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【Weekly】 Popular Activity Plan Ranking

January 22 - January 28, 2018 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ __ 2 ___ __ 2 ___ __ 2 ___ __ 2 ___ __ 2 ___ __ 2 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 Collaboration customer service VR & Ultra reverse bungee "! Others that are rising are "Wakasagi Fishing" and "Ice Climbing" that can only be experienced in the midwinter, and a large classic "Snowshoe" ◎ Let's enjoy the winter greatly (* '∀ `) ♪


【Nagara River · Ibigawa River Canoe Experience Reservation】 Recommended shop "Owl Nature Cram" of Gifu Ogaki City to host a popular canoeing experience!

Close-up to "Owl Nature Cram" to hold a canoe experience tour that can fully enjoy the wildlife of Nagara River (Gogawa) and Ibigawa (Ibigawa) ◎ Veteran guide familiar with various activities such as canoeing and diving It is our recommended shop which popular doctor who is a popular doctor who makes us fully enjoy the nature of Gifu from children to adults ♪


【Kyoto Ceramics Experience Reservation】 Experience pottery at Shimizu's recommended pottery class! "Kaisho Furniture Ceramics School" that makes it easy to make tea cups and dishes in Kyoto sightseeing!

Kyoto sightseeing It is about 6 minutes on foot to Kiyomizudera from Japanese leisure learning Japanese culture experience attention, and you can enjoy pottery experience in Kyoto walking classic spot two year slope · Miyasaka with good access "Kaoshigaya pottery class (Kaoshoga pottery class Close-up ☆ To beginners can also feel free to join, 1,800 yen (tax included) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Works are perfect for Kyoto souvenir ♪ Please try putting it on schedule of Kyoto trip ♪


【Tokyo · Flight Simulator Experience · Booking】 To the cockpit with a real pilot feeling! Even in actual training you steal an airplane with "Boeing 777-300ER"!

There are many indoor leisure that are expected to rise in popularity further in 2018, such as "VR experience" and "escape game", among which many hot fans are gathering popularity widely from children to adults in a full-fledged facility "Flight simulator experience" that you can experience maneuvering ◎ Activity Japan can reserve various experiences plans of popular facilities "SkayartJAPAN (Sky Art Japan)" in Shinagawa Gotenyama in Tokyo Shinagawa Garden City! I will close up the interior of that ship of great attention this time ♪ Make a nice air travel を


【Amami Oshima Mangrove Canoe Experience Booking】 Tours that enjoy subtropical wilderness are popular! Recommended shops "Coral and Hermit Crab"!

The island of Amagi Oshima in Kagoshima prefecture, where the number of travelers continues to rise in recent years, is a beautiful emerald green ocean, a subtropical forest of the mangrove growing and so on etc. Nature-rich activity Japan's most noteworthy spot (^ - ^) v Island beauty It is "South paradise" which Japan is proud of also called "Oriental Galapagos" because abundance of plants and unique flora and fauna is ♪ It is possible to enjoy outdoor leisure throughout the year with a mild climate. It is also one of the big activity islands to receive a reservation ◎


【Okinawa Blue Cave & Parasailing】 Popular "marine leisure high side" popular set of experiencing diving and parasailing!

In the winter we can enjoy activities such as marine leisure all year long in Okinawa area where the temperature above 20 ℃ is in the warmer ◎ Activity Japan keeps momentum of summer momentum of 2017 winter season as it is, number one of both popularity and name recognition Spot drastically increased compared with last year mainly centering on spot "Blue Cave", "Experience Diving" and "Snorkeling", popular leisure "Parasailing" that everyone can enjoy, ↑ We received a lot of reservations after December We are there. (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ

2017 _ biwako _ xmascruise

【Biwa Lake 2017 Christmas Romantic Cruise】 Otsuko Boarding! Recommended for dates and families Boarding ticket reservations now in service!

