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Treeing is a new outdoor leisure enjoying using natural trees. You can experience the world above trees by hanging on a rope hanging over a tall tree and a safety belt called a tree harness and climbing trees. Since the body is held by the tree harness, there is no worry of falling even if you release your hand. Therefore, it is also a great appeal to be able to enjoy from children to adults, regardless of sex. The fact that we can climb a tree and realize it is that the viewpoint changes every few meters. You can experience a very unusual experience of placing your body in the same perspective as insects and birds. You will also be able to realize the importance of nature by touching the size and strength of the tree, and you will be able to understand the charm and wonder of the tree.



最初は不安でしたが、ガイドさんが丁寧に登り方を教えてくれるので、すぐに登り始めることが出来ました。 普段絶対に出来ない細い枝に立ってユサユサしてみたり、座ってみたり、憧れてた木登りがまさにこれです! そして頑張って登り着いたてっぺんの景色は最高!としか言いようがありません! 用意してくれていたハンモックに揺られながら食べる美味しいお菓子やドリンクは登ってきた疲れを吹っ飛ばしてくれます。 ハンモックでゴロゴロしながら眼下に流れる利根川を眺めるのは本当にサイコー!! 大人でも子供もでも楽しめるアクティビティです! !