【Fuji Paragliding】 Shizuoka prefecture Fujinomiya Asagiri Kogen's popular shop "Asagiri Plateau Paraglider School"

【Fuji Paragliding】 Shizuoka prefecture Fujinomiya Asagiri Kogen's popular shop "Asagiri Plateau Paraglider School"
Fly over the same line as Mt. Fuji
Experience paraglider experience

I'd like to fly out the sky freely like a bird - the most famous activity that everyone will fulfill my dreams of drawing "paraglider experience." Many shops across Japan are hosting flight experience plans and it is one of the popular outdoor activities that you get a lot of reservations at Activity Japan.

Among the paragliding experiences throughout the country, the paragliding paraglider is particularly popular while viewing Mt. Fuji, which is registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage as the UNESCO World Natural Heritage, with the same line of sight, especially popular among the Japanese citizens accessible from Tokyo center Of course, in recent years it is a popular leisure attracting attention from foreign travelers visiting Japan.

Fuji Paragliding
Altitude of about 1,400 m! "Tandem flight" which can fly in the sky even though it is inexperienced

Recommended morning mist kogen
Paragliding shop

This time the popular spot located at the foot of Mt. Fuji Shizuoka prefecture Fujinomiya city Asagiri Kogen area The experienced staff is enrolled and experienced staff from beginners to experienced persons can recommend to take a tour where you can experience paragliding safely to the recommended shop "Asagiri Plateau Paraglider School" Close up and guide basic information such as fee, plan contents, shop facilities etc.

We responded to a wide range of needs, from "floating experience" on a large site, "tandem flight experience" which can fly over the sky with two persons by piloting an instructor, "license acquisition course" for acquiring a paraglider flight license It is a popular shop. We recommend experiencing in autumn winter season where air is clear and is ideal for paragliding.


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Asahige Highland Paraglider Recommended

Coco is recommended!
Asagiri Takahara The site of the paragliding school practice place boasts one of the most vastness in the world. Participants in "Floating experience" and practitioners of "licensed course" can enjoy paragliding in the best environment and facilities!

Asahige Highland Paraglider Recommended

Coco is recommended!
A take-off point on the mountain which flies to the sky in "Tandem Flight Experience" and so on. From this place as well, you can see the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji and the exciting flight to fly further increases! Please enjoy a paraglider experience in one of the best domestic flight environments.

Asahige Highland Paraglider Recommended

Coco is recommended!
A memorial photograph taken at Mt. Fuji during a paraglider flight at an altitude of about 1,400 m ♪ If you keep this magnificent scenery you witnessed in the photograph, it will be memories of your lifetime ◎ You will be smiling with a safe and fun flight with the instructor (^ ∀ ^)

Asahige Highland Paraglider Recommended

Coco is recommended!
The shop of Asagiri Plateau Paragliding School is like this ♪ Please relax at a shop with a sense of openness built on a large site ◎ Students in the license acquisition course can stay at facilities fully equipped with baths, toilets, kitchen and cafeteria Is (^ ∀ ^)


Popularity No. 1
Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School

[Shizuoka・Fujinomiya] Carefree Flying Experience Over The Extensive Valley! Tandem Flight (Free Lunch Included)

プランID:7980Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
8,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

This plan offers a tandem flight experience. We usually operate in good weather. Anyone can fly with our instructors. First time customers are very welcome, please feel free to visit us! We hope that you would be satisfied with the environment when you see our facility and smiling faces of our students! As soon as you finish the tandem flight experience, you will get a 3800-yen discount coupon for JHF certified A-class skill acquisition course!

Popularity No. 2
Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School

[Shizuoka Fujinomiya] Beginners welcome! Paragliding hesitate experience flight course (with free lunch)

プランID:7974Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Half-day experience plan of paragliding. Come be the first time customers, please come to feel free to visit! Seeing the development has been the area, good environment if you look at the school students of the smile would be able to realize! ! After the completion Feel free experience flight course, JHF certified A-class skill acquisition courses can get a discount coupon that can be at 5900 yen!

Popularity No.3
Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School

[Shizuoka Fujinomiya] It Mao to the more high in the sky! Paragliding half-day experience + tandem flight (with free lunch)

プランID:7978Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
13,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

After a half-day experience, actually a flight from high-altitude takeoff, is the experience course. Instructor riding together to the paraglider to maneuver, you can taste a flight from the actual sky. After the end of the half-day experience + tandem flight course, we will present a free ticket of JHF certified A-class skills acquisition course! ! !

Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School

[Shizuoka Fujinomiya] Let's enjoy plenty of sky! Paragliding 1 day trial flight enjoy course (with free lunch)

プランID:7985Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Is one day experience plan. For the first time come give us our customers also means, please visit feel free to! Please enjoy the feeling to float using the slope. You can gracefully flight with views of the Mount Fuji. After the end of the experience flight enjoy the course, JHF certified A-class skill acquisition courses can get a discount coupon that can be at 2700 yen!

Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School

[Shizuoka Fujinomiya] trying to get a license! Paragliding Class A skill card acquisition course

プランID:7983Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

JHF-A-class skill is acquired course. From the handling of equipment, it supports all until it is straight flight, you can further high-altitude challenge flight. Expiration date of the course is one year (equipment rental free)


[Minimum number of people]
1 person
[Number of reserved people]
1 person -
[Included in price]
Equipment fee, experience fee, insurance fee, consumption tax, lunch
[About clothes and belongings]
We recommend wearing trekking shoes that have ankles to prevent injuries. If you do not have it, please come with shoes that will not come off if you run. Please contact us for other unclear points.
[Reservation deadline]
Before 3 days


Asagiri Plateau Paragliding School, Shizuoka Prefecture, is a paragliding school in Fujinomiya. Paragliding while overlooking the Mount Fuji is a little bit different from the other location. From experience flight until the course to get a license, various have available.

[Store name]
 Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
282-1 Nebara Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture​ ​​ ​
[Handling Activity]
Paraglider experience / licensing training course
<Arriving by car>
- From the central high-speed motorway
Kawaguchiko IC → National Highway 139 issue (about 35 minutes)
※ south 500m of the station [Asagiri Plateau] of mark = road
· Tomei from the high-speed motorway
Fuji IC → West Fuji road (or 139 National Highway) → National Highway 139 Highway (about 50 minutes)
※ mark = north 2km of a convenience store [Circle K]
<Arriving by train>
· Tokaido Shinkansen, Shin-Fuji Station and get off
To the station of the Asagiri Plateau road by bus or taxi.