What is the grade of a river that can enjoy rafting?

What is the grade of a river that can enjoy rafting?

River's grade ranges from 1 to 6, grade 6 is dangerous degree Max!

The river is characterized by being divided into six stages from grade 1 to grade 6, and this stage is a measure of the speed of the river, the degree of difficulty, and the degree of danger.
The grade of a river is said to be 1 with the lowest degree of difficulty and the lowest risk.

On the contrary, the river grade 6 has the feature that it is the fastest fastest flow among the 6 stages, the degree of difficulty is high and the risk is high.
In rafting it is divided according to the grade of a river, a beginner course, an intermediate level course, and an advanced course course so that novice people can enjoy rafting safely.

How much water is the level called Grade 6

Generally, it is said that the grade of a river is 6 is that the amount of water is large, and the flow of the river is fast, and the degree of danger is very high if it is saying how much water quantity, even a person who is said to be an experienced rafting It is dangerous to go down a river with.

By the way, it is said that it is rare to call a grade 6 river in the river in Japan, and in rivers such as Canada there is a river with such a grade.

In addition, even if attached to a river called grade 5, it is said to be dangerous in rafting, it is said that professionals such as professionals can use it for rafting and use it for training instructors.

Which river is Grade 6?

Where is Grade 6? , Where is the grade 6 river? There are people who ask questions.

But this is not the river as a whole, it may point to the point in the flow.
If you are doing a rafting, there are points of torrent, too, there are places where the flow is very gentle.

And there are points in the course of rafting that said the grade was 4 or 5, but the grade may be upgraded by increasing the amount of water in the river.
As the heavy rain falls and the river rises, the flow gets faster, and until now it is said that the point which was the grade 4 is often 5 because of the water increase.