The difference between paraglider and parasailing, hang glider

The difference between paraglider and parasailing, hang glider

A paraglider is a sport that people who are not good at high places can also enjoy it!

Those who are not good at high places, you will be worried that it is very sky sports ....

I'm glad I was doing such a thing! It is a paraglider that it was able to feel the refreshing feeling of flying in the sky, that is popular.

This Sky Sports is a thing that fly while gliding using a special parachute, and it does not have special physical strength and skill. Anyone regardless of age and age can fly the sky like a bird.

Speed ​​does not come out like a glider but because stable floating is possible, it is less felt to feel fear, even people who are not good at high places can enjoy it and it will be enveloped by a great impression and a sense of accomplishment when landing.

What is the difference between paraglider and hang glider

There is a hang glider in what resembles a paraglider. Actually two activities that tend to be confused are actually similar.

A hang glider is a sky sport that fly while gliding while hanging from a triangular wing. The maneuvering can be performed by tilting the body to the left and right so that the sky can be glided in a form close to a bird.

Although it is the same as paraglider in using ascending airstream, the hang glider is more difficult to steer, it takes longer to acquire skill.

Also, since the glider will be of a considerable size even if it is folded, there is a characteristic that mobility can not be carried by one person, mobility decreases compared to para, and securing storage space is also necessary.

Parasailing that floats steadily on the sea

There is parasailing in a similar activity.

Parasailing is a seaside resort activity that you enjoy at the familiar sea. The parachute used is the same as the so-called parachute used to decelerate for landing, and it is towed by a boat etc. and floats up in the air from the sea.

Since it is possible to leave takeoffs and landings and maneuvering to the administrator side, it is a safe activity that even beginners can enjoy but can rise from the sea surface for about 10 meters, you can enjoy a thrill and refreshing feeling.

Parasailing is an activity that you can have fun at the beachfront resort, but the mechanism that floats at all from the paraglider and the parachute type are different.