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Premium Friday
Premium Friday
Tokyo Weekend Activity

In the first place what is "Premium Friday"? I wonder if there are also many people thinking.

With Premium Friday, government officials and Keidanren are promoting to companies throughout the country. In an effort calling "Friday of the month, finish work a little earlier and enjoy enjoying a rich weekend"? In addition to being implemented from the day, it is expected that more and more positive companies will be introduced in the future. It is the premium Friday aim to encourage consumption such as shopping and travel by activating "early rising" at the end of the month to revitalize the economy, but if that is the case, let's love activity and let's activate the economy and let the economy revitalize ! Lol

In fact, when many companies carry out this premium Friday, it is possible to do shopping from a bright time which can not be usually done, a trip to Friday departure time three days and so on, and it is possible to expect more demand, It is expected that various initiatives such as discount coupons will increase in the travel industry.
In fact, even if it is told that you are traveling suddenly it will cost money and it is often difficult. Therefore, this time we will focus on the 'Tokyo weekend activities' which is reasonable and enjoyable in Tokyo, we propose a meaningful way to enjoy Premium Friday. It is very pleasant to spend a little active time on active weekends. Please enrich your life with friends, family, and lovers on your date with Premium Friday × Activity Experience. As there are fears that reservations will rush especially at the end of the month, please consider as soon as possible ~

The logo mark is the cherry blossom version of the logo provided from the official website. It is quite cute. Official website from here →https://premium-friday.go.jp/

Premium Friday Recommended !! A little luxury "Petit Rich" activity

Have a "petit rich" night view all alone! Sky Tree Night SUP

The Sky Tree Night SUP Plan is an experiential activity that you can enjoy fashionable Stand Up Paddled (SUP) at night on the way home from work. By train on an unstable board, trunk is trained, so we are gathering support mainly for young women. While enjoying the scenery which you can not see usually with the night view of the Sky Tree, you can do a "petit rich" non-routine experience.

Little by little adventure foot (little by little adventure then that)

[Tokyo's 23 wards] Sky Tree Night sup

プランID:12703Little by little adventure foot (little by little adventure then that)
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

The canal that flows through the bottom of the Tokyo Sky Tree Let's sightseeing in sup! And a beautiful sunset, while watching the illumination of the sky tree, rowing leisurely at one's own pace. In different scenery and during the day, and I'm sure surprised impressed. Since the start of the evening, How in the end work? With a little good exercise, full of the town of Kameido! It is Ali also for me.

Reserve luxurious limousine! "Petit Rich" limousine party

When I finish my job, I would like to experience dressing up and renting limousines and going around the night scenic spot in Tokyo. In addition to being able to taste the elegant and rich feelings that you can not normally experience, it is a plan without any mistake that it will be conspicuous even at SNS. The body is a full stretch limo based on Ford's full size SUV Ford. Inside the car is equipped with DVD compatible audio, large screen monitor is also equipped. While enjoying the highest sense of superiority, you can enjoy it with a lot of fun. (Capacity 11 people)

Alphadaer Limousine Service

【Tokyo / 23 ward free transfer · limousine rental】 party GOLD plan ♪

プランID:16000Alphadaer Limousine Service
37, 800yen~​ ​(tax included)

いつもと異なる空間でワンダフルパーティーを! 仲間を集めて大勢で騒いでも良し、 少人数でスペースを満喫しても良し。 他では味わえない特別な時間をお楽しみあれっ。

Early this year! "Odaiba Water Park by Huis Ten Bosch" appears!

This year the first Tokyo Odaiba Everyone's dream popular theme park, Huis Ten Bosch's summer main event "Water Kingdom" has appeared. In the evening, transforming into a night swimming pool of "adult water play" as a theme, projection mapping and illumination to 50,000 balls in the pool shine, DJ sound, shining in a photogenic and fantastic atmosphere It changes.

Tokyo Weekend Activity Recommendation Plan
Outdoor Sports Club ZAC (Zach)

Tokyo Sky Tree Canoe night view tour

プランID:867Outdoor Sports Club ZAC (Zach)
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Enjoy TOKYO unique night view night view canoe tour across the country also of night tour is unusual, and is the only place where you can see the world of Sky tree. Starting at dusk, please enjoy the TOKYO rivers night shining sky tree does not taste usually ... in front of the eyes when the day Take the Tokyo of the town of sunset fell. One Woman uneasy in participation, please be assured that the passenger guide.

Yakatabune Harumiya

[Tokyo・Harumi] Yakatabune Experience! Discover Japan's Beauty With Your Five Senses (shared use / from 2 persons)

プランID:14131Yakatabune Harumiya
10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Houseboat is restaurant that just floats on the surface of the water. Is 150 minutes of the plan to enjoy the night view and delicious cuisine of Tokyo Bay. Scenery, dishes, you can enjoy hospitality ... of Japan to "chic" in the five senses.


[Tokyo, pottery experience] trying to idea to form! Half-day pottery experience

3,780yen~​ ​(tax included)

Is the first person who even enjoy half a day of pottery experience. Since the instructor will be carefully support, why not experience the real thrill making up the work. Even if you are for the first time is the pottery, you can full-fledged pottery experience. The shape of the earth changed freely, to form the ideas and imagination! Originality full of work, touch the pottery of charm, sure to become one page of memories! The color of the oven You can choose from five colors.

Cherokee! (Cherokee)

[Tokyo Koto Ward] SUP School

プランID:9482Cherokee! (Cherokee)
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Ground Lesson: SUP basic knowledge and paddle of how to use water lesson: The plan can be for beginners in the two curricula, such as turning method using a paddle to fully learn the SUP.