【Tokyo · Flight Simulator Experience】 Pilot mood to cockpit! Flight maneuvering experience with "Boeing 777-300ER"!

【Tokyo · Flight Simulator Experience · Booking】 To the cockpit with a real pilot feeling! Even in actual training you steal an airplane with "Boeing 777-300ER"!

Featured indoor leisure attention in 2018
Full flight simulator experience

There are many indoor leisure that are expected to rise in popularity further in 2018, such as "VR experience" and "escape game" etc. Among them, many fans are hot and gather popularity widely from children to adults in a real facility by airplane "Flight simulator experience" that you can experience maneuvering ◎ At Activity Japan Tokyo Shinagawa Garden City Popular facilities in Shinagawa Gotenyama "SkayartJAPAN (SkyArts Japan)」の体験プランを各種ご予約可能!今回は大注目のそのシップ内部にクローズアップします♪素敵な空の旅を✈️

Feeling is a real pilot
To the cockpit of Boeing 777

Flight simulator Sky Art Japan
Also used for actual flight training! Full-fledged cockpit

"SkayartJAPAN (SkyArts Japan)"Flight simulator that can be experienced is" Boeing 777-300ER "which is also used for professional flight training based on wide body passenger aircraft Boeing 777 (commonly known as triple seven) developed by Boeing America! If you grasp the control stick in the cockpit reproduced to detail, you are the captain of the ship ♪ In addition to the screen spreading to about 220 degrees, the video full of various situations of various countries in the world that can be selected from more than 45,000 major aviation is displayed I feel even more excited about the flight experience ◎ This high quality detail is not a fan but an exciting thing! !


Flight simulator Sky Art Japan

Coco is recommended!
The flight simulator "Boeing 777-300ER" used at SkyArt Japan is a full-fledged aircraft steering simulator that is also used for actual pilot maneuvering training ◎ Impressive quality, not an air fan Am

Flight simulator Sky Art Japan

Coco is recommended!
Experience the pilot with a cockpit similar to an aircraft ♪ Screens that spread to about 220 degrees The scenery that is projected fully reproduces all the situations in the flight ◎ You can choose the flight time zone at night, the evening, the evening, You can enjoy a superb view ◎

Flight simulator Sky Art Japan

Coco is recommended!
Together with the maneuvering experience of 4 people, "Airbus 320" cabin interior was reproducedCabin mockup private party plan◎ Please use it for various events / parties such as birthday party with private jet feeling ♪

Flight simulator Sky Art Japan

Coco is recommended!
At SkyArt Japan, children (less than 18 years old) can feel free to experience pilotsKids PlanYou can also book ◎ Everyone can enter the cockpit of an airplane that I admired once as a child ↑ You can aim at the full control stick ↑ Aim for the future captain ♪


Included in price
Flight simulator maneuvering experience · Cabin mockup boarding experience · Briefing (All entrance free for those with a flight)

Flight simulator Skyart Japan

[Tokyo / Shinagawa] "Children's limited plan 15 minutes course" Of course the captain is you

Plan ID: 16433Flight simulator Skyart Japan
6,480yen~​ ​(tax included)

● Plan contents Flight simulator 15 minutes experience 6,480 yen / 1 person · Duration: Briefing 10 minutes (free) + 15 minutes · This is a course limited to those aged 6 to 18. · Tours are free. You can also take a tour in the cockpit. Please be assured that experienced instructors will carefully help you even for young children and older people, even beginners who have never taken an airplane. By setting conditions appropriate for your level from the flight routes of various variations all over the world, everyone can experience the same flight as a real pilot.

Flight simulator Skyart Japan

【Tokyo】 A 30-minute Flight Simulator Experience ◆ Choose Your Favorite Flight Course: From Airports to Daytime or Evening or Night Flights ◆

Plan ID: 16445Flight simulator Skyart Japan
11,880yen~​ ​(tax included)

· Flight simulator experience 30 minutes plan ※ Briefing 10 minutes (free) + 30 minutes · It is especially recommended for beginners who have never taken an airplane or want to experience the simulator. · Experience a pilot with a cockpit similar to an aircraft. A flight simulator that can provide a handling experience from more than 45,000 major airlines.

Flight simulator Skyart Japan

【Tokyo】 A 60-minute Flight Simulator Experience ◆ Choose Your Favorite Flight Course: From Airports to Daytime or Evening or Night Flights ◆

Plan ID: 16446Flight simulator Skyart Japan
21,600yen~​ ​(tax included)

· Flight simulator experience 60 minutes plan ※ Briefing 10 minutes (free) + 60 minutes · If you take one step, that is another world. You also instantly to the world of large jet pilots. · All switches and buttons are equally equipped with real aircraft Experience authentic flight The most popular course that can fully enjoy full flight. "

Flight simulator Skyart Japan

【Tokyo】 A 90-minute Flight Simulator Experience ◆ Choose Your Favorite Flight Course: From Airports to Daytime or Evening or Night Flights ◆

Plan ID: 16450Flight simulator Skyart Japan
31, 320yen~​ ​(tax included)

The most popular course that you can enjoy full flight! Of course not only the basic flight, 90 minute course which can skill challenge. We will assume various situations such as night landing to each airport, flight in bad weather such as rain and snow, typhoon etc. For example, Chitose Airport of Snowstorm, Haneda Airport approach of strong winds, Night landing to Fukuoka Airport, Challenge of overseas famous airports are also possible. Since there are hundreds of variations, let's reproduce every situation and condition in realism and experience the flight in the same environment as a real pilot. We are helping you with your skills according to your flight, so anyone can experience it regardless of beginners or active airline pilots. Duration: 10 minutes briefing (free) + 90 minutes

Flight simulator Skyart Japan

【Tokyo】 A 90-minute Party Aircraft Charter Experience ◆ 60-minute Flight Simulator Experience Included ◆

Plan ID: 16454Flight simulator Skyart Japan
29, 160yen~​ ​(tax included)

【Available for up to 10 people / BOEING 777-300ER & To the sky adored by Airbus 320】 Monopolize the cabin and experience nothing else. A luxury plan that can enjoy the maneuvering experience of 4 people and commemorative photographs "Cabin Mockup Chart 90 minutes + Operation experience" SKY ART JAPAN "delivers pleasure to maneuver airplanes to everyone through flight simulator. Experienced instructors carefully guide each operation, so beginners, elderly people and young children are safe. This time we will introduce the plan that we can rent a cabin mockup for 90 minutes. It includes a maneuvering experience for 4 people, and catering (※ extra fee) is also available for meals. A luxurious experience that you can enjoy with a private jet sensation is also recommended for the new girls' association and anniversary. Even if you use it eventually in 3 generations, parents and groups etc, it will be the best memories.


SkayartJAPAN's "Flight Simulator (Boeing 777-300ER)" is a full-fledged aircraft maneuver simulator that airline pilots use for maneuver training. Many airline fans came to visit us and enjoy a wide range of activities, from the first flight maneuvering experience to serious flight training teaching by real pilots. There is also a party / rental space that reproduces the interior of "Airbus 320 Cabin". Various equipment for inside aircraft such as genuine chairs and meal carts are available. We are also available to many people, including charter photographing, customer service training assuming aircraft cabin, air fans party with each other. SkyartJAPAN in Tokyo Shinagawa has "flight simulator" "cabin type space", the reception space has "air related items" and "interior reusing airplane parts" arranged side by side, and it is unbearable to airport and airplane lovers We are. We are looking forward to seeing everyone's airline fans coming to our store.

[Store name]
 Flight simulator Sky Art Japan
[Handling Activity]
Flight simulator (airplane maneuvering experience)
[business hours]
10:00 to 18:00
[Shop location]
Garden City Shinagawa Gotenyama 1F A-104 Garden City, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 1410001 6-7-29
▼ If you are coming by car
Underground parking lot available (Capacity:160 cars, 250 yen / 30 minutes).
The entrance is on the Gotanda side of the Garden City Shinagawa Gotenyama Building.
▼ Arriving by train
A 10-minute walk from Osaki Station
A 12-minute walk from Shinagawa station and Gotanda station
※ There is a free shuttle bus (Shinagawa station Takanawa mouth, Gotanda station east exit ⇔ Garden City Shinagawa Gotenyama)
A 7-minute walk from Keikyu Line Kita-Shinagawa Station
1-minute walk from Takanawadai Station