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[Online Tour] Guide you to the breathtakingly beautiful underwater world of Okinawa! Diving tour at home ♪♪

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Anyway, Okinawa boasts a beautiful sea with high transparency. Why don't you take a peek at the breathtakingly beautiful underwater world from your house! ?? This time, we will introduce you to Okinawa's most popular diving and snorkeling spot called "Blue Cave" from the sea of Okinawa! A local instructor will thoroughly explain the sea of Okinawa! ◆ ◇ Contents of online tour ◆ ◇ It is a tour where you can fully enjoy Okinawa's popular No. 1 spot "Blue Cave" at home! The natural blue light created by the sunlight shining into the cave is a mysterious sight created by coincidence. Let's enjoy this precious scenery at home ♪ We will introduce not only the scenery but also fish, coral and diving! ① Self-introduction ② Live broadcast of the state of Okinawa ③ Introducing the state of the beach and the sea of Okinawa with a video ④ Explanation of the blue cave area (There is a quiz about coral and creatures!) ⑤ Explanation of diving using equipment ⑥ Sea Explaining the creatures of Okinawa (with a video from the diver's perspective) ⑦ Explaining the state of the blue cave (Enjoy the blue cave from the diver's perspective while hearing only the underwater sound!) ⑧ Question time * Schedule content It is just a guide. We will ask you in advance what you are interested in and arrange some of them! Previous arrangements ・ About the deep sea ・ About coral planting ・ About our environmental conservation activities ・ About Churaumi Aquarium ・ About recommended sightseeing spots ・ About tuna ・ About sea slugs etc ... ◆ ◇ Natural Blue Online The charm of the tour ◆ ◇ [1] Thorough explanation by an instructor who is familiar with the blue cave [2] All instructors are qualified holders [3] Support for 3 countries of Japanese, English and Chinese [4] Universities, high schools, etc. Knowledgeable and experienced, such as giving classes to many schools [5] You can ask questions with confidence because of the small number of people [6] No age limit [7] Not affected by the weather [8] You can participate from home ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ■ About online tour ┗ How to participate: zoom (We will send you the participation URL by e-mail after the reservation is made) ┗ Turn off the camera OK! ┗ Mute OK! ┗ Active communication is welcome! !! ■ Okinawa Prefecture Certified Safety Taiko Shop ┗No accidents and no violations since its establishment ┗Okinawa Prefecture Certified Safety Taiko Shop (Prefectural Public Safety Certified Safety Measures Excellent Store / Safety Diving in Okinawa Platinum Certified Store / Blue Cave Expert Certified Store / Onna Village Diving Association)

Recommended for those who want to try diving in Okinawa!

An active instructor who is still touring in the blue cave will guide you! Not only can you enjoy the appearance of the blue cave through online communication, but you can also consult with the instructor about how to dive and how it looks, so it is ideal for preparation before diving.

Those who often stay at home in Corona and want to be healed by the beautiful scenery while staying in the room!

Okinawa has many attractions, but the most attractive one is "the best sea in the world"! You can feel the best sea in the world online ♪♪ The breathtakingly beautiful underwater world of Okinawa. Please spend an extraordinary healing time.

Those who can't actually dive but want to see the underwater world!

We have started an online tour so that as many people as possible can enjoy the sea of Okinawa! Even if you can not actually dive, we will guide you using videos etc. so that you can enjoy the feeling of diving at home and the state of the underwater world ♪ ♪ There are many inquiries from overseas and medical facilities Even those who are not familiar with the sea can enjoy the sea of Okinawa with peace of mind!

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    No accidents or violations since the company was founded.<br> We maintain and check the equipment every day.<br> Uses our own tank. We also manage the safety of the air every time.<br> Rescue qualification renewed every year. Rescue training is also conducted frequently three times a year.<br> We have a staff of staff who are rigorously trained every day to provide safer and higher quality service! All staff are excellent national certification holders and have various insurances.<br> In addition, "Blue Cave Expert" who cleared the strict standards of the prefecture certification specialized to guarantee the quality of "Blue Cave Tour", and "Blue Cave Expert" certified by the Okinawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission with thorough safety measures. It is also certified as an "excellent store for safety measures".<br> In addition, since I belong to various groups such as groups and excellent groups with many conditions for joining, diving associations in regions and prefectures, safety associations, outdoor activity societies, outdoor education societies, etc. We strive to improve our services every day by sharing them.<br> We always give first priority to the safety and security of our customers, always give rescue lectures with other shops, and actively participate in guide lectures.<br> Furthermore, by having a "course director" (certified as a diving instructor, the highest qualification that can be an examiner) resident, rescue training between staff is also high quality, and we provide high quality service.<br> Regarding insurance, we have also taken out "accident insurance", which is only taken out by a few diving shops in the prefecture, and have been certified.<br><br> The owner of Natural Blue is a person who has experience of voyage around the world and is one of the few diving instructors in Japan who holds the qualification of Examiner (certification of diving instructor, the highest qualification that can be an examiner). Furthermore, instructors certified by the Japan Sports Association (unlike instructors who simply work for commercial purposes or personal hobbies, they are familiar with how to be involved in coexisting with the local community and the natural environment, and are more aware of safety and crisis management ability. We also have a high instructor qualification). He also has practical experience in teaching as a university lecturer in the Faculty of Sport Sciences and a lecturer in a marine sports vocational school. Therefore, all staff can provide professional guidance. It is a highly reliable shop in terms of safety. We also hold diving instructor qualifications for the physically challenged. Even people who cannot swim will be taken safely in the sea, so there is no problem at all. At Natural Blue, we try to give careful guidance. We will guide you carefully with a small number of people. It is a restaurant that has a good reputation for its polite explanations and high diving skills.

    Authorization issued by Prefectural Public Safety Certified Safety Measures Excellent Store / Safety Diving in Okinawa Platinum Certified Store / Blue Cave Expert Certified Store / Onna Village Diving Association
    Insurance information Accident Insurance Liability Insurance DAN Divers Insurance
    License and Qualifications Diving shop instructor (PADI / NAUI / CMAS) / Diving instructor Examiner (CMAS) / Physically handicapped diving instructor (HAS) / EFR, AED, CPR, Oxygen rescue instructor trainer (CMAS / DAN) / Snorkel instructor trainer (CMAS = Jeff) ) / Snorkel instructor director (Japan Snorkeling Association) / Certified sports instructor Scuba diving instructor (Japan Physical Education Association) / Nationally qualified diver / First-class small boat operator / Nature experience instructor trainer (JEFF) / SDO certified professional instructor / Nature Experience Activity Risk Management Director (CONE) / Nature Experience Activity Instructor Director (NEAL)
    Member organizations and associations Onna Village Diving Association / Prefectural Certified Safety Measures Excellent Store (OMSB) / Blue Cave Expert / Okinawa Prefecture Resort Diving Business Association / Okinawa Prefecture Marine Leisure Business Cooperative / Japan Snorkel Association / PADI JAPAN / NAUI JAPAN / CMAS = jeff / DAN JAPAN / Japan Outdoor Education Society / Aquatic Environmental Education Society / Japan Environmental Education Society
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    Number of instructors 6

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