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Rafting does not get drunk! What? Information that must be known by motion sickness

Rafting does not get drunk! What? Information that must be known by motion sickness

Topical rafting! Do you get motion sickness?

I ride a team on a big rubber boat and ride down the river, but I will improve cars, buses, seasickness but I wonder if it's okay, or who has never experienced a torrent There are some people who are worried about whether you are getting drunk because they are not good at screaming machines because they are getting drunk if you see animation or motion, but rafting and screaming machines are totally different things.

It makes me feel excited like when I got on a scream machine. However, rafts (rubber boats) do not rise as high as ten meters. So there is no feeling that it felt when the roller coaster falls. For those who have experienced, there are people who are told that motion sickness is always awful. But at the end everyone is told that there was no time to get drunk.

Points that motion sickness should know

People who are easy to do motion sickness also get to be drunk with rafting, there is nothing to say at all. Even people who are easy to get drunk with cars or boats are many who say that rafting is fine. In order to participate in the tour, when you get car sickness when traveling to the locality, it is recommended to take a sickness stop medicine that will not cause motion sickness because you feel bad.

Enjoying river descent may be the best medicine. On the previous day, take a rest well, adjust your physical condition, do not drink alcohol as much as possible, wear something that will not come off as possible as possible, do not forget to change clothes, and bring things and other important things in your pocket Please do not be late so that you will not miss the opportunity to participate in the tour so that you do not drop it in etc, it is good to enjoy rafting anyway.

Even if you do not have physical fitness!

Outdoor is not very good, and it is thought that rafting is a very active sport and physical fitness is quite necessary for indoor faction, but please be relieved.

Even those who were saying that outdoor school as student days have less opportunities to exercise when going to society, there are not many people who move their bodies on a daily basis. There are few people who are moving the body to do rafting. No special preparation or physical fitness is necessary.

And there are some people who are shunned as being somewhat tired of being active, but for those who are doing this activity, it is good to have time to relieve from stress of work and interpersonal relationships, and space for rafting I will. It is better to have thought and enjoy with leisure enjoying leisure time rather than special activity.

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