The charm of "Free Diving" that divides in the sea with one body

Free diving world record

What is Free Diving
Free diving is different from scuba diving in that oxygen cylinders etc. are not used at all and diving which only diverts by their own breath. It is a competition that takes pride in the free divers who can divide with the sea so as to submerge in the state close to the existence as a human being, and many tournaments are held in the world and only "how deeply dive" It is a sport that is being competed for pursuing.

Free diving Okinawa

The current world record is 101 meters of events to be done without fins recorded by British-born free diver "William Trubridge" athlete. The dive time is also 4 minutes and 8 seconds of startle. It is a water sports that will attract more and more attention in 2017, such as "Fukuda Tomoka (Fukuda Taka)" who is popular as a beautiful diver, being taken up by the media in existence who is driving the free diving world in Japan.

In this time, I am also deeply aware of activities such as holding and sponsorsing conventions such as extreme sportsRedbull (Red Bull)Introduces charming photos that are open to the public, introduces the Okinawa popular plan of snorkeling which can be enjoyed even from beginners even with skin diving and children to adults who can feel part of their charm. In Okinawa, the year-end reservation reception will be open from March and the marine activity season will finally arrive in 2017 as well. The plans that you can swim with sea turtles like the pictures are also popular.

Free diving snorkeling

Okinawa Snorkeling Popular Plan

Cosmic Ocean

【Northern Okinawa · Skin diving / submarine】 For snorkeling wearing life jacket it's enough for you!

プランID:12829Cosmic Ocean
5,940yen~​ ​(tax included)

Skin diving (submarine) is a sport where one body dives only with underwater mask and fin. Recommended for snorkeling wearing life jackets, those who are unsatisfactory, those who want to raise the level of elemental dive, those who want to dive long, deeply, beautifully in one breath. Of course it is a beginner's big welcome! Instructors with experience in free diving and spear fishing firmly support. Aim for Mermaid! ! Let's swim like a mermaid in the sea of ​​Okinawa preeminent in transparency! Free underwater photographs during course participation.

Nature Service Mahae

[Okinawa Onna] full charter! Blue cave snorkeling! Photography and with SD card gift!

プランID:10815Nature Service Mahae
3,500yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Popular Number 1! Want to enjoy the water sports in Okinawa! Let the snorkeling in the "cave of the blue" hugely popular with people that! 1 guide to 1 group is the full charter system, which I am allowed to support. From kids to senior, making it a course snorkel is that you can also participate willingly in the first one. I can not swim better be okay! Veteran guide will support the take-home gait polite and helpful equipment life jacket and thorough in wet suit.

GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 WEB limited price! Satisfaction level 120%! Sea turtle W snorkelling (morning and afternoon)

プランID:12599GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)
9,0007,200yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Popular tour! Sea turtle snorkeling and exquisite coral reef snorkeling set menu ♬ encounter rate the transparency of the top class in Miyakojima can meet the sea turtles at 90% or more! ! ! Snorkeling greets a spectacular coral reef ♬ colorful tropical fish! Please be here of course of satisfaction 120% by all means experience.

Marine Club Zima (MARINE CLUB ZIMA)

[Okinawa Yomitan Onna Maeda] blue cave noctiluca planetarium night snorkel

プランID:4510Marine Club Zima (MARINE CLUB ZIMA)
4,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Popular point, and night snorkel in the cave of blue. Cave of noctiluca is brilliant blue is a marine plankton, celebrates everyone in a different facial expression and daytime.

Okinawa Resort Club

Popular 【Okinawa · Blue Cave】 Snorkel 【Underwater Photography · Towel Rental · Fish Feeding All Free】 One person can join

プランID:8783Okinawa Resort Club
2,100yen~​ ​(tax included)

★ Popular blue cave snorkel tour! ! ★ 【Underwater shooting free】 【Towel rental free】 【Feeding for fish free of charge】 ★ Participate by hand! ! Towels are also available for free, so participation is possible even if you do not have anything on that day! ★ Commemorative underwater photography is also free. ★ Feeding for fish is also free! ! No option fee is charged. Even those who are not good at swimming are fine! There are wet suits and life jackets so there is no problem even if you can not swim at all! ! Since the instructor has big floating rings, you can participate with peace of mind. Why do not we go and see the blue cave together? ★ As the gathering becomes [Meiwada Cape], there is no waste in holding time. ※ If your family has participants of 【Elementary school kids or younger children】 or 【56 years of age or older】, please apply at 【Family plan】


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