Party plan of 'Lake Biwa Christmas Romantic Cruises' accepting boarding reservations is "Michigan Party Night" to be held on Friday, December 22 to 24 (Sat) and Saturday, December 23 ~ 24 Two kinds of '' Bianca 'JAZZ Knight' 'held on Sunday (Sunday) v Both plans can enjoy Christmas dinner menu on this day alone or watching fireworks that you can enjoy from the ship More than satisfying cruising content ☆ ☆ ☆ We also started to guide the scheduled flight "Michigan 80 Christmas Cruise" that you can enjoy around Lake Biwa during the period from 12/1 (Friday) to 25 (Monday). Asu


【Okinawa Whale Watching 2018】 From Naha! Let's go see a whale at a small group tour! Winter season only popular plan discount reservation reception!

Winter limited premium activity of "Activity heaven Okinawa" ♪ Activities Japan started the reservation reception of the 2018 season ☆ This "tour going to see the whale" is the most popular tourist leisure in Okinawa in winter One ◎ We are strongly recommending your early reservation as inquiries will be expected as the popularity season of Okinawa Travel during winter vacation etc. is expected! !


【Okinawa Mermaid Swim Experience Reservation Reception】 Many introductions of television and magazines! Pioneer Okinawa Main Island Mermaid Experience "Okinawa Diving Shop Sea Free"

Close-up to the pioneering shop "Okinawa diving shop Sea Free" to be held in the main island area of ​​Mamemaid Swim! In addition to the usual "Mermaid Swim Experience", we also recommend "Great Premium Mermaid Experience" which became even more luxurious, and a great set plan combined with Marine Activities such as Blue Cave Experience Diving, Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking which is also the true point of Sea Free ◎ Also, if you bring an SD card, the photos you are on tour are unlimited number of photos and the staff will be happy to shoot ♪ Services, price, tour content Confidential Ali (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ


【Okinawa blue cave diving · snorkeling】 Review High evaluation Continuation is proof of trust! "Mutozu division (MUTOSENSUI)" to challenge the lowest price!

I will introduce the popular shop "Mutozu suru (MUTOSENSUI)" which holds "Experience diving tour" which can participate from beginner in the blue cave of Okinawa main island and "Snorkeling tour" which can participate from 8 years old ♪ ('θ `) The recommendation point of this shop is the number of high evaluation of this site top class (O_O) !! It is a popular diving shop with high customer satisfaction regardless of which price, tour content, staff's service, whichever is taken ↑ ↑ Close up to the secret of its popularity ◎


【KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU special entrance reservation】 Fashion place of origin Tokyo gift attention spot "Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku" Introduction event ♪

"KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU (Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku)" ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 2 From night dream ~ "Weekly night" Hana Kai Night "and" Burlesque Night "Activity We will introduce the shop data thoroughly together with detailed information such as the admission fee and plan menu for events that can be booked in Japan ♪ Please feel "the unexperienced entertainment restaurant that creates new culture in Tokyo" for the closing and sightseeing in Tokyo ◎


【Kyoto · Ninja VR Experience】 New proposal for Kyoto sightseeing! NINJA VR KYOTO experiences experiencing Ninja learning from children to adults with the latest VR!

Activity Japan Introducing in the push is a leisure facility "NINJA VR KYOTO" that you can experience "Ninja training" using the latest VR (virtual reality) technology of the topic now on! ! Headset and other full-fledged VR equipment and ninja costumes can experience the immersive world full of realism ♪ Walk from famous Kyoto sightseeing spots such as Shirakawa Ichihashi Bridge, Chion-in Temple, Heian Jingu Shrine, Yasaka Shrine etc. It is also a location within the area ↑ High point ↑ Unfortunately this power can not be conveyed by movies and articles _ | ¯ | ○ By all means, together with the classic sightseeing spot of Kyoto trip "Time Slip to the past in VR" Please look at (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ


【Okinawa · Headquarter Town】 Sue from the Churaumi Aquarium! "Beach BBQ" and "Mori butt experience" popular shop "Blue Box"!

