【Kamakura Kimono Rental】 It is about 3 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station! Popular "Kimono rental Kamakura Honkodo" popular and great-value set plan

【Kamakura Kimono Rental】 It is about 3 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station! Popular "Kimono rental Kamakura Honkodo" popular and great-value set plan

Recommended tour spots for autumn / winter
"Ancient city · Kamakura" for walks and gourmet visits

The city "Ancient city · Kamakura" which gives off charm that you will not get tired of visiting many times. Kamakura walking around Kamakura walking street such as 'Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine' which is the site of Yoritomo 's place and Kamakura walking street famous for Kamakura' s great Buddha and Kamakura gourmet which can be tasted at restaurants such as cafe which stands around Komachi Street It is gaining popularity. The contrasting atmosphere of the atmosphere full of emotions and atmosphere of fashionable Shonan seaside area is one of the most important sightseeing spots of Kanto which is popular as a charming date and women's travel spot.

In such a walk in Kamakura it is the trend to decide fashion according to the cityscape. In Kamakura where there are plenty of photo spots to shoot Kamakura walking around from spring to spring in kimono, fireworks festival etc. In the summer, walking around Kamakura wearing a yukata is a classic among young women ◎ Recently kimono shops are also available It is also a big factor to be able to enjoy kimono more easily than to purchase a large number of restaurants in a row. This time we will introduce super-recommendation rental kimono shops that will receive many reservations even at Activity Japan ◎

Recommended shops about 3 minutes walk from Kamakura Station
"Kimono rental Kamakura Honkodo"

Kamakura rental kimono
Walking in old Kamakura is a trend of Japanese style clothing!

Set up a shop in a good location about 3 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station "Kimono rental Kamakura Honkoji". You can choose your favorite kimono from carefully selected kimono kimono and yukata, and a rental kimono shop popular with women who is pleased with a hair arrangement by a professional hairdresser at the beauty parlor being installed at the same time! A casual Kamakura walking to glossy luxury kimono plan from abundant courses that can be chosen depending on the scene is also attractive ♪

Popular rental kimono plans, rates and reservation methods of each course, shop recommendation points and popular staff etc. "Kimono rental Kamakura Imamichi" close-up to more information ♪ This autumn / winter, photogeneric in the city "Kamakura" Let's make memories ♪ ('▽ `)


Kamakura Honkodo recommendation

Coco is recommended!
"Kimono rental Kamakura Imaicho" is a good location about 3 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station! Komakura sightseeing classic spot "Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine" and gourmet spots such as eating and walking "Komachi dori" are also a great location of Sugu walking ♪ Please use as a starting point for walking around Kamakura ◎

Kamakura Honkodo recommendation

Coco is recommended!
Professional hairdresser at hairdresser "PACIFIC BLUE" which is located at the same time finishes pretty bathe from hair setting ♪ I will finish cute pretty ^ ^ I'm pretty beautiful with a little arrangement Kimari ♪ ('θ ` ) Easy hair arrangement is also nice point within the price ◎

Kamakura Honkodo recommendation

Coco is recommended!
◎ The high-quality assortment carefully selected from trendy patterns such as popular pink series to high-quality kimono ◎ The complete set of kimonos with everything you need as a basic is included in the rental price ☆ More optional You can also rent a parasol and a coat with ♪

Kamakura Honkodo recommendation

Coco is recommended!
Summer season has lots of cute yukata ◎ In Kamakura in summer ♪ lots of events such as fireworks festival and festivals ♪ If you wear a yukata holding down the trend you feel more excited ♪


The satisfaction level of activities and cultural experiences will be decided by the staff who will guide you! It is not an exaggeration to say ♪ ('θ `) Popular staff full of smiles are enrolled in the rental kimono shop" Kimono rental Kamakura Imaicho "◎

Zero Gravity Recommended Suggestions

High (Mr.)
Mainly staff of Chinese nationality "Mr. Taka" ♪ It is a popular staff who can be young and bright and attentive ◎ Starting member from the kimono rental shop opening ♪ ('θ `) Signs that the salon became bright with her subscription Let's go see your daughter ~


<Flow of Kimono rental plan>
① Choose kimonos, bands, accessories while watching the tablet: 5 minutes
② Easy hair set: 10 minutes
③ Kimono: 20 minutes
④ Commemorative photo shooting: 10 minutes
⑤ Stroll free time: Please return by 17:00.

Popularity No. 1
Kamakura Imakoji

【Shonan · Kamakura · Kimono rental】 Super popular! Women's only for two people! Kamakura walk walk basic kimono plan with easy hair arrangement

プランID:18823Kamakura Imakoji
10,800yen6,480yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Extremely popular friends girls Limited plan for two people! ! Please enjoy the girls' trip in Kamakura with casual fun and wearing kimonos. It is a perfect plan for two fashionable girls who want to enjoy the quality of adults moistly and moistly wrapped in kimono with popular kimura.

Popularity No. 2
Kamakura Imakoji

【Shonan · Kamakura · Kimono rental】 Popular! Kamakura walk Basic kimono de date plan with easy hair arrangement

プランID:18822Kamakura Imakoji
10,800yen5,400yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Limited! A very popular couple course! ! Please enjoy Kamakura date with kimono with ease and fun. It is a perfect plan for the two of you who want to enjoy a fine dating with moisture in a kimono in the season now.

Popularity No.3
Kamakura Imakoji

【Shonan · Kamakura · Kimono rental】 Kamakura walk Basic kimono course! Standard stroll through Kamakura! Easy hair arrangement

プランID:15630Kamakura Imakoji
5,400yen3,240yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

One push course! It is! Please feel free to wear a kimono and enjoy a walk in Kamakura.

AJ recommended!

Hatsumodei, wedding party etc etc, here! A luxury kimono plan recommended at that time!

Kamakura Imakoji

【Shonan · Kamakura · Kimono rental】 Popular adult rental! Premium Kimono Course! Easy Hair Arrangement! Hands!

プランID:15632Kamakura Imakoji
10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is a little gorgeous kimono course. A premium as it uses bag bands. Recommended for taking pictures ♪


[Store name]
-Kimono rental Kamakura Honkoji
[Handling Activity]
Kimono rental
[business hours]

[Closed holiday]
Every Tuesday, first and third Wednesday
1-29 Hanegaya, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0011

Arriving by car ●
Yokohama Yokosuka Road, Asahina interchange direction Kamakura direction - Asahina Pass - Kamakura city street - The second torii signal right turn - Komachi street - railroad crossroads Left beyond are shops. Beauty salon in PACIFIC BLUE. Please use the next coin parking lot
● Arriving by train
JR Yokosuka Line Get off at Kamakura Station ~ West entrance ~ From the station take a small roundabout go straight ahead in the frontal road → Turn right at the first traffic light turn right ~ 300 m to the left of the signboard of Aizawa Securities. Beauty salon in PACIFIC BLUE.