【Kyoto · Ninja VR Experience】 New proposal for Kyoto sightseeing! NINJA VR KYOTO experiences experiencing Ninja learning from children to adults with the latest VR!

【Kyoto · Ninja VR Experience】 Close-up to Ninja VR KYOTO experience experiencing Ninja learning from children to adults with the latest VR

A city where the autumn / winter season is attractive
Kyoto sightseeing where the ancient city walks are fun

"Kyoto" where you can enjoy burning autumn leaves in red in autumn and fantastic snow scenery in winter production is a big staple of domestic travel in autumn and winter! The city of Kyoto, an ancient capital represented by Gion, etc. is getting a bit cold It is the most suitable season from now on ◎ Shrines and temples and tours of the ancient capital, walking around the ancient capital, experiencing Japanese culture etc in Kyoto gourmet etc ... Activities Some people viewing Japan also have Kyoto Is not there a lot of people planning a trip?

Activity Japan also introduces many popular Japanese culture experiences that can be booked in Kyoto such as "rent kimono" suitable for walking around Kyoto, "Maiko · Geisha experience", "Ceramics experience" and "Japanese sweets making experience" , This time focus on the new sense of indoor activity collaborated with latest technology and Japanese traditional culture experience! It is a new proposal of leisure enjoying together with the Kyoto staple sightseeing in 2017 ◎

New proposal for sightseeing and leisure in Kyoto
NINJA VR KYOTO experience ninja training

This time Activity Japan Introducing in the push is a leisure facility where you can experience "Ninja training" using the latest VR (virtual reality) technology of the topic nowNINJA VR KYOTO"! ! You can experience the world of "Shinobi" full of realism wearing full-fledged VR equipment such as headset and ninja costumes ♪ From famous Kyoto sightseeing spots such as Shirakawa Higashi-bashi, Chion-in or Heian Shrine, Yasaka Shrine etc. It is a location that is within walking distance within 10 minutes too High point ↑ Unfortunately this power can not be conveyed by movies and articles _ | ¯ | ○ By all means, together with the classic sightseeing spot of Kyoto trip "Time Slip to the past in VR" Please try (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ


NINJA VR KYOTO Recommended plan

Coco is recommended!
Collaboration of the latest VR (virtual reality) technology and Japanese traditional culture experience ♪ The ninja experience that can be enjoyed with "NINJA VR KYOTO" is a completely different thing from that until now! ! Please taste the real sense by all means by all means absolutely not transmitted in the image ◎

NINJA VR KYOTO Recommended plan

Coco is recommended!
Looking from a dedicated headset is like a time slip "Ninja active world"! Experience "real practice training" with realistic feeling while dodging the enemy attack ◎ Also you can experience not only VR, but also "real thing" using "shuriken beating" and "blown arrow"! !

NINJA VR KYOTO Recommended plan

Coco is recommended!
A plan that you can experience with parent and child (adults and children)There is also so children and adults can enjoy together ♪ Accent is indispensable for traveling with children with family! ! Children are definitely delighted with VR experience of "NINJA VR KYOTO" ◎ Memory index UP! !

NINJA VR KYOTO Recommended plan

Coco is recommended!
Already a topic spot for foreign tourists! ! Is there anyone who has experienced such a serious Ninja training in Japan among us of Japan ...? It is not too late for those who have not experienced yet or even now! To the world of the forgiveness of the forgiveness! !


NINJA VR KYOTO Popular Staff

Mr. Sakura
As a staff I started to work half a year to become a popular "female ninja" ♪ I usually like kimonos and Japanese-style things I love, "NINJA VR KYOTO" can be said to be a rookie! ! Please come to see me when you travel in Kyoto ♪ ('θ `)


Popularity No. 1!

【Kyoto · VR experience】The latest VR Ninja training experience in a tasteful town house! (Full Attraction Set Plan)

5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

【NINJA VR KYOTO】は京都の風情ある商店街の真ん中にある町家で忍者修行体験ができる最新VRアトラクションです! 忍者の[基本動作]や実際に[手裏剣打ち]や[吹き矢]を学び、体験・習得するといった【実践修行編】と VRが実現させる大迫力と臨場感で眼の前に飛んでくる、敵の手裏剣や敵の忍者を、つぎつぎとかわす!斬る!といった まるで本物!?なスリルと大興奮を味わえる【VR修行編】がセットになっています。 もちろん!VR体験、忍者修行体験どちらも初めての方でも、スタッフが基本動作を丁寧に伝授しますので安心してご体験いただけます。 また、お子さまづれのご家族さまや海外からのお客さま向けの対応もございますので、安心して楽しんでいただけます。 みんなで楽しめる京都旅行の新しい思い出として、最新VRで超リアルな忍者修行体験をしてみませんか! ☆団体さま向けのスペシャルプランもご用意しています!☆ 社員旅行や企業研修、サークル旅行などイベント利用にもおすすめです! https://activityjapan.com/publish/plan/21926

Included in price
Experience fee / costume cost / material cost / rental fee / consumption tax


【NINJA VR KYOTO】 is the newest VR attraction where you can experience ninja training at a town house in the middle of a rustic shopping street in Kyoto!

[Store name]
[business hours]
11:00 to 21:00
[Closed holiday]
[Reservation deadline]
There is acceptance on the day (the morning until 11 am)
545 Furukawa cho Higashiyama ku Kyoto city Kyoto prefecture 6050026 2F
<When using walking / public transportation>
9 minutes on foot from Keihan Sanjo Train Station
3 minutes on foot from Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line Higashiyama Station
3 minutes on foot from Kyoto Municipal Bus Chuenin-in
<In the case of car>
About 15 minutes from Hanshin Expressway No. 8 Kamogawa West exit on Kyoto Line
Approximately 25 minutes from the Meishin expressway Kyoto south exit