing facilities, popular bakeries, cafés on the way ④ Return to the store and return the bicycle and finish!

[About clothes and belongings]
Easy to move
※ For women those with long skirts and skirts are NG (due to involvement in tires etc.) There is rental wear available at the store front
Sandals are NG
[About rental items]
additional fee for use of e-bike Fri occurs. please note that.


BonVelo means "good bike" in French. BonVelo the Yes First name the "good bike" of manufacturers 1 of up to about 30 minutes Fri available in the amounts, such Activity is the shop. We provide a rich bicycle with first-class manufacturer's high functionality and secure design.

[Business Name]
 Fuji Cycle Activity Shop BonVelo
[Handling Activity]
MTB (mountain bike)
[business hours]
[Closed holiday]
Funju Kawaguchikocho Funatsu 6663-11 Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi ken, 4010301
Arriving in-car
7 minutes by car from the central highway Kawaguchiko IC
- Arriving by train
1 min by dash from Fujikyu Highland Station Fuji Express Line
· People who come by other means
High-speed bus: 10 minutes on foot from Fujikyu Highland Bus stop