We will pick you up the popular shop "Blue Box" that hosts snorkeling, diving, banana boat and beach BBQ plans at headquarters ♪ ♪ I will introduce the popular shop "Blue Box" ♪ I'm actually familiar with TV, etc., including classic marine activities Of course, you can enjoy all the plans all year round ◎ (beach BBQ plan) which enjoy local ingredients such as "Mori thrust experience" that you can do, and Agu pig, Ie beef, Yanbare local chicken ♪ 'Θ `)


【Nishiazabu Cinderella House Reservation】 Wearing a dress, girls' party, princess, charter home party ♪ Introducing popular plans thoroughly! !

Birthday parties and Christmas parties, wedding ceremonies at the year-end party, surprise party etc ... Propose a "photogenic space" that fits absolutely every scene where girls gather together Introduce the popular plan of the attention spot "Cinderella House of admiration" Since popular rush is expected at the year-end party and Christmas party from now on please check in now (¯ ^ ¯) ゞ


【Travel Favorite Exchange Meeting】 November 22, 2017 (Wed) HIS Trip, Book, Coffee and Activity Japan "Travel Exchange Exchanges Doty Bee Experience Event" @ Tokyo Tower Media Center is held!

We will hold an exchange meeting for travel lovers by 'Activity Japan', the largest activity reservation site in Japan with 'Travel, book and coffee' at the Tokyo Tower Media Center on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. This time it is a featuring team sports "Doty Bee" that everyone can enjoy safely ♪ Enjoy excitement inevitable ◎ Enjoy exchanges through experiences of sports activities and enjoy encounters with wonderful friends with the same hobby ♪ Participation is also welcome ♪ ('θ `)


【Osaka bay recommended fishing experience】 Ship from near the Osaka Aquarium! Beginner Limited "Tatouo Fishing" is the Sea Club Scuba Dive Center!

We will introduce the shop "Haiku Club Scuba Dive Center" that will host the "Tatouo Fishing Novice Limited Tour" from Osaka city departure ♪ This season "Sea Professional" will guide you to the point as unique as the shop name as it is the diving shop ♪ It is a special tour for beginners only ♪ You can also receive lecture on fishing techniques and rules, boat ride fee and fishing gear complete rental are attached so you can join beginners without worry ◎ I will tell you anything that you do not understand carefully Recommended tours for fishing beginners as well as women and children ◎ Fun fun, eat delicious! Tatouo in Osaka Bay is now a fishing dock ☆


【Shinjuku · escape game】 Mission accomplished time attack attraction inSPYre holds a limited event from 11/13 (Monday)!

"InSPYre (Inspire)" which appeared in Kabukicho in Tokyo Shinjuku is a great leisure facility now capable of full-fledged spy experience called "mission accomplishing time attack attraction". This time we will start accepting entries for the limited time holding event which experiences special attraction of two courses which is different from the ordinary course with fire already popular in 2017!


【Kamakura Kimono Rental】 It is about 3 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station! Popular "Kimono rental Kamakura Honkodo" popular and great-value set plan

In walking around Kamakura, it is the trend to decide fashion according to the cityscape. In Kamakura where there are plenty of photo spots to shoot Kamakura walking around from spring to spring in kimono, fireworks festival etc. In the summer, walking around Kamakura wearing a yukata is a classic among young women ◎ Recently kimono shops are also available It is also a big factor to be able to enjoy kimono more easily than to purchase a large number of restaurants in a row. This time we will introduce super-recommendation rental kimono shops that will receive many reservations even at Activity Japan ◎


【Kyoto · Shiga Rock Climbing Experience】 A popular shop "Zero Gravity" where you can experience climbing experiences at Kanpirayama and Hirafara Mountains

We will introduce "Zero Grevity" boasting a high popularity in the Kansai area with a shop in Kyoto and Shiga and will introduce you by Activity Japan Great Recommendation ◎ We will introduce rock climbing experiences with Kinrara Mountain lion rock in Kyoto and Shiga in spring, In summer it is an experiential plan of "Canyoning · Shower Climbing (GW ~ mid-October)", a tour of experiences of "Snowshoes" in winter Season's recommended reputation from tour participants Recommended outdoor experience shop ◎

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