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[Tohoku, Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki, Iwate] Take a "easy sightseeing taxi"! World heritage site, Hiraizumi Chusonji Golden Hall & Japan's Three Great Valleys, Geibikei 1-day sightseeing

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  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Meal included
  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Solo participant
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
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  • Participating age
    1Age ~ 100 Age
  • Duration
    5~6 hours
Plan description

Let's go see the two major scenic spots in the southern part of Iwate Prefecture! In response to the request from customers who say, "Iwate prefecture, the largest prefecture in Japan, cannot be visited efficiently," I am confident that I thought that a sightseeing course that would take you to the first popular tourist destinations in this area in one day was a local native. It is a plan that I recommend to have! [Main spots for sightseeing] 1. We will visit the three major Geibikei in Japan. ① Enjoy lunch of our proud local cuisine Summer (May-November): Geibijajamen Gozen Winter (December-April): Geibito Nabe Gozen 2. We will visit Hiraizumi culture, which is full of historical romance over 100 years, in the 3rd generation of Fujiwara Oshu. ① World Cultural Heritage Chusonji Konjikido ② World Cultural Heritage Motsuji Garden 3. We will visit Bishamon-do, a Takkoku Iwaya. ① Shogun Sakanoue Tamura Maro was erected * The vehicle may be changed to a bus (mixed loading) depending on the number of participants on the day. * Sightseeing taxis may be mixed. * If you have allergies, please contact us in advance.

1. 1. A carefully selected sightseeing course carefully selected by local masters!

① It is a sightseeing course with the shortest route. (2) Efficient sightseeing in one day, which normally takes two days. ③ Iwate local cuisine is available. ③ We have restroom breaks at each facility.

2. 2. A great tourist service that goes up a notch with easy movement!

① A storyteller driver certified by the Hiraizumi Tourism Association will guide you throughout the day. (2) Local travel fee, lunch fee, admission fee are all included, and there is no local payment. (* Please bring your own shopping) ③ You can save more than 20% from the price of arranging a taxi or guide individually. ④ Stop by a souvenir shop that sells popular local products.

3. 3. Even if you participate alone, you are welcome!

① You can rent a sightseeing taxi by yourself. ② You can also participate in a day trip from Tokyo. ③ Participation before and after staying in Ichinoseki is possible.

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    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~50
    About duration
    5~6 hours / Over 6 hours on the day
    It takes about 6 and a half hours from the meeting to the dissolution, and the actual experience time is about 4 hours.
    Operating period 2021/6/23〜2021/12/20
    Assembly time 10:20
    Booking deadline until 16:59 3 days before

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items We will walk on partially unpaved roads, so please wear comfortable footwear (sneakers, etc.). Don't forget your camera video. In case of rain, please bring rain gear and change of clothes.
    About rental items No special requirements.

    Matters require attention If you are late for the meeting time, you may not be able to participate.
    Other notifications If you have food allergies, please let us know at the time of booking.

    Time schedule

    JR Ichinoseki Station / East Exit Exchange Center 1st floor

    JR Ichinoseki Station / East Exit Exchange Center 1st floor Please gather at the 1st floor hall of the East Exit Exchange Center at JR Ichinoseki Station. We will prepare bus vehicles from sedan type according to the number of people reserved on the day (mixed loading).

    Geibikei boat descent

    Geibikei boat descent Enjoy a boat ride in Geibikei, the world of ink painting. After disembarking, walk to "Geibi Resthouse" for lunch.


    Lunch You can enjoy Ichinoseki local cuisine. In the summer (June-October), the traditional rice dish "Geibikei Gozen" is served. In winter (November-May), please enjoy the locally popular "Geibikei Nabe Gozen" (pictured). "Hatto" is a dish made by kneading wheat flour, and you can enjoy a smooth and chewy texture.

    Visit the Golden Hall of the World Cultural Heritage Hiraizumi Chusonji Temple

    Visit the Golden Hall of the World Cultural Heritage Hiraizumi Chusonji Temple It was built over a quarter of a century from the beginning of the 12th century. National treasures and important cultural properties covering various fields such as architecture and painting, including the Golden Hall, which is a national treasure, still exist, and the history is being conveyed with the prosperity of Mr. Fujiwara Oshu.

    Visit the Motsuji Temple Garden, a World Cultural Heritage Site

    Visit the Motsuji Temple Garden, a World Cultural Heritage Site Oizumigaike, which presented a graceful garden during the Heian period, has been designated as a national special historic site and special scenic spot as one of Japan's leading Pure Land Gardens.

    Tatsukoku Iwaya Bishamon-do (Takkoku no Iwaya Bishamon-do)

    Tatsukoku Iwaya Bishamon-do (Takkoku no Iwaya Bishamon-do) At the beginning of the Heian period, Sakanoue no Tamura Maro was erected in a rock cave that is said to have been built by the chief of the land, the King of Bad Roads, to commemorate the victory of the Ezo subjugation and to thank the Buddha for his protection.

    Ichinoseki Station / West Exit

    Ichinoseki Station / West Exit It will arrive and dissolve at Ichinoseki Station / West Exit. Since the Shinkansen platform is the east exit, please take early action. Thank you for your hard work.

    Access - Map

    64 in front of Ichinoseki Station, Iwate Prefecture
    Assembly point

    JR Ichinoseki Station East Exit Exchange Center 1st floor hall * The operating company's vehicle will pick you up.

    If you arrive by car

    ・ Please join us after parking in the parking lot (charged) near the east exit of Ichinoseki Station.

    If you arrive by train

    2 minutes walk from JR Ichinoseki station. Exit the east exit ticket gate and head to the 1st floor of the exchange hall at the end.

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