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[Wakayama / Tanabe] Experience making incense only for me using Kumano's aroma oil and Japanese and Chinese herbal medicine

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Why don't you make original incense using aroma oil made from Chinese herbs and Kumano no Mori? You can make it in any shape you like, such as the incense in the photo. Mix your favorite Chinese herbs while listening to the scent of the incense ingredients. Once the scent is decided, add water, knead it, remove the mold, mold it and dry it (drying at home). Decorate the finished incense on a plate to enjoy the scent, or put it in your wallet or business card holder. Enjoy the faint scent. Of course, you can also put it on fire and taste it as incense. The space is refreshed by burning it in the room or the entrance. Incense is originally intended to be enjoyed by decorating incense such as the shape of seasonal flowers. Place it in the front door or bedroom Even if you put it in a business card holder, it has a faint scent. When the scent disappears, light it like an incense stick. Please spend a rich daily life with good memories of your trip. I would like to convey some ideas for everyday life while having fun with the experience.

relax time

Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, why not relax and calm your mind by slowly blending incense? Also, if you enjoy the experience with your friends, you will find that the scent is completely different depending on the blending method, and you will be able to see the freshness and personality, which is also fun. Both will be good memories of your trip. You can feel the richness by decorating and listening to the scent.

Change in everyday life

In the past, there was a custom of enjoying and loving the changes of the four seasons, but how about your daily life now? Are you crazy about taking pictures and frying on Instagram while traveling? Since the mind and body are connected, adjusting the body with the effect of incense will bring about changes in the mind. Everyday changes when behavior changes. Is it an exaggeration to say that everyday life creates the future?


The trip to Kumano is said to be revived and reincarnated. In the Kumano region, which began with the Pure Land Buddhism of the aristocrats and emperors of the Heian period. Kumano has a graceful beauty and abundance that has captured the hearts of aristocrats despite being a remote area. Incense making appeals to the senses of smell, touch, and sight, and the traditional Kamairicha, which is served on the way, also prepares the five senses. By touching and molding the incense with your hands, the feeling of returning to childhood also awakens the fun memories and makes you feel rich.

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    6-16 Shimoyashikimachi, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture
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    Kumano Kururi

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