How to become a popular stand-up paddle board (SUP) instructor

How to become a popular stand-up paddle board (SUP) instructor

SUP instructor leader of stand-up paddle board

The Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is an activity that you can enjoy on the sea and the river, which is becoming more popular these days.
Compared with surfboards, stand-up paddle board (SUP) boards have a high buoyancy and a sense of stability, so there is a merit that everyone can say that they can ride.
However, because there are merits such as being able to raise technology by being instructed by the instructor, there are an increasing number of people participating in lectures and tours of stand-up paddle boards (SUP) at shops and the like, A wide range of people from intermediate to advanced are enjoying as activities in the sea and river.

How to Become an Instructor of Stand Up Paddle Board

The way to become an instructor to be a leader of Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is a member of SUPA, who has a SUP history for over 3 years, who is guided by a shop, is subject to conditions, and a qualification certification seminar to be held in 2 days Participate in the curriculum of the curriculum and pass the practical test after the curriculum so that it can be an instructor authorized by SUPA.
This is a method of participating in the SUPA accredited Basic Instructor qualification certification seminar and passing a practical test and passing the exam, saying that by passing the exam it holds the technology and knowledge of the stand-up paddle board (SUP) It is.

Salary of a stand-up paddle board (SUP) instructor

In addition to obtaining qualifications and obtaining qualifications of instructors, there are features that include elements called guides on tours.
Salaries vary from shop to shop, but as the season comes, it will be a thriving period such as guiding a lot of people, so overtime work and various allowances will increase accordingly.
However, since seasons such as winter season are in a quiet period, salaries are paid in such a form that only basic salary is paid, so wood fee will be paid in addition to basic salary × 12 months, bonus is provided for several months In many cases, there are many salary forms in which a bonus is added if it is done.