【Kyoto · Shiga Rock Climbing Experience】 A popular shop "Zero Gravity" where you can experience climbing experiences at Kanpirayama and Hirafara Mountains

【Kyoto · Shiga Rock Climbing Experience】 A popular shop "Zero Gravity" where you can experience climbing experiences at Kanpirayama and Hirafara Mountains

As an additional event in the Tokyo Olympic Games
Featured free climbing

Also decided to be an additional event of the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held in 2020, free climbing that gets more attention in recent years. Even if it says in a single word "free climbing", its kind and competition type are various, including "rock climbing" aiming at climbing rock walls, "bouldering" climbing an artificial rock (indoor) "Speed ​​climbing" which competes for speed etc. There is a sports activity called "free climbing" as a generic term of those.

Also, popular players such as Noguchi Keiyo who is leading the women's free climbing world in Japan and Climbing World Cup Japan national team "Miwa Oka" who became a topic as a "high school girl climber" on a TV commercial climbing school building Awareness gained by frequent introduction to the media, now popularity as "hobby · play" and "leisure" beyond the frame of the competition is high Activity Japan is also attracting a lot of attention activities and activities that increase reservations and inquiries year by year It is one.

Kansai authentic rock climbing experience
Recommended shop "Zero Gravity"

Kansai Rock Climbing
Beginner OK! Full-fledged hand-held rock climbing experience

Therefore, this time we have a store in Kyoto and Shiga, which boasts a high popularity in the Kansai area "Gravity"Activity We will introduce you with the recommendation of Japan Japan ◎ In Kyoto 's Kanpirazan and Shiga' s Hirafara Mountainsrock climbing"Experience starts, spring and summer"Canyoning · shower climbing (GW ~ mid-October)Experience, during the winter "Snowshoe"It is an outdoor experience shop that has a high reputation from tour participants, holding a snowy mountain trekking tour of ◎ It introduces it from rock climbing and the recommended point of snow shoe welcoming the season from now _ _ (¯ ー ¯)


Zero Gravity Recommended Suggestions

Coco is recommended! Climbing version
Staff safely support full-fledged rock climbing experience that can participate from beginners to experienced staff ◎ Aspiring popular climbing girls as well as recently there are plans that can participate from the age of 10, so feel free to challenge ♪

Zero Gravity Recommended Suggestions

Coco is recommended! Climbing version
The attraction of rock climbing is to climb up the rock wall and achieve a sense of accomplishment and view from the top point excellent view with excellent view ('θ `) Boondalling gym and indoor climbing promise you absolutely no experience ♪

Zero Gravity Recommended Suggestions

Coco is recommended! Climbing version
Kyoto Kanpirayama course, Shiga Hirayama mountain lion rock course both steps can be upgraded VER - 1 to 3 plans can be chosen ♪ It is also recommended for repeat as the instructor will teach you carefully according to the level ◎

Zero Gravity Recommended Suggestions

Coco is recommended! Snowshoe version
Recommended for winter "Snowshoe" experience! Ultimate snow playing wearing a Western version of sandalwood and trekking the snowy mountain ◎ Let's go out for adventure to a snowy mountain while feeling the winter nature directly (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ

Zero Gravity Recommended Suggestions

Coco is recommended! Snowshoe version
In the snowshoe experience of zero gravity, the plan with lunch was popular ◎ There was a handmade sandwich etc. There were plenty of stew, etc., etc ..., Make a table on the snowy field and leisurely lunch time is a blissful moment ◎


The satisfaction level of the activity experience is decided by the staff who guides you! It is not an exaggeration to say ♪ ('θ `) Popular staff with origami with achievements in zero gravity is also enrolled ◎ May be nominated depending on the schedule! What?

Zero Gravity Recommended Suggestions

Mr. Atsushi Matsui (About 10 years of guide history)
I spent my student days in the mountain area and started business in the field of outdoor after salaried work of skiing and outdoor equipment import business for 20 years and years ◎ It is "mountain pro" which always guides the customer's eyes ♪


Photo data during the tour taken by the guide is given for free! You can take it home on the day (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ

Popularity No. 1
Gravity Shiga office

[Shiga] ★ beginner recommended ★ "rock climbing" Hira Mountains Shishiiwa (VER-1)

プランID:386Gravity Shiga office
10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

I wanted to try the rock climbing is the perfect tour for those opportunity did not until now. Equipment, we have prepared "hot heart" sense of accomplishment not taste in coming please indoor one and exhilaration! ★ "I'm a beginner want to climb the outside rock! It is a recommended activity for those who say "★ outside rock debut! Ideal for those who aim to "de-mountain Girl," "Climbing women"! From the top, Lake Biwa of scenery is waiting to under eyes ※ 8 May, snow season is excluded

Popularity No. 2

[Thrilling authentic experience! "Rock Trek" Kyoto Konpirayama ver-1 (Y-ken-ridge)

10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Ordinary "trekking" 's not enough people absolutely recommended! ! Ridge of rock (Iwaryo) aims to top while being secured with a rope! Activity that MIX "rock climbing" and "trekking", "Rock Trek"! ! If you want to also bite a little "rock climbing", it recommended a thrilling "trekking" for those of you wish! Japan Alps (Hotaka, Tsurugidake, etc.) of the rock ridge walk training of good! ! is. ※ 8 May, snow season is excluded

Popularity No.3
Gravity Shiga office

In [Shiga Jatanigamine] Jatanigamine (Hira Mountains) Snowshoe (with lunch)

プランID:1476Gravity Shiga office
12,960yen~​ ​(tax included)

Snowshoe - course target those who want to aim "the more heights," "the more different mountainous area," getting used to. Difference in height is also becoming a need some of my best become a 300m ~ 400m before and after. Excitement of when it reaches the top of the mountain to overcome them is all the more. Mountaineering course, we have set 9 course. ※ The application in the snowshoe first challenge should withhold.


Gravity to perform the planning and sponsorship of shower climbing, rock climbing, hiking Snow scan shoe guide climbing and various outdoor activities TOUR want petting such as a large nature and mountains and rivers away from the day-to-day, in the nature for those who want to play, we offer a safe and enjoyable tour.

Hyogo · Osaka · Kyoto · Keihanshin from JR one book OK! Try experiencing a variety of activities such as shower climbing, rock climbing, snowshoing, trekking, etc. in a short time, in a short time! Zero gravity will provide «stimulation» of sensitivity and «relaxation» at your off-time.

[Store name]
-Zero Gravity Kyoto
-Gravity Shiga office
[Handling Activity]
 rock climbing/ Snowshoe/ Canyoning
[business hours]
AM 8: 30 ~ PM 18: 00
[Closed holiday]
A day, seven days a week (not regular holiday have)

Shimogami Miyazaki cho 15-2 1-A Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 6060802

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