【Shonan · Hayama diving experience reservation】 September ~ December is the best season! Recommended diving shop "Hayama diving service"

s Shonan Hayama Diving Service
Dive in the best season
Diving experience of Shonan Hayama

Although it is "diving experience" known as the representative of Shonan marine leisure in summer, in realityThe best season in which the season of autumn (September to the end of December) is most recommended by professional line◎ Because the summer in the sea comes late a while compared to the summer, the temperature is higher in autumn than in the summer, it is also a recommended time for beginners who are diving ♪ In addition, the state in the sea is good and colorful called "Seasonal fish" Season when many fish are visited ★ If you are interested in diving, everyone wants to see "the superb view in the sea" spreads out in front of you ◎

In the Shonan · Hayama area, which is popular as the most accessible and popular diving spot in Tokyo, the summer vacation from July to August is the peak of congestion. As there are relatively few people in September, there is a high possibility that you can make a diving tour for one group,The best season for ocean lovers that can fully enjoy the "charm of the sea"◎ In other words, the future season is a big chance of diver debut ♪ ('ε `)Dive in Hayama boasting one of the best transparencies in the Shonan areaLet's experience ♪

Hayama diving service recommended
"Experience diving" that even beginners can enjoy

To Hayama's diving point
Nearest super recommended shop

So we held a wide range of "Fun diving" for license holders and "License acquisition" as PADI regular registration shop, including "Experience diving" which even beginners can participate in Shonan · Hayama area this time,Popular diving shop with a reputation as a perfect service staff "Hayama diving serviceActivity Japan Recommendation★ ★ ★ Furious push ★ ★ ★ And also popular women's SNS shine Excellent photogenic experience Because the plan of "Mermaid Photo" is also held, it is also attractive to enjoy together with diving ◎


Hayama diving transparency
One of the best transparency in the Shonan area!

Hayama diving access

Coco is recommended!
Popular area Shonan · Hayama with a shrine is one of the best accessible scenic diving spots in just one hour from the city center ◎ Hayama diving service is a diving spot 2 minutes walking to the Shibasaki coast point and good location ◎ repeat It is a popular shop with many divers going through!

Hayama diving superb view

Coco is recommended!
Diving Spot The Shibasaki Beach Point is designated as a natural reserve of the prefecture called Natural Reserve. In this diving point where unspoiled nature remains, you can meet various sea creatures, you can enjoy an adventure dive that opens the sea by yourself ◎

Hayama diving service charm

Coco is recommended!
I am happy with customers! Hayama diving service is the motto of a fun diving tour than anywhere ♪ Of course, a skilled diver firmly guides the base to enjoy diving safely ◎ All the photos in the tour are full of smiles (^ ∀ ^)

Shonan Mermaid Photo

Coco is recommended!
Hayama diving service holds a "Mermaid Photo" plan as well as full-blown dive experience ◎ It becomes a mermaid ♪ Shoots an instantaneous photogenic cute image with reasonable fee ♪ After September Also


The satisfaction level of the activity experience depends on the staff who guides the tour! It is not an exaggeration to say ♪ ('θ `) Popular staff with origami is on record for Hayama diving service ◎ May be nominated depending on the schedule! What?

Hayama diving popular staff

Masahiro Sekida
Nickname / Hirokun
Hometown / Tokyo
A professional diver and qualified weather forecaster, popular guide staff with a reputation for hot-blood teaching!

Hayama diving popular staff

Kenta Sugiki
Nickname / Kenchan
Hometown / Kanagawa Prefecture
LOL ___ REQUIRED ___ ___ 0 ('ε `) Popular guide staff who will guide you through a constantly smiling tour!


Popularity No. 1
A beginner can also satisfy diving experience with a polite guide of the instructor!
Hayama diving service

【Kanagawa · Shonan · Hayama】 The nearest tank service store to Shonan · Hayama ♪ [Experience diving course]

プランID:15408Hayama diving service
10, 584yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is an experiential diving plan for those who are diving for the first time. The journey time is about 3 hours.

Popularity No. 2
Popularity boils outstanding SNS shine! ◎ to photogeic mermaid regardless of the season
Hayama diving service

【Kanagawa · Shonan · Hayama】 Mermaid (mermaid) shooting in Shonan 5,400 yen

プランID:16147Hayama diving service
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

■ Photographers will shoot the scenery unique to Shonan. ■ Underwater shooting can also be handled as an option. ■ The shortest (about 1 hour) diving point from Tokyo ■ For beginners ■ 5400 yen (tax included) / 1 hour

Popularity No.3
Leave the license acquisition as well! Of course it is a PADI regular registration shop!
Hayama diving service

【Kanagawa · Shonan · Hayama】 Tank service store nearest to Shonan · Hayama ♪ [PADI license acquisition course]

プランID:15410Hayama diving service
46,224yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is a plan for those who want to acquire a diving license. The journey time is about 7 hours.

Hayama diving service

【Kanagawa · Shonan · Hayama】 The nearest tank service shop to Shonan · Hayama ♪ [Fun diving]

プランID:15411Hayama diving service
12,960yen12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

It is a fan diving plan for those who have a diving license. Full equipment rental is possible! The journey time is about 3 hours.

Hayama diving service

【Kanagawa · Shonan · Hayama】 Tank Lending Self (Buddy) Diving

プランID:15488Hayama diving service
3,300yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is rental of tank only for license holders.


"Hayama diving service" is the only diving point in the Shonan · Hayama area, the only one that provides tank lending service. It is close to Hayama's point and holds a wide range of lectures including experience diving, fun diving, license acquisition. Self-diver and pro shop acceptance is also possible.

[Store name]
 Hayama diving service
Kanagawa ken Miura gun Hayama cho color one color 2420-101
[Handling Activity]
Experience diving / Fun diving / Diving license acquisition / Mermaid experience
People who come by train / bus
【Nearest station】 JR Zushi Station → 【Bus】 Get off the coast "Shibasaki"
Arriving by car ●
Paid parking lot Masase parking lot (next to tank service)
[business hours]
5: 00 ~ 21: